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Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 145

Yard divisions Yale grad Yamaha products Yamaha products Yoked pair You can slide into them on Twitter Youngest woman to serve in Congress, briefly Yellow-gray Yours truly joins 32 down, 10 across, 16 down, 18 down and 14 down in saying this is so long ... from me to you (6,4,7,5,5,7) 'You okay there?' "You okay there?" 'You've got ___ nerve!' Yang go-with Young fella Yu Garden city ''You don't say!'' 'You're not looking __ yourself!' 'Young Sheldon' star Armitage "You're not looking __ yourself!" "Young Sheldon" star Armitage “You crack me up!” “Yee-___!” 1,760 yards You might use a few of these when you’re angry Yak and yak and yak Young bear "You bet!" You might 18 across having one of these to celebrate getting a job in Rome. You might need 1, 21 and 25 across to do this with exuberance. "You're in my way!" *"You kids hush now!" '___ you listening?' You may need to do it if planning a getaway? Young fellow Yellowstone grazers Yellowstone grazers Yale students “You think I’m to blame?” Yellowfin or albacore, e.g "— you kidding?" Youthful Achilles had no seal on his plate. You may play with it at a casino (In this answer, note the first 2 letters + the last 3) ''You can count on me!'' Youthful Yorkshire city Yankee repairman quietly turning over deck "Yipes!" ''Your point being . . .'' Yogurt for balancing spicy flavors “Ye Olde” emporium Yoga class respite Yellowish pink Yoga class respite Yellowish pink You can't go back from here Yiddish exclamation of dismay following “Leaving Brooklyn” on a road sign on New York’s Williamsburg Bridge Yes, to Sartre Yoga poses Yellowish-brown 'Yuh-HUH!' ''You there!'' "You make me so ___ happy" Young racehorse "___ you sure?" 40-yard event 'Yeah, I bet!' Yearns for "You bet!" Young fellow 'You win' "You win" “You know better!” 'Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your ___' "Yeah, right" Yale grad Yak it up Youngsters primarily see defending country as brave Your and my Yucky smells '__ you quite through?' "__ you quite through?" ''Yup'' 'Yuri on Ice,' e.g Yacht leak to be fixed YA series about an insecure preadolescent, abridged? YA series about an insecure preadolescent, abridged? 'You Had Me' singer Stone "You Had Me" singer Stone "Your mileage may ___" Yukon SUV maker Yellow of egg Yearly allowance Your last one may be shared by others in your family Yet to come "Yeah, right" Yon folks 'You may leave now' Young lady 'You __ My Sunshine' 'You can't have any!' types You may wash your hands in it Young boy "You can't have any!" types "You __ My Sunshine" 'Yikes!' "Young Frankenstein" role Yield You and me at the centre, with folk-band, by the sound of it, being interviewed for research. Young 'un Yaks Yummilicious Yardstick measurement Yuri Gagarin? 'You know that's not true!' Yoga need Young person Yale student 'You're funny' Young fox Yankee Clipper airline You are caught during escape from the east -- blast Yesterday evening Yucca cousin Yesterday evening You may eat this wet grub, stifling scream? Yosemite photographer Yogurt in lassi Yale grad “You’re too kind” YA author Harrison Youngest sister in rock’s Haim "You bet!" 'You can talk to me' '___ you!' (response to a sneeze) Youngest daughter of Cronus Yummy "You goofball!" You might speak under this Young fish constantly circling lake Young adult novel in verse by Kelly Bingham ''You ___ seen nothing' yet'' You or me "Yo te __" Yahoo accepts sanction over viewpoint Your can't relax with these in your pants Yes, in France "You got it" "You said it!" Yacht spot Younger son, rotter, extremely efficient Yemen neighbor Young hens "You should smile more" You may visit them all at the mall 12-year-old kid, say Young You'll get a rise out of it Young lion "Yucky!" Young children (informal) 'You serious?' Young animal, cooler drinking drop of water "You're so predictable" You are human, Shrek is an ___ Young adults Yellow or green citrus fruit Yogurt/cucumber condiment Young fellow Young upwardly mobile professional person Yield Yo-yo with ace spots turned up Yoga posture “___ y Plata” (Montana motto) "You're correct" "Your point is?" Yoga pose that requires balancing on one foot Yorkshire city You smooth figure! Yes, to Juan Youth without boundaries unacceptable Yankees owner Steinbrenner You may make a bed of it (E.B., Anne) Young chaps You, the French, sample soap? 'Yay, finally finished this!' Yours truly's reusing odd bits of food Yellow-gray You, previously found in flower shed Yogurt addition Yet to be released Yoga on a hot day? "Yadda yadda yadda ..." Yoga surface Young boy '___ you kidding me?' Yemeni port __ y plata: Montana motto 'Yippee!' "You're making __ mistake!" "Yay!" “You’re going down!” Yaks “You’re absolutely right!” Yielded Yosemite attraction, familiarly Yossarian’s creator 'You might be ___ something' Young boys Young ones "You betcha" "Yikes!" Yang's opposite Year in Mexico Yule greenery "You win" 'Yes, I see that' Yule fuel Yale student "You betcha" "Yeah, that's old news" "You can guess the rest" YouTube clip, for short Yak 'Yardie' director Elba Year parts Yield up *YUJIC Yes, in Yokohama "You ___ kidding!" "Yeah, right!" Young person who spends hours scrolling social media, often "You're it!" game Yoga pose “You can learn from anyone ? even your ___”: Ovid “Yep, you got me” 'You can learn from anyone — even your ___': Ovid 'Yep, you got me' 'Yecch!' 'You're not right about that!' 'You're right about that!' 'Yuck!' 'Yang Yang' singer 'Yeah, that's old news' 'You can guess the rest' 'You betcha' 'Yikes!' 'You betcha' Yemeni port __ y plata: Montana motto 'You're making __ mistake!'