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Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 150

Yellow-flowered medicinal plant "You there!" 'Yours, Mine and Ours' star 'You leave me no choice' 'Yikes!' 'You said it, sister!' “Yeah, no” '___ you for real?' "You have my word," elementally? "You lost, so pay up" Young Simpson nudging along a spoilt child Yang's partner "You really understand me" Yard cover You get in trouble if you skip it "__ your imagination!" "You said it!" You're doing one Yard sale proviso 'You know ___ you are' Young fellow Yoga position "You and me both!" (first 2 letters + last 1) Yawning, perhaps Young boy 'You're my ___ model' "You __ one job!" Yahoo "You're so right!" Yarn skein specification Yodeler's spot, traditionally Yankees great Jeter Yellow-brown shade "You ___ to know better!" Young dogs Young lady of Spain (Abbr.) Your dog or cat, for example Yet again Yamuna River city Yankee great Mickey Yule quaff Young lion Yama counterpart You join one to play fantasy football "You will __ the day!" You can dig it 'You already told me!' Your and my "You Send Me" singer Cooke You might give something up for this Yard division Yemen's capital 'You win' Young fellas "You only live __" "Yer __ here!" "Your point being?" "Your point being?" "You've got mail" co 'Yeah … I don't think so' 'You ___!' (informal affirmative) 'Yeah ... I don't think so' Yearn "___ your pardon?" "You gotta speed up!" Young fox Yours truly's limited by nasty antisocial act is getting used to things Young man Yule burner ___ your time (wait) 'Yuck!' "You beat me this game" Yemen city Yankee manager before Girardi Year, in San Juan Yoga pose 'Yay!' "Your point being?" ___ & Young "You for Me" singer Rita Yields to gravity 'Your point being?' Young fox Yes, in Yokohama Yi, in English 'You might be ___ something . . .' 'Yes, ___!' (phrase often heard in FX's 'The Bear') You might make waves when you lie about this Yalie Yale rooter You can get down from them 'You know how ___' Yankees pitcher Trivino "Yabba dabba —!" "You are not!" retort 'Your ___ ran over my dogma' (classic dad joke) Yemen neighbor Ye __ Shoppe "Yeah, right!" Yale rooter ___ York (location of Harlem Hispano) You can dig it "Yay, Messi!" "Yes, mon cheri" Yes, gruffly Yup "You'll never know unless you ___" 'Yeah, for sure!' 'Yeah, that didn't escape my notice' Yankee Stadium setting Yemen neighbor "You Send Me" singer Yard sign Yoko from Tokyo Young feline Year above frosh 'You're a real card' Yet to come You often raise your glass for one Young grizzly? & 6 You sign to accept this job after arts degree -- I managed without top grade Yonder article borders on remarkable Yale is broken with little effort Your browser might block them "You __ do this!" 'You ___ My Sunshine' 'You're amazing just the way you are!' Youngster taking out can from cafeteria 'You cannot teach a ___ to walk straight': Aristophanes "You have a ___. You matter." 'You didn't fool me!' 'You there, hoarding the Quattro razor! Scram!' [2002] [Yuck!] "You wish!" "Yes, madame!" Yoga surface Yucatan "Bravo!" "Your mileage may ___" Yen Young chap "You're it!" game "You've shared enough!" 'You're the Only One ___ Told' (2020 book) Yes, to Juana You and I Yoga class pads Y wearer Young musician 4 years, for Argentina's president "__ You Babe" Yes, in French "You've gotta be kidding!" Yoga surface Yielding when lacking with regards to protection '100 Years...100 Movies' org Youngest Oscar winner 'You've made your point,' slangily Yankees manager before Girardi 'You already told me' 'You almost had it!' Yang's counterpart "You've got mail" ISP (Yorkshire?) valley "You're oversharing!" Yogi's greeting Yellow fruit part of a sundae Yale rooter 'You said it!' Year in Cancún "— you sleeping?" Yoga studio rentals "Young Frankenstein" role Yale grad Young bloke Yuletide tune Young sheep Yours might be made up "Yeah, I guess" "You can come out now" You're reading one "Yellow" band "You keep pestering me!" "You're so-o-o funny" "Yo te ___" Yuletide song "You __ be serious" Yellow birds Year-end celebration "Young Frankenstein" role 'You got that right!' 'Young man . . .' 'Your point being?' Youngster "You don't say!" YMCA class Young point of one's life 'You make me so mad!' 'Yikes!' 'Yeah, def' "Ya with me?" Yak it up Yoko of music and art Young goat "Yoo- —!" 'You're embarrassing me!' Yiddish laments "Ya got the wrong guy!" Yves' drops? "Yesterday" and "Tomorrow" "You win this hand" Youngster Yours and mine Young fellow Your and my Yank 'You're such a goof' Yellowish-brown Yellowstone beast Young companion of Pooh Yes, on a ship 'You ___ be kidding me!' 'Yeah, that's likely to happen!' "You are your best thing," e.g., from "Beloved" You can do this to a coin, salad or caber? Yellow gem 'You're it!' Yet You might stick with it Yet 'You and me both!' 'Yeah, more or less' You'd better believe that I don't want responsibility for technology Youthful adoration '___ you!' Yiddish for 'pancake' Yes, to Fifi "You're too kind!" Yale grads 'Your perspective:' on TikTok Yippee! Yearly Y's in roads Yellowstone herd animal "Yoo-__!" 'Yeah, right!' Yoga surface You say it when you're down to a single card Young seal Young human or goat Yard tools