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Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 148

"You should come along!" "You ___!" ("Absolutely!") "Ya feel me?" YA novel by Matt de la Peña about a gifted athlete "You win" Yard uglifiers Yorkshire playwright who wrote Talking Heads Your and my relative? Yamaha with a bench seat "You can't make me!" Yankee until '16 Yale, to Jodie Foster Yo-Yo Ma's instrument 'You'll ___ the day . . .' "You're so right!" Youngster "You bet!" Yellow-brown gemstone Yule quaff Young dog Yell when a girl is trapped — troops to the rescue? 'You've got a friend in me' Young goat "Your Majesty" “You’ve got a friend in me” You can get down from one Young fellow "You there!" YA "Yes," at sea "You __ kidding!" Yields, as a profit 'You've got a lot of ___!' Years ___ Yoga asana often paired with Cow "Yay, the weekend!" Yellowfin tuna Young female 50-year-old journo's rate of pay? You might regret it Yesterday, in Rome You'd prefer to have service in it Yoda or Qui-Gon Jinn, e.g "Yesss!" Yellow-orange fruit Yoko of art 'You may disagree, but ...,' to a texter "Yosemite Valley Winter" photographer Yaks live there Yield Younger relative is given a hand system for underwater detection Young screamer at pop concert Yellowfin tuna Young, hooting bird "Yeah, try again" 'Yet to Come' K-pop band “You missed your chance” “You’re in good hands” insurer "Yeah, right!" Young ones Young salmon on its first return from the sea Yes, in Cantonese Yuletide Yale student Yellow Teletubby with a curly antenna "Yikes!" Yes, to Juan “Yeah, right!” Young deer 'You're it!' game 'You gave me a fright!' Yearns "— you not!" Youngest of the Bennet sisters in Pride and Prejudice Young chickens Yoga class pads "Your Movie Sucks" author "You can clap now!" "You Be —" (1986 Run-D.M.C. hit) "Yes, cap'n!" "Yuck!" Yearning You and me singing together 100-yard dash, for one Yale student Yawning, perhaps You are, in Spanish Yoga pose Yoga posture Young one Yesteryear Young princess in 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' Yours and mine (10010050 + 1) ÷ y? It might make your head spin Youth holding end of poodle’s leash Yemeni gulf city Yellowstone bovine Yuletide tune Young Sheldon, e.g Yes, mistake occurs after pressure to provide proof of earnings "You listening?" (Yeah, right!) Young hen Yale students Young fellow 'Yikes!' Yard clearer "Yeah, I doubt it" Yellow slapstick prop Youngest girl in the Shazam Family "You win!" "You __ what you sow" Yankee Doodle's ride YouTube button Yank Yours and mine Yr. before A.D. started Yoshi of Mario games is one, for short *"Yes, captain!" Yiddish for 'pancake' Yoga need Yank's ally 'You got me this time!' 'Yawnnnn' Young swans Yell at (anag) Yule song Yule song 'Your point being?' “Your point being?” 11,000-year-old sculpture depicting an embrace Yin/yang principle "Ya get it?" "You hate to see it" Yardstick division Young lady Young tricyclist "— you for real?" Youngster Youth entertained in private engagement 'You have my full attention' ... or something 17-, 24-, 38- and 51-Across might say? You are here "You __ seen nothin' yet" “You’ve got mail!” co Yale student Younger relative and I tan remarkably in Mediterranean country Yarn [You stepped on my paw!] 'Yeah, right!' Your label's different colour 'You cooked this? It's *disgusting*!' said Tom ___ 'You guys are supposed to be 'Wise Men' and *these* are the gifts you bring a newborn?!' asked Tom, ___ "Yeah, right!" Yelp, no! (anag) — in public 'Your Song' singer Rita You name it! "You've Got Mail" director Ephron 'Yeah, right!' Yoga pose named for the hero Virabhadra Yale man, perhaps? "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)" or "Born This Way" Yang's counterpart Young partner Yon folks Young raptor “You could hear ___ drop” "You ___ what you sow" Young lady You'll have to pull some strings to play this You’ll have to pull some strings to play this "Yeah, right!" "Yes, yes," in Guatemala "Yeah, sure" Yields of fields Yale students "Yucky!" Young bird “Yikes!” Yoga asana done standing on one leg Young cow Yams or beets, e.g Young king’s one for the people of Africa Year employed by group -- great, on the whole Yiddish dirt spreader ___ + yellow = orange "You are something __!" "You missed a __" Yentas Yellow-green colour You might have a shot at it Yoga system whose name means “force” Young inhabitant of the Hundred Acre Wood You French, rubbish backing train Young swimmer first when racing, bit ahead You might throw a wrench into it 17-year-old, for example Yankee nickname 'You picking up what I'm putting down?' Young lady Young lady "___ you excited that it is almost Halloween?" Your camping stuff Yo lead-in Yearn (for) Youngster "Yes, but have you ___ seen anyone do this?" Yield from a field Young salamanders Yes, indeed! "You wish!" "You have my word" Yankee great Lou Yacht spot Yeats's top poem with Latin form of singing "Your work is awesome!" Yahoo! alternative Youthful rogue screens old mockumentary film “You sure about that?” 'You sure about that?' 'Young man . . .' Yemen neighbor Yoked team “You know what you did!” “Yo te ___” Yin’s counterpart 'Yea, I bet!' Young ones Yale students Yin's counterpart 'Yo te ___' You can see through it 'You know what you did!' "___ you sweet!" Yawn-inducing Yaks' home Young plants 'You are the ___ of my existence' Young child eating a second slice at breakfast? Young horse Young Spanish girl Young newt Yaks 'You're something ___!' 'Your love is one ___ million, it goes on and on and on . . .' 'You've ___ to be kidding!' Young kangaroo Yoga posture "You crack me up" "You got it" 'You've Got Mail' company