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Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 151

Yesteryear's songstress partic­ipates in cricket match Youngster's punishment, sometimes Yahoo Year in Acapulco Young farm animal "You can relax now" Young foxes Yard sale? "You are not!" comeback 'Yes . . . ish' Yucca's kin Young foxes You can lend yours or bend someone else's Yale Bowl rooters Yellow jacket relative '___ you joking?' 'Yeah, but still ...' Yucatán native Young farm animal 'Yeah, but still …' Youth "You can't be ___!" Yin counterpart Young bird of prey Yes, slangily 'You ___ what you eat' Yellowish Young whale Young eel 'You ___ thing!' Yaks Yoko from Tokyo '___ your move' '___ your horses!' "Your" of yore Yap and refund money Young sages revolting at places of worship  Yes child, travel on top of boat Young man becomes a party to rising crime Yearn for a piece of furniture without Charlie's tresses Yes, rook takes fishes between twelve and twenty four months old Youngster wears deteriorated helmet Youngster left boring, endless lecture You would love to be shot by him Youngster's casual shirt with name 16 Young sheep casually ambles across wire fencing You and I with strict, odd issues to bring in the customs of the US and UK, say Yoga — mostly pain that could be delicious Youth's mainly young and small Yes/No? It ideally raised issues You don't need equipment to see channels of Eritrea in trouble! Yearn to be in a posh farewell Young girl drinking cider's formatting the storage media Young and wary, woo nervously in song Young lad's fall, gets external support You and I, say, start to see folks dealing with basket cases? Yearn to have a drink and fade away  You Trekkies suppress too much Young woman hiding in the glasswork section Young men and women drinking vodka heartily You got me to extol the virtues of head cook endlessly Yes, all but head cover goes to make up coarse fellow  Yearn to get top athlete Yet this institution can give modern education You can't get a word out of such a person Yet its ticks will be real and effective You, oldie, go in for an anteroom Young girl making a mess of neater clothes, say, being contrarian Young girl accepting tax cut gets upset by the apathy Yankee travels around Delaware showing unassisted organ of sight Yahoo hasn't left, that's nice ... you can annul, finally, formally signing and separating Your old itch often gets scaly at the end Youngsters are great, seen protesting Yanks bother society Yet, all went wrong in the last few days! . You and I visited the beach close to England and had a bath . Youth rise to accept payment . You are elegant and that's important . Yet to be moulded dean? Push training with.. . Yet sometimes these may fail to give profit to farmers . Year old mongrel sick of hunting cry . Yes, cocky kids I pushed out of boats . Yearns to find fellow in winter pants . Young lady purloins metal and pulls wool over the eyes . Yellowish-beige, for example, seen around New Delhi initially . Yankee used for American in outdated manner . You once were caught in secret delight — it's a fancy . Young man concealing the cut in a small British cottage . You get thousand after giving away construction material . Yen write-off makes him an incurable optimist . Young home supporter with a hat on . Yahoo holds summit, wants power to release secret information You and I visiting places for treats Youth longing to get time for aquatic activity Yell from the sides? Appropriate song and sing Young woman has red tees being worn over innerwear . Yours truly tore noisy quilt draped around the uniform in an unjust manner Young woman with uniform for soldier helps pinpoint something on the web Yawned and essentially slept on opening day You in the past heeded Yes and no leave son confused and irritated You have a point to titter Yearn to have saint's sleepwear Youthful C's fuss about the French perfume You are said to tackle poor and mischievous C Youngster showing enthusiasm entered university for English You once caught mythical bird's foot You must be heartless to allow fish during Christmas Young people brought up to be social Youth plays a party track to trap the French You might need at least one to solve this clue Yet begums going bananas after you You can go near such an official Yet one may have to die for this salary You can't expect him to propose, in other words Yes, tidal waves are seen regularly Young socialite, she is fashionably sightlier Yelled badly about king being aged You finally set right lean bones Young Member of Parliament? You will report about diary cake Young deer reportedly found enchanted woods You follow sailor to make amends You can shoot texts with one, but you do not shoot one! Yarn made from useless mouse whiskers Yearn to confront a gloomy expression Youngster losing urge to become a boxer Yellow pigment in round red fastener Yank smuggling heroin is a felon Young lady with the vocal German man gets a fern Yellowish-brown insect eats peeled figs "Yes" is so pleasing You bet Aussie's seen frequently as hard to understand Yet one should be at home in these