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Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 152

Yankee heads Goa Travels' Indian exercise discipline? Yes, lad collapsed, resulting in hold-ups Yes, lively chats by staff sailor Yeomen are meat consumers? Yes, cad decomposes and rots Yarn from great gallery Young animals the man fries after dressing You hang in a balance and turn the other way Young lady's assorted medals ...yet Carol provides service You said, "In love...," twirling a piece of a flower You may be required to work it for a free trip to a part of a mine  Yankee breaks sled after one and gives up Yearn to go up a steeple You finally give up on this and solve 'Wife dropped soap, say' You are to get old record on unknown medical study Youngsters, on vacation, going over for new book briefs Your old listener coming to the front is rude Yield advanced again Yosemite's type of trailer in America Yellowish mineral having traces of carbon and hydrogen Yes, waged war towards the end You change your attitude when you turn over this You file a number Yes, Spanish insurer working to get semiconductor material You might get a rise out of it! You and I rose, for one backing Professor Lupin, say ... young husband to enter stage or another fun activity Yeoman, no vegetarian it would appear Yearns to meet rider dropping off son, a docker Young animal allowed outside at all? Young lion? It's distracted painter Yokel having impact on family Young animal in number behind equipment Yankee after discharge receiving new antagonism Year's aid distributed, presumably Yuval Noah Harari's brief history of tomorrow? Years on end "Your Song" singer John "You __!": "Yep!" Young 67-Down Yawning with disinterest 'Yeah, that's the spot!' Yankee great Jeter Young phenom 'Yeah, that's the spot!' Yellow fruit Yugoslavian River Yields reserves, including carbon copy, with hesitation Youth led by commanding officer in brilliant tribute Youngster put up with tacky stuff in order Yet Attic's in need of translation for ancient Athens, say Year on island, topless resort You've let me down, putting rotten butter on butties regularly You finally admitting dead pager's broken? Perhaps get a new phone Yes indeed, I ask about diagnosis Yearned for title, ‘knight' included You're telling me to wink and nod manically before Congress Yech! I'd nastily consume beasts like anteaters Yes, in Germany, Wenders – on the fringes – creates film You can see right through this earl with the old predicament Youth party steeped in beer smell Yes, sort out seafood Yes, comets went to pieces in community Yield to violently extreme rowdyism, initially awkwardly run inside Yes, leaving old Mumbai. It's lost, essentialy varicosed, too loud Yes, eight managed to get vision Yes, in France and Germany, it's a mystic device Yet Helen synthesised gas You could see it in airport perhaps at a corner, nothing is free! Yet smooth beer is brewed here Youngster almost cleared out the wine and wobbled Yemeni's neighbour soon to be rising You would be upset if you had a buzzer in this // part of the car Yugoslav Marshal adapted to it  You say this when freezing bishop comes with many rooks 5 years oddly cut back from the opening part of sentence  Young man not quite pulling off hot off-white neckwear Yankee residing in Indian state is a painter  Yes! No gym is free of anti-women attitude  Yes, if he can make wide-angle lens Youngster swallows large part of tooth You're caught; could this describe Quidditch? You've every right to steer clear of fattened pig in this! Youths do this in the Poultry Liberation Front? Yield malevolent creature nabbed by agents over suffering at high levels Yank arresting first of hoodlums, ruffian You can't replace this wife since a setting's set (12, two words) You dive into this because sunshine finally is back Youngster, small, getting much bigger Yet to be ticked off for commotion You and your endless anniversaries finally must stop — with this one? Yawned, struggling to eat too much chicken Youngster is taking time to become a Picasso Yorkshire village wife's put in a very little amount when pressure's off Young greyhound, perhaps — one kept by king and queen Yank grabbing Conservative fellow's mistress? You will need some beef for this! Young child in first half of Disney film Yankee on Wednesday returned, in early morning, damp? Yard excavation turns frivolous Yesteryear's well-off youngster said to get reproof from Mac Young family making a mess Youngster close to nine, possibly eight Young creature: I'm holding her little angels! You may get back not quite last You see this up in Canada — function with Evian, eg Yellow food, or black, say Yearn extremely to visit the ends of the earth: one reaches a group of islands Yesterday's meanings of 'present' You once got attached to right sort of whisky Yours truly shut up network Your tip for marinade? Eastern herb Your compiler's about to stay in the same place you try and do a ton You've got oil on tunic, clumsy! 