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Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 143

Yarn Liberal associated with major railway junction Yarn Yosemite __ 'You are __': mall map info Yosemite __ "You are __": mall map info '___ you were here!' YouTube upload (Abbr.) Year-end celebration Yields to pressure *Young cat's Elizabethan collar? Yak or llama, e.g. (20-Across + 54-Across) 'Yikes . . .' Yankee with no euro to change? I accept the terms! Yelp reviewers, e.g Yves's yes You hear this again and again - no pets in apartments Year, in Brazil Yellowfin tuna Yellowfin tuna YouTube post from TwinsthenewTrend, e.g 'Yeah? Gimme an example' 'Yes,' at a wedding 'Yo entiendo,' in English 'You ___ using that word . . .' Young’uns Yankee Nick who hit a home run in the 2009 World Series Yarn spinner Yarn spinner '___ you serious?' Yuletide song ___ 1, Yuri Gagarin’s spacecraft 'You Bring Me Joy' singer ___ Lily 'You found the right person' YouTube video interrupters Yellowstone herd "You found the right person" "— your loss!" Young stallion Young cattle Yale rooter “You’ve got mail!” company Yoga posture Young fox Young hooters "Yo!" Yonder things Yoga variety ___-you-can-eat Yoga variety Yale grad Yen Yearly book; plant Young fellow Youth keen to grasp German finally after half term “Yeah … never gonna happen” Yemen neighbor Yukons and Terrains, e.g You, once Yuletide quaff Yard tool Yard sale adjective Ye ___ Shoppe Young ___ (kids) Yard sale adjective 'You can call me artist, you can call me ___' (BTS lyric) "Ye olde" place "You can't be serious!" Yankee-turned-broadcaster, to fans “Yikes!” You can skate on it Young fellow "Yeah, right" Yellow-brown pigment Yours and mine 'You bet!' 'You missed your chance' "You bet!" "You missed your chance" 'You've got yourself a deal!' 'Yay, the weekend!' Yes, to Miss Piggy "Yay, the weekend!" Yankees’ div. “You said it!” "You bet!" ''Yummy!'' ''Yippie!'' 'You're right!' Yarn unit "You bet!" Yes, seen rarely to possess intelligence — I can vouch for it Yogi's barber? Yogi's barber? ''You can't fight City Hall'' "___ you serious?" "Yes" vote Yellow supergiant which is the brightest star of Cygnus YIELD TO ___ (street sign) Yard opening 'You're leaving now?' Yellowstone predator You can see whales on it "Your ___ presence is inspiring" "Yuo" written instead of "You," say Yard opening Young fellow '___ your side' ('You have my support') Young cow Yellow element Year in Madrid You love (Lat.) 'Yeah, whatever!' Yin and ___ '__ Yankees' "__ Yankees" "Yech!" Yes-man You might get into this for 24 down covering up one of those doing a few strokes __-year __-year “Yikes!” 'Yours ___' (letter signoff) 'You and me both' 'You might be ___ something' 'You ___ have to do all that' 'you're telling me a cis ___ built this chapel?' (@RileyJohnSavage tweet) Yes vote Yorkshire town associated with the Brontë sisters You can make arrangements for them "You got that right!" 'You'll never ___!' Yes indeed; under 50 per cent Yammers on 100-year-old chip brand Yank at Young cow or whale "... yadda, yadda, yadda" Yank at 100-year-old chip brand 'You get the idea' Young salmon 'You betcha' Young boy __ yesterday (gullible) Your bro, for one "You betcha" "You're making me blush!" "You ___ So Beautiful" Youngster in cot, perhaps with sharp edge Yr. starter Yr. starter Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, for example Yellowstone bugler Yellowish green Your elephant (anag) — synthetic resin "Yeah, right!" "You got that right!" Yield Yellowish green 'Yikes!' Yawn-inducing? Youth alive to climate crisis crossing northern country You can dig it "Yikes!" "You've got mail" co ___ yum Young — (tots) Yuletide tune You can dig it ''Your Unfiltered View of Government'' ''You're welcome'' alternative ___ & Young "You missed your chance for folding over that Korean money"? "You Be —" (1986 hit for Run-D.M.C.) 'You're distracting me!' '___ your engines!' 'You know the __' *Young phenom Your twin, for example (2 words) "You know the __" 'You'd have a great time with us!' Young folk Young fox “You’ve got mail” co Yawn-inducing Young woman _____ your troubles Yawn-inducing Young lion Young goats Yang's complement 'You ___ kidding!' "Yipes!" 'Yeah, I get that ___' Yuzu parts Yeoman's 'yo' Yellow-skinned fruit "You're such a hypocrite!" Yeoman's "yo" Yahtzee cubes YYYY on a form Yankee nickname You may have them if you're afraid to proceed You, in Uruguay '___ you sure?' Yoda's creator "You chose wisely" You're welcome! Yellowish green 'You chose wisely' Yak it up Young salmon Year, in Portugal “You in that dress / My thoughts I confess / Verge on dirty / Ah, come on, ____” (Dexy’s Midnight Runners) "You're just assuming" 70-year-old morning show "___ you glad?" You can do it on water or snow 70-year-old morning show Yes votes "You'll be happy to hear this!" Yank You are told to enter design for puppet 'You've got to be kidding' "You've got to be kidding" "You said it!" Yuletide dessert 'Yippee!' Yoga need Yellowfin tuna “Yes, sorry to say” Your move at first to join our side? You’ll get it in the neck! ''You can say __ again!'' YouTube upload Ye ___ Shoppe 'You and I should eat that' Young socialite Youngest person to win the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series Yours: It Your "— you!" (challenger's cry) You, quaintly Yacht basin Yalie 1995-2011 Yankee Posada "Yes" or "No" follower Youth organization skills contest? Youth organization skills contest? Youngstown's home