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Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 142

Your head-to-pillow barrier Your longest English assignment Yoga posture ''You said what now?'' "You've got mail" ISP 'You're gonna need to find someone else' Your and my Young energetic type is originally hard to find You get it on the back Youth org Young kids Young kids Yo estoy, tu ___ Young cow Yield You once cut many hundreds “Yay!” "You've ___ your match!" Young stallion Yoga-inspired athletic brand Yogi's cartoon buddy Yours truly involved in diplomacy, it’s understood Young ones "You said it!" Yank from the soil Youngest Obama daughter 'You ___ Your Best Thing' (Burke/Brown book) Yokum cartoonist You're reading one “___ You Experienced” (Jimi Hendrix album) "__ you done?" Yale rooter Yucatan natives Youngster in a holt Young Yorkie Young plant You were always on mine, according to the Pet Shop Boys' 1987 9 10 "You __!" ___ yoga "You are here" diagram "You betcha!" Your stuff thrown all over the place Your toothpaste is in it "Yes indeedy!" 'You have my number' "___ your other question ..." 1,760 yards "Yeah, right!" Young fellow Yorick's skull in "Hamlet" and the dagger in "Macbeth," e.g 'You might be ___ something' Yes, rector will finally upset part of the church Young bloke "You snooze, you __" Yes votes Young fellows Yellow fruit "You said it!" Yarn relative 'You said it!' "You've got mail" ISP '___ you glad we came?' 'You said it!' 'Yoohoo!' Young son scatters rubbish untidily about Yarn "You could never!" "Yay!" "You win" You are probably solving this puzzle on Italy’s ____ di Santo Stefano Yale alum Yemen locale '___ your problem . . .' 'You're getting close!' 'You're ___ best!' Yuletide entrÃ%A9e Years in Caesar's time [Yawn] "Yay, team! Go!" "___ you serious?" Yes, to a monsieur You may break a bad one You can count on them Youngest in family's the one after the others to give parents a break Youth-assisting org Yummy Yin’s opposite “You don’t need to be ___, Roy” (rhyming Paul Simon lyric) You and I make one together Yale and Penn Yen Yes, to Yvette YMCA class Young lion Young fox Yale student 'You and me ___!' 'You've got me beat!' Yoga need You might sling one inverted comma in covers of hardback Young swan Young pig '___ your lip!' You can take it or leave it "You __ be kidding!" Yellow gem Year in Mexico "You Send Me" singer Cooke "You can't make me!" "Yeah, right!" Yosemite's country You can't say this about the man downstairs and that's fine Yin counterpart You'll need this to get on! “Yeah, sure” Yoga retreat locales "Yep, totes!" Yemeni port Yesterday’s ____ concert was on TV in more than 90 countries 'You'd better tell me the truth' Y Young boy “You’re on!” __ Yello Yearly record [“You’re still talking?”] Yesterday's "is" is today's ___ Young folk "You Don't Know —" (Cole Porter song) Yule song You can beat the drums to it You, 500 years before you were you Young fellow Yogurt drink of India Your, of yore Yields to gravity Yard tool You could say, Barney produced One Direction, Kiss and Cash, loosely speaking 'You could put it that way . . .' 'Ya ___ . . .' Yemen neighbor "You betcha!!" "You win" Year in Cancún Young deer Yearly address, initially Yearly You can bet on it! Yale rooter You came in for pressure to get married? Yucky pond coating Yelp reviewers, say "You'll be OK" Young adult novel in which campers dig Yang partner Yank who wore #13 Years, in Italy Yard segments You're inhaling it "Your Song" singer Rita "You've got mail" ISP Young boy 'You got that right!' Yankee moneymaker, one with aspirations Yesterday, it was tomorrow Year, in ancient Rome Yellow primroses "You're on!" "Yippee!" Yours and mine You can stand at some while working Yellowish shade "You don't say!" Yellow birds Year in Brazil Young one Young deer Young dog Yalie Young salmon Yet my Mrs may be fearful of Tyger's appearance You'll find that to the west of Mexico father cooks first, provided with tiny capacity oven Youngest-ever U.S. congresswoman Yank at Yellow-gray You bet it's found over in exercise yard Young man carrying back one vase during the day Yellowish-brown gemstone Youngest-ever QB to be named Super Bowl M.V.P. (2020) Yours and mine Yard separators You, in Corinthians YouTube star Kay "You better believe I'll fight!" Yard tool Young chicken, e.g. 'You've gotta be kidding me' Youth, or one coming in fresh? "You almost got me!" Yahoo! alternative Yeoman, for short Yalie Year in Spain Yoga pad Yard stick produced from one wood? Young men Young child Young female horse “You get a car, and you get a car!” speaker Young foreigner living with a family in return for doing light work about the house ___ your appetite 'You have to ___ money to make money' ___ your soul You, in hymns Yoga surface Young hooter "You've gotta be kidding!" Yo ___ ('I am' in Spanish) Yearned Young boxer at a stage where flighty one is not fully formed Young newt 'You can't make me!' Yo-Yo Ma's instrument "You're going down!" 'You doubt my abilities?' Year, in Brazil Year, to Caesar Yalie Yoga surface ''Yikes! 100-yard race Young newt 'You're going down!' You, me and the girl on the drums You'll make one in the Boy Scouts "You've stumped me" You can count on them “You can leave this to me” Yucatan natives Young fellow Young fellow You'll fret if you lose it "Yes," in Tokyo "Yuck!" 'Yuck!' Yak and yak Young girl ''You defeated me'' ''You'll enjoy this!'' Yellowish-brown gemstone