'Yes, yes' say the Russians, 'It's awful – shocking artist!' Yoghurty drink US hacker smuggled into satellite Yankee regularly reeled in one's profits Youth from east extremely knowledgeable about robot Yellowish covering which protects trail Young achievers, having defect, quietly coming in second Yet again put out about one's kids Youth from Abydos with piercing look Yet these might be the odds Young children holding each article with a light touch? Young girl forced to speak out Your clothes designer brought up something hidden under the neck Young chap: good person enthralled by dead PM once You and I in style, moving in a gracious manner You're blocking my view? How should I react? Yorkshire cricketer dropping a player? That's correct You must get out of big tree Yes I'm fat and I've far to travel Young child going to and fro Young bird stuck at first in trap on heather Yellow bird hiding under roof of cottage Youngster guarded by neurotic Hilda Yankee area accommodating key conference centre once Young head-turner entering hotel, woman viewed from behind You might take flight from this awful Romeo, dear Yeah, we organised shout at rodeos Young creature identified by US city doctor Yak from heart of Tibet needing whip to avoid area Youth flustered man carrying high-class resin Young man from the right English valley You may hear a tidier girl Youngster carrying large stick Yellow clay rod somehow bearing weight Yankee priest with right to rabbit on Yarn written with pen, page being out of order Your setter's maybe so exhausted! Your setter is within reach somehow for old monster Yell 'Clear off!', seizing tablet Yorkshire fellow originally delivering drinks to crew Your extremely evil master's twisted jesting You being laid in earth was excessively sickening Yelped painfully and intensely You might say I wait in line for some measure of this Your setter has spirit for the Irish gig Yahoo is cutting edge? Contrarily juvenile You start to deliver piercing smell of toilet cleaner in this pungent liquid Yours truly and heads of section happily work together Young dog without tail starts to exasperate toy poodle Young sheep used to be hardy at first? Nonsense Yank's check jacket, half-length Young lover runs rings around me Yen after study to make dosh Youngster in society lacking length You don't say upturn has to save energy Youngster with energy — eight? Yank missing first chance Yours truly to follow, being old and fully stretched You can see one in zoo barking at gorilla Young player left in bed Young journalist sending spy after Pope Yankee charm? Long hair curled up on Republican Young man being featured regularly in Loaded Your old setter, one going to pot? You bet two pounds, for example after one (6, two words) You may be enthralled by celebrity who keeps going? Yard arresting very loud English drunk Yacht I'm manoeuvring left? Not true! Young girl returned with neat recast jewellery Young attendant annually emptied greenhouse Youths with it claim Yankee title Youngster tailed by one clever old commander Young animal was taking food to effect a transformation Young animal in distress overlooked by good person Young monk's drama over wrong habit Yorkist all messed up with old daggers? Yell coming from son given fatty food Yank holding power secure in the Act of Union? Young thug is to stand up and will make a break for it You and I filling awfully large trousers? Yes, great pal is excited to make the final entrance? (11, two words) You will quaintly call out Yank apprehends hard criminal Youngster a woman's adopted – an angelic being Yank almost to the end in possession of fine wit Young horse's short saddle You are to leave with dispatch, taking it easy Young officer picked up wine in French airport Yours truly drunk no end of lager in mug Yours truly's following lake north of Italian border Young rich lend extravagantly You reflected about business graduate's place in recess Yonder is a woman Yours truly's up for eating a potato Yell, welcoming leaders in the premier Olympic event Yen merits getting longs Yield more than rock Yuletide singer given a big wave by leader of choir Young child's drink Yikes! No turning back for statesman You go now to get hubby? Spend stocks Yard is sheltered by kind architect's spacing of columns Young trumpeter's signal that's short and loud Young lover, one relieved to find Leda's assailant Yankee graduate covering her topless mate Young chap in Vladivostok Yield with grace You, once humble, putting forward Liberal that's a bit jaundiced? Youth shy to admit blunder Youngster put his shirt on horse? Ends with the bookmaker! Young bird's heading into tree Youngster to yearn endlessly for ruined city Yesterday's man is not entirely penniless, do we hear? Youngster redeveloping the London borough You will scream Your audience will not initially sound bored Yesteryear's escapade with helpful woman meeting Her Majesty Young bird in web disturbed by small fish Yours truly's taking in good female American who needs education Younger aged shield-bearer never seeing king or one with regal bearing Young animal provided in here, surprisingly Yacht is travelling around ancient region Yellow pack arriving in birthday post Yankee bruiser in Bow, a worker on the tracks Young, shallow, vacuous Arabian country reporter You troublemakers, partly responsible for closing bars! Young swimmer needing a little support Young reporter's association - that's not large  Yours truly when terribly rude must be restrained Young cow unhappy here, if kept inside You won't be caught napping with this Yankee to give away clothes for children's store You could say we admitted to sick satire Yankee, ridiculously idle, has to give up Youngster causing havoc finally shot by mistake