matches You may part with this dressing room tool Yellow layer Young Phantom has energy for a toy for flying You have to necessarily enter for this sort of game Young girl wearing a denim Yankee getting rid of the German leader in silencing the rebellion You and I told to touch type of jumper Younger panel member heartlessly besieges Northern Ireland Yes, for the most part, a tart prepared may be served from this Yearn for a golf circuit of the past Young person in party keyboarded Yearn for a trouser You always pushed ahead and raved about health science Yankee leaves circle of grind You hear nine fighting boredom Young lover's dancing was all the rage Younger learner has title confused You can't see if these are closed You don't need any written material to do this 'Yavarum ...' : primarily everyone is a kinsman You might inherit from these women fine accents with a touch of nasality Yearn for a turn in the distant past Yahoo not included Young man's suffering, he's a hero Yes, it's mature to hold on You heard smiley is fixed out in condition of ideal happiness Yes, French lawyer consumed half of London's soup Yes, cinder can be used to build a colonial house Yielded in end with luck playing foul, after grand opening You finally seem to be pliable: "I can assist" Yes, a cryptic that's simple! Your tech members regularly reflecting on lead role Yet it is not moving! Young actress beginning to captivate the French Young son told to bend gets stiff You support a child You heard of drug taking nurse? It's weird! You eventually love broken but small egg You're said to owe money in the beginning Young French men in front of the Austrian university are steeped in fury Yankee's on the German there Yes, try and end spreading this disease Y-young teetotaller's drink with setter You left dancing courtesan for family elder You can curl up and die reportedly in such a place Yes, pesos are thrown around by Indian soldiers You may be silver-tongued but not speaking might help better Yahoo may commit fratricide You said to be in credit getting debt notices! Odd! Yanks go wild, injecting drug in a furtive manner You've to give it to prove who you are Yes, a wall to be built on Mexico's border — why not? Yellow bird? You needn't do anything to earn this title Yearly, it's heard that you go out to gather energy and strengthen You may be photographed here, Romeo, at ten You and I will take food, reportedly of good stock You and I maintain two women! Yes, at one time, a queen got 12 months You once grabbed big bird's foot You are caught by sixteen in France in sudden attack  Young cow's leg portion You in Delhi return a length of fine material Yet one with this educational qualification may be married Young scout takes charge of the woman, an angel Yes, it's halfway house in Russia You finally got inside farm yard and got dirty  Young animal caught inside, at a spotlight Yahoo's under Charlie's influence  Yearly meeting held in the morning going over rocky material Youth movement had protection under shade Yours truly ingested new fruit Yield picked up in branch Young Scotsman has capital doubled — he is one who manages clubs  You may sing this? No. You need it to breathe, taking in oxygen — and it could choke you You must make a better effort to provide superior protection to members? Young, impudent member of the paparazzi? Yank travelling around East African country Youth leader's wild chats with fellow — fellow in boat Younger brother of Japanese PM finds love You can only go north from here Yankee entering the Lok Sabha is captivated by the roles of a mythological character  Yokel's agreeable but lacks genteel finish Yet no time for what's outside the window Yielding to order, one buried in depression Yahoo blocking attempt to exit the system Yes, argued about the keenly sighted Yearn for a try from far back Yard behind shop floor Young birds leave fish in vessel Young reporter protecting girl is an angel  Young lady on French island makes an arrow, for example You say nurse is bad? That's doubtful You finally cut furs to pieces with the right to use another's property Youngsters left out of discos Young swans like to come above some trees  Yes, initially old gymnastic Indian, was a practitioner of asceticism  Yes, closed early and took break on 31st December You hear teens are upset with precursor of world wide web Yet these shenanigans will reverberate back home Yes, ring can be made into medical equipment Yet some readers of newspapers might begin from here Yarn after yarn came from this machine of the Mahatma You love vacation joined with, say the festive season Yank – a fellow with perfect grimace You're darn convoluted all the time ... Yoga positions thought to be detailed incidentally Yes in Russia Bolshevik is challenged You in olden times included arithmetic. For example, the number of feet one may find in the yard Yes, French game partners on cot are a sort of migrant people Yours truly misplaced a valuable metal disc's picture  You finally find one drunk in bondage getting services  You finally get man's support for deep shade  Young animal's leg twisted in ditch