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Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 141

Yellow hue Young partner? Your ex’s new date whom you just can’t stand? “___ yourself” Yin's counterpart Yellow-orange stone fruit Yearn Yarn spinner Yellowfin tuna "You are __": mall map info Yang's opposite Yoked farm beasts __ yesterday (gullible) Yalie Yours might be Thomasina Year in Spain “Yeah, right!” "Yeah, right!" Yum cha, for example Young cow kept in local farm Yard sale tag Yet to be rented Yom Kippur activity Young flier given new age restriction Young fellow ___ your own horn ___ Ysidro, Calif. “Yay, me!” Yang's counterpart Yemeni's neighbor Yale grad 'You sure about that?' Young horse “Yesterday!” Yellowfin tuna You can’t leave home with it "You're absolutely right" Yemeni city 'You're blocking my view!' Years on Earth Yet another thing identical twins share “You game?” “You betcha!” Yang’s counterpart Young trick-or-treater Yuletide activity for four birds Young kid Yankees manager Joe in the Hall of Fame "Yada, yada, yada": Abbr You hate to see them Yes in the Senate Yang's partner Young fellow, in Ireland "Yes, ___!" (kitchen cry) "You've got mail" ISP Yucatan native is allowed to answer You may have it and eat it too "You gotta be kidding!" Yeast-free loaf Young children (Scots) 11-year-old, for example 'Your point being?' Yellowstone grazers Yellow fruit "Your bet's too big for me!" Young at heart 'You too?' as asked in 'Julius Caesar' Yoga's birthplace Yellow citrus fruit, in Spanish Yankee nickname Yokels Yankee Don who pitched the only no-hitter (a perfect game) in World Series history Yawn-inducing You won't get cards without it You need these to get results Yachting hazard Yellow stick Yippie Hoffman Yorkshireman Young bird of prey Yom Kippur observer You can grin and bear it "Yay!" Yours truly gets lot from the same source Youngster given drug on lump of sugar? “… yadda, yadda, yadda” “You gotta ___ …” Young fellow Your compiler’s turn to catch a butterfly, perhaps “Yes, captain” "You saved me!" "Yes, it's clear now" Young kangaroo Young sheep Yale student 'You ___ to know better' Yearning to break most of finest possessions Youth league disheartened server "Yikes, that's bad!" Young male horse “Yeezus” rapper Yale rooter "Yeah, right!" "You betcha!!" Yes, perhaps Genesis could be used for examples in this area Year chart Yearly exam will discover if you have 7 down, for instance You get bills from them Yann Martel novel from 2001 You might take the bait from one You might have a file for this Yank Young superhero of DC Comics "Yeah, but still ..." 'You've got my attention!' '___ You Afraid of the Dark?' (1990s Nickelodeon series) You can't see it, but you can feel it about a person "Yeah, right" Year in Tuscany 'You got it, matey' “You’ve gotta be kidding me!” You'll do this in a biathlon “Yes, cap’n” You can't live without it "You shouldn't do that" “Yeah, yeah, laugh it up” You hope they won't be the thorns in your side! "You think so?" Yellowish-pink Crayola color You might stick with it Young children Young bloke “You don’t even want to know” Yogi Bear or Fred Flintstone Young pigeon "— you not!" “You wanna fight? Let’s go!” "You're __ friends" Young hogs Yoga posture York's river Yield to gravity Yuletide tune Young Darth Yoko who crafted the Imagine Peace Tower Yacht spot Yalta is out of barley water produced by a stout man? You may lie through them 100 yrs Yard sale tag warning Yoda trainee Yule songs "Yes, yes!," in Yucatán Yang go-with "You don't have to" 'Yeah, right!' ___ yoga (spiritual path of action) Youth spotted this problem “You said it, brother!” "You can count on me!" Yellowish “___ you are you! That is truer than true!”: Dr. Seuss Yuletide tune "You bet!" “Yo, bro!” Yearly meeting, in short Yahoo! alternative Yarns Yellow oil-rich crop Yemen's eastern neighbor Yoga pad "Yada, yada, yada" letters '___ you kidding me?!' Yielded to another's wishes ___ Yaga (folklore villain) You shouldn’t do this 'You're blocking my view!' Yellow fruit “You betcha!” You'll need this to start on all sides today? Spirit! Youths Yachtswoman made a Dame at the age of 28 ''Yes, but have you ___ seen anyone do this?'' Young kid Yes Yellow bird at front of cage "___ you serious?" Your wish for a plant Your great looks or your great personality Yale grad Young fox 'You ___ a good job' Yoga need Yogurt topping Yoga term meaning "force" You may follow top cleric, a comic fellow 'You're right' Yam or cassava, for example Young feline Yew, piece cut at intervals that's used for fencing Yale rooter You need skill, in charge of large lorry You might seek forgiveness for this YouTube upload (Abbr.) Yours (Fr.) Yellowish color Young chap You forget 50 per cent of ideas Yankee must follow imperial order and toe the line “___ you were born was beauty’s summer dead”: Shakespeare Yo-Yo collection? "You pick" Yak Yank Yarn purchase Yield control of Yemeni capital Yet to happen Yaks live there ___ & Young (accounting firm) You, biblically "You betcha!" “You can say that again!” "Yoo- —!" "You Are So Beautiful" singer Year in Madrid Young setter, maybe, changing nothing by going back? 'You've got mail' company Young man “Yes, madame!” Yankee nickname 'You had ___ job' Young kangaroo You can get that from The Guardian? Short expression of disapproval for knocking back drink bordering on the rowdy! “___ you satisfied?” Year in Madrid You are soundly invested in a partner's lovers Yoked animals Young panda '___ your words' "You've got mail" co Yet fail with quiz question? Young fellow "You can't arrest me!" 12-year-old, e.g Yale sobriquet Yoga asset Yoshi : dinosaur :: Donkey Kong : ___ Yorkshire city where a horn has been blown nightly since AD886 to “set the watch” 'You Can Call Me Al' musician Simon