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Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 147

Yule song Young horse Yield to wanderlust You can part with them "You're on ___" (Zoom reminder) Ye ___ Shoppe "Yes and no" You can see right through it 'You're ___ to talk!' Yang counterpart "You can figure it out" "You can't fool me!" Yung Pueblo poetry book Year-end formal You might wait for the other one to drop "__ you sure?" Yemen coastal city Yoplait competitor 'You said it!' 'You said it!' Yale student Young dog Yale students 'Ya get my drift?' Youngster or child You might do it to vows Young fellow “You have a guess?” Young male horse You shouldn’t stuff it Yours truly Yield 'Yeah, right!,' e.g 'You just got burned!' "You can't make me!" Yonder items You get them to feel extremely nervous! Yes, in Japanese 'You doubting me?' Yellow fruit Young salmon YouTube or Gmail "Yippee!" Yukon automaker "Your guess ___ good as mine" (2 words) 'Yippee!' Youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II Yoko heard on "Revolution 9" “Yay, me!” Young pig Yoga pose practiced by royals? Yoga pose practiced in New York’s most populous borough? Yoga pose practiced on FaceTime? Young heroine of Beverly Cleary’s novels Yoga pose practiced on Saturdays and Sundays? "You bet!" Yoga class accessories 12-year-old, e.g Youngest “Three Sisters” sister 'You missed a ___' Yellowish green colour under tip of such rock 'You said it!' "Yosemite Valley Winter" photographer Adams ___ your way to the top Yankees shortstop Kiner-Falefa Yoga need Yummy, informally York, say, has no hotel, but it does feature this "Your turn," on a walkie-talkie Your and my YouTube star Mills Yellow turnip Years of origin for wine 'You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown' song You might bend over backward for it Yammer "__ your age!" Yard tools Young raptor Yiddish fools "Yellowstone" rating Your head; to improvise music aimlessly "__ you clever!" York, Jersey, Mexico, etc.? Yearn Yr. parts Yours truly’s resigning from tax office You are part of the crew, reportedly making money Young 'uns Yoga system whose name is Sanskrit for “force” Yellow raisin Young bloke Young lady's help accepted by chaps Young slender person? Drink up! Yang's counterpart Yammer away "__ your head!": "Think!" Yoda's creator Yaki ___ (noodle dish) Young amiga Yields to gravity Yank calls on way to use influence "Yeah, don't think so" "Yippee!" "You can't deny it," and a good question about the answers to the starred clues "You wouldn't __!" Younger sibling, stereotypically "— you so!" Youngster “Yeah, I’m looking forward to this!” "You've probably had enough of me" You might enter it after a disaster Yodelling tomboyish cowgirl seen in three Toy Story films "Yummers!" "You seem awfully confident!" Yiddish laments "___, you're it!" You're reading one Young boys Yellow or chocolate dog Year in Spain Yoko from Tokyo Yob Yale, Harvard etc "You've got mail" ISP Young women Yellowstone grazer "You're a winner!" email, often You may need these when arranging vacation in Santa Cruz, initially 'You can cancel that gym membership!' You can't get lower than this "___ you no shame?" 'You ___ fox!' Yale grad Young Italian graduate doctor with two November visits Yellow pigment Young one 'Yep, that's fine' 'You're on!' 'Yeah, I'm breaking up with you' Young fellow You've got to resort island and villa, finally free of San Salvador? 'Yes, this has been brought to my attention' You might hold different positions on it 'Yeah, whatever you say' "You think I'm kidding?" Yeshiva leader 'You can put all your eggs in one basket, but you can't make them drink,' e.g 'Young Sheldon' network Yoga surfaces Yoga pad YouTube clip, for short Young 'un “You got that right!” Yellowish envelope type "Yippee!" Young swan "You betcha" "— you sleeping?" Yorkshire city Young dog 'You'll never believe this!' “You have my full support!” You might be on it during a meeting Yoko who sang "No, No, No" "Yuck!" Yale student Yearning Yoga surface Yank "___, you owe me a Coke!" "You're __ friends" '___ you a little short for a stormtrooper?' Young troublemaker Yas and jas Young females on farms Yellow jacket, for one Yes, in Dijon Yes, to a pirate You're covered in it Yiddish word meaning "little town" You can count on it Youngster Yankee cabs ignoring sort of junction feature in chart Yard sale label YA novel by Carl Hiaasen about a threatened owl habitat "Yee-___!" Youngster Young boy "You busy?" Yokohama-based automaker “You ___ big time” Yale students ___ yourself (put in effort) Young goat “Yeah, that’s gonna happen!” Yearns Yin and __ "Yes, miss!" in Spanish You ___ what you sow Yard or boom, say 'You and me both!' Young fliers terribly slow to welcome jets without wings You're texting about certain person of interest? Young fellow "Your majesty" "Yada yada": Abbr Young bird of prey 'You cannot trust what Capone says' -- friends '___-yew!' Young horse Youthful Yellow wildflowers 'You're on!' Yank slightly Yellow slippers? Yellow hue ___ y pimienta (Spanish condiments) “You’re on!” You can't run on this for long "Yeah, right!" Yule tune You no longer must accept hard time: it's all over Young male horse Yellowfin tuna "___ you afraid of the dark?" Youngster Yang's companion "Yay, the weekend!" letters Yale student Yawn inducer Youngest of Snow White's dwarfs "You've got mail" ISP Yousafzai who won a Nobel Prize at 17 'Yummy!' Years gone by Yob partial to a fight ___ your soul 'You called me?' "Ya think?!" Yale grad 'You ___ not pass!' Yak it up Yard tool 'You might be surprised' Young dog Yoga needs Yes, playing with cats will bring delight Yawl pole "Your point being ... ?"