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Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 149

Yes, in French You are going to shout Yearning for Big Sky Country? Year in Madrid Yield Youngsters “You bought it? It’s yours” 'You bought it? It's yours' "Yoo-hoo!" "You bet!" “You’re doing it all wrong!” 'You're doing it all wrong!' Young foxes Your daddy's sister Yogurt-based condiment served with hot curry dishes 'You can say ___ again!' Yankee nickname You'd better believe it! You’d better believe it! Year parts Yashmak, for example Young wolf Youngster to jog but not run Yorkshire market town Youngsters in Berlin or closer to Nice? “___ you jest!” '___ you jest!' 'You said it' 'Yes,' in France Youth league's outsiders for Spooner? Years ago "You are not" retort Years, in Rome Yellowstone and Yosemite '. . . you get the idea' "Yo!" Year in Mexico Yearn “You have to be ___,” said the pediatrician Young’s accounting partner 'You can't win ___ all' ___ your time 'You wanted to see me?' Young mare Yearning to play golf again? Young woman who's very skilled with metal golf clubs? Your and my “You get an ____, you’re a scientist” (Maureen Lipman in 1980s BT advertising) “You wanted to see me?” Young tree Yin's partner Yellowfin tuna "You fell for it!" Youth Yearly celebration, for short Young fox 'You really came through, buddy!' Yemen neighbor 'You got it!' "Yeah, why not?" Yahoo, say You've lost control, pal Yelped about? 'You went over the line!' "— you not!" Yarn bundles You, for instance, getting deco? Yosemite icon, familiarly "Your food is ready!" microwave sound Yemen port 10-year-old student, often 'You're gonna love this, I promise!' Yellow-belly Yellow flower Yeses from sailors Years and years You can write on them with an Apple Pencil "Yeah, I'll pass" "__ you clever!" Yale grad "Yeah, right" YouTube journal Yuletide songs Yalie Young wedding participant, or a hint to the end of 17-, 24-, 35- or 49-Across Yogi who said "You can observe a lot by just watching" Yuzu scrapings Your health! You heard holy man from the east displays taste "Yes, monsieur!" Your 'You're hilarious!' '___ you forgetting something?' "Your Majesty" "Y" is the only one in "rhythm" 'You'd like it here!' Yarn -- what runs through it for reader? "— you kidding?" Yonder item Young cow Yawns Young Sheldon, e.g 'You and what ___?' Year segments (Abbr.) Yours and mine You've heard it before 'You are so right!' "Yeah ... I don't think so" 'You're ___ friends here' Yak it up Young woman ___ & Young (accounting firm) ___ yum 'You're the ___ of my life' Yacht station Yield Yoga need You'll find this among herbal medicines! Yachting danger '___ you serious?' Yes, doctor: from here, operating theatre work Yoga need Young one Yellowjacket or hornet You might see snow when it's disrupted "___ you the lucky one!" Yoga pad YouTube interruptions Young fellas Yoko of the Fluxus art movement Yorkshire city 'You betcha' You can view Venus with it Yen Yeast, for instance 17-year locusts, e.g Yellowfin, say Yu Shan's continent Young Henry V, to Falstaff "You gotta be kidding!" "Yadda, yadda, yadda" "Yes, ___" ("Darn tootin'") 'You've got mail!' I.S.P Younger sister in 'My Neighbor Totoro' Yucky substance 'You've got mail!' I.S.P. "You've Got Mail" star Meg 'You're so funny' Young reporters covering large nightspots Yoga venues Young cat "Yeah, don't think so" Youngster Youngster's support on course, needed at the start Yellow food colouring Young animal Young'uns Yale student Yard units Yahoo rival "Yeah, not gonna happen" "You're one ___ million" Yale grad Yacht spot "You have my full attention!" 'You can't stop me!' Young's partner You don't need an Rx for it "You're killing me, __!" "Yipes!" Yule revelry Ye ___ shoppe "Your guide to a better futureÓ site "You've bested me" Yammer on "Yoo- —!" You and I imprisoned by queen in jug 'Yes, captain' Yellow ingredient left out of some omelets Yoko who endowed the Strawberry Fields memorial Yoked animals You may hear her roar Yeoman's 'yes' Yell at Yang's counterpart 'You're so right!' Yale student Young fellow You're under it on the stand Yes and no, e.g Young lass, it's facetiously said, clutches right adjustable tool 'You don't really have to' 'Yeah, sure' "You can say that again!" Yellow-orange fruit Yield, as interest Yoga accessory 'You might be ___ something!' Yokels 'You may ___ me in the very dirt/But still, like dust, I'll rise' (Angelou) Young fox Young horses You might perform the Creeper, the Sleeper or Rock the Baby with this "Your table's ready" buzzer Yard sale caveat Y, say Yankee caravan? One jeering behind it Yearn Youngster's primer Yank sharply "Yeah, right" Yearns (for) Yoga roll 'You can't make me!' Yoke-wearing animals Yearbook hidden by naval man, a commodore 'Yikes!' Yonder thing Yeats's '___ and the Swan' Yin's opposite 'You're it!' game Year of the Cat, briefly? Yelps of pain Yoga studio greeting "You there!" 'You got it!' You might check their crossings: Abbr. You might check their crossings: Abbr "Yes, yes," in Yucatan Young chaps Yuletide tune Yuletide goodie YouTube influencers have big ones Youngest of the Weasley boys "Yeow!" Young moray, e.g "You betcha!" YouTube upload, for short You'll need to Stick _____ it Yours might be Thomasina *Yoga mat material Yucky buildup 'Yum! ___ stars out of five' Yellowish brown Yuletide "Yippee!" Yellow — bird Yucatan year 'Yeah, that won't work for me' "You __ right!"