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Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 146

Yak YouTube clip, for short Young kangaroo’s energy observed in delight Younger relative cut by retired writer You're reading one right now You pay one when you call Your and my Yours and mine Yahoo! alternative You'll find someone to fix up mules here eventually ''You did a great job!'' ''Yikes!'' Young deer Yellowknife's Margot _____ Young deer 'Yoo-___!' 'Yikers' Young fox "Yeah, sure" Yellowstone bovine Youngster 'You got ___!' "You wish, laddie!" "You're wrong about that" “You gotta give this a try!” Yon folks You see, I'm told two Monday shifts are unusual You of old! You and I discovered bird act is eccentric Yodeler's perch "__ you decent?" Yoda, for one Yellow part of sofa in the art edifies "___ you kidding?" Yet to be fulfilled "Yay, the weekend!" Your and my '___ your pardon?' Young men Year when Earless Sturgeon pampered the bairn? 'Yes, ___!' "You're welcome" alternative "Your table's ready" device 'You and me both' Yell before a snap Yaks, e.g Yule drink Yearly Yin's counterpart Yon folks Yale, to alums Yearly honor awarded for each N.F.L. position Yamaguchi in a rink You might order ahi tuna or yellowtail from it 'You're so ___ / You probably think this song is about you' "Yeah, here's the deal ..." 'You didn't ask, but ...' to a texter "You said the same thing as me!" "Yes, let's do it!" “You ___ kidding!” Yosemite peak free-climbed by Emily Harrington, familiarly Yale student "Yeah, try again" "You Shook Me All Night Long" band Yucatán boy Youngster Young bandmate "You __ your best" Yellow turnip "Yuck!" Yank Yearbook bound by local man, a craftsman Young man Yearbook gp Youth Youth infinite, endless to some extent? Yours truly gripping wood, one old golf club “You didn’t ask, but ?” to a texter Yuletide mo Young guy, in hip-hop You, of yore Yukon vehicle Yiddish cry of dismay 'Your' of yore Young actor; Telstar (anag.) "Your Majesty" ___ your imagination Ye ___ shoppe Year, in Buenos Aires Younger of the NBA's Curry brothers Young person "You can have that" You can bet on them 'Yadda, yadda, yadda,' for short Young sheep Yahoo admits leak damaged growth of branch Young one You should feel bad supporting artificial energy Years and years Yahoo alternative 12-year-___ (some tweens) "You there!" You might pick it Young women "Yipes!" Yahtzee cube You do office jobs the old-fashioned way? Rather a blow You heading back to lake and grassland You might draw things with this "You said it!" "You've gotta help me!," e.g 'You can slow down, you know!' Young children You'll be lucky if house calls are made here Yard sign word 'Yeah, sure' 'You said it!' “You’ve had a cream of a ____ dream” (Sweeney Agonistes, TS Eliot) Yearning for the good old days YouTube offering Young elephant caught with a large female "You just wait and ___" Yiddish laments Yale rooter Yang's counterpart Yucatan native 'Yee-___!' 'Yes, ma'am!', e.g 'You did a ___ job!' ('Nice work!') Yard fraction Young lady swallows nothing cooler Youngster turned out for walk in park Yowl "Yippee!" Yann Martel novel adapted into an Oscar-winning film Yank Yogurt variety Young creature dying after taking lion’s head for its tail! Yoga need 'Yo, ___!' Yawn, for wanting guests to leave "You're Still the ___" (Shania Twain hit) Yarn Young bloke You may wake up with one in your back "You ___ me big time!" Yoga postures "Yay me!" "Yeah, right" Young whale Your bad swimming involves constant rigidity “100 Years...100 Movies” org “Your Body Is a Wonderland” singer John Yellowstone, for one "You can't — all!" Yelled while using a juicer? Yarmulke You can make one of mud or apples "You betcha!" 'Your,' biblically Yuletide beverage Yellow flower Youngster hanging around stores getting tips off little spoiled child You, to King James “You’ve got yourself a deal!” Yale students “Yeah, right!” Young ladies returning, having adopted Northern jargon Yoga pose demonstrated three times in this puzzle? 'You made that up!' 'You Dropped a Bomb ___' (1982 hit by the Gap Band) Yank’s kin Year in Tuscany Yankee nickname Young fellow Young swan Yellow-flowering shrub? Royal couple look skywards! Youth recruited by special forces leaves Yearns to own Beatle's old clothing? Yale rooters Young fellow You might get a rise out of it "You got it, captain!" 'You're right' 'Yum!' Year's 365 Yarn Yearly January speech to Congress: Abbr "You betcha!" "You hate to see it" Yank's foe Young cow Young one You might hit them near traffic lights “You’re oversharing!” in a text YouTube journal Yes, to Sergio Young sow "You can stand under my umbrella, ___ ..." (Rihanna) "You sure about that?" "You Send Me" singer Cooke “Young Sheldon” airer "You fell for it!" Year below junior, for short 'Yes, we're ___' (store sign) You idiot — old philosopher's taken in uncritical enthusiasts! Yielding financial gain Yuletide song Yiddish gossips Young seal Yields to gravity You can get two for a sawbuck Yo-Yo Ma's instrument Yes vote Young one on farm has broken leg in deep hole Young 'uns on the male side '___ you even a little curious?' Yes, in French You shouldn't have eg Yankees bagging our seats Yarns You need this after playing in mud all day 'Your popcorn is done microwaving!' sound Yosemite peak, in brief Ye — Shoppe Yukata, for example Yankee Stadium has 24 of these Yellowfin tuna You might be advised to do this for yourself Yemeni port Young male horse Yachting "You're not alone in that" “You’ve got mail!” company Yale benefactor Yale Yosemite peak, familiarly Yahoo! Mail or Google Docs Yellow, black or chocolate pooch You might be stopped for doing it Young relative with £1,000 told off once for pinching pound "You only live ___" Yalie Young whale Young bird of prey You fake broadcast? I'm not sure this can be played Yoga sequence named for two mammals Young salmon 'You must be dreaming' "You are so right!" "You think your threats scare me?" 'You may kiss the ___'