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Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 153

Young elephant is mostly placid with female You could go for a walk on this plain You are served with chicken up in popular Indian Youngster eats greens surprisingly – but no seconds whatever! Yank throttling husband is ruffian Your writer confident around a music bar Yellowish-brown paintings maybe recalled religious writings Your setter's self-revelation, slightly twisted in a cruel way! Youth holding end of poodle's leash Young man may get praise skipping university Yen to join German eight in fast boat Youngster needs encouragement after sorrow, ultimately You and I are barely talking Young Tom's fund of money?5) Youngster getting into humorous programmes Yarn from Times employees joining paper Young male Yankee offers to trap first of rare beetles 'Yes, I am competent' is answer to this? That's pleasing Yank and I with small horses go easy with stick You're supposed to go off in this carriage You there: get right out! Yours truly on lake Young reporter is initially mentioning art movement Yokel's plight at first, restricted by useless family Young child's measure of spirit Young fish always around loch You'll end up suffering, as undertaker might put it? Young lady hugs retreating Frenchman — typical! Yes, ITV primarily broadcast repeats Young creature always allowed outside Youth pocketing key for the trunk Yours truly in a French rhyme? Heavens Youth half-heartedly following kid, finding way that's narrow in places Youngsters finding last of salmon in river Young chap entering libertine for run Youth in cast concealing slip Youngster going to a Caribbean republic Youthful nurse? Yell on poor football team: they're looking for a match? Yankee stops fellows travelling up for meeting Youngster finally leaves for good You and I possessing nothing, in such a state? Yet probably not allowing grannies to keep up? Yours truly twice passed on cultural motif Yes, outmoded practice by law by Cicero You initially should wear pants, boy in Highlands argued You can't live without this song Young child attending a large comprehensive You once reflected about Doctor of Divinity: a twister Your therapy heading away from right units You'll get a bill for this cycle, unfortunately Yellow mineral found around western half of Chad Youth taking beer outside party caught in commotion Youngster needing support on course, beginning in November Yell, losing head, producing blade Yobs, many hanging around university Yes, I have long fingers You might say one old-fashioned tune You might catch spotted fish Young eel abandoning lake at any time Yoghurt concoction and Italian sorbet, neither good nor new Youngster absorbing one round number — who benefits? Yarn used in ornamental embroidery Youngster, a learner unqualified Youth centres in Leicestershire and Kent Yellow flowers in neat borders Your setter has a completely confident step Yours truly lifted head to carve You might chew this gum, eating badly Young woman hiding deficiency relating to tongue You might pick bird up in this headlight? Yankee at home finds sleeveless jacket Young wizard's handling spell, ultimately intriguing people Youth has eaten wrong half of Frankfurter, perhaps? Yob left, excluded Young Archibald, devout Scot, mostly friend of primate Young stand-in priest, purged of sin, insincere fellow Yogurt occasionally available Your setter — oddly sassy and difficult to deal with Yellowish, not exactly pure honey Yellow, but also willing to carry the can Year and day almost in French land once ruled by Plantagenets Young woman launching a festival You no longer must wear breeches in sweaty place Yet to return, holding separate social function You had to get doctor in — feared no longer You and I back film Young lover's house leased by top university Youth showing support in front of Harry and his gran Yours truly's shout of exultation after quiet dance Youngster, said by Australian to be a chip off the old block? Youngster I left with daughter after church Young person pinching pounds in nightspot Yank is fool Young fellow bound to have smart range of knowledge You'd soil pants in a horrible way Yellow top of rootstock is for fragrant preparation Youth given unknown sentence - one with spots Young attendant thrown a coin by bishop ... Yarn put round top of fancy sock You must get bit of nitro and spring crook Your good health is from good spirits and one drop of Orvieto You will get a positive response Yours truly brought up the other issue Young man welcomes Irish landowner You lovely beaches! So many? Yes voter with term for Remain breed You're ideally stopping waste Yellow ducks, for example, seen around marsh Yellowish ring sent up by fag Youth in case once led astray Yearn for start of tiffin with unfashionable black tea Young dog attracting aged insects at some stage Young lover, little doll? Youngster brought to a Caribbean island Young swimmer initially drowning, passed out in story Yankee dogging Ursula & Co moving noisily Yearly, see a nun swimming in a lake You are stopping recovery in the countryside Yak hesitantly nearing one bound to graft cut cable Your setter's singular attempt to pen English puzzle Young delinquent in the bar larks about You and one drunk to set about irrational perfectionist Yankee visiting GP, some said, for plaster of Paris material You could say one's a non-chain rental service Yielding after loss of leader: the final scene? You need time to get to know this fellow Young rascal placing bets loses second grand Yield from funds reduced Yank's stomach turned over Young archer finished in police department You could say 45 minutes? Young motorcyclist looking older: years roll away for a second Yours Truly and alien princess's close encounters Youngster saves pounds for such fiction? Young male lead seen with new flapper Youth succeeded in breaking local news Young politician touring at the appropriate time, briefly Yellowish teeth may be repaired with this kind of lead You might say one is the thing Youngster repelled by hotel food You round soldiers up as an adversary Year added to time line that's unfinished? Absolutely You can't beat this for audio reception Young hooligan goes round a horse, childishly worried You'll need a hand, cutting fruit in half Yankee male in to plop on a plate small tarts Young female nabbed by fellow made a noise with tongue Yesterday's odds dropped before bagging ten more Youthful canine moods manipulated people Yo, this is the start of something! You may hang this note outside broken toilets Yours truly on steamship causing chaos Youngster consuming hot fish Youngster lured in by libertine a tasty dish Young lady produced wine, I gathered You heard about top Greek mathematician Your escorts posed for Playboy? Yours truly repelled by the golden rule You're solver somewhat upset, one lacking success? Your setter finally tails off? The reverse, lots on offer here Youth has a benefit posted, reportedly Young mauler taking on copper in library Year supporting research facility in reducing the perplexity? Yacht clubs located in American islands Young hare loses head, circling top of snowy mountain Yankee with beard looked bored Yacht haven keeping out November seas You must leave a cube smooth You left deliveries outside, on top of step Young guys protecting European stars Yearn to get unusual shorn cattle Yours truly, a snooty type, reviewed Japanese art Young party disturbs spider by accident Yorkshire terrier cooled off, with something to drink Yarn from an artist about travel You surprise me when I tell you to! 220-yard run with golf shot Youngster cared for orchids left to wither Young minister announcing NHS statistics, perhaps You want blemish-free crockery collection? That's a problem Yet competition ultimately free, strangely, with this? You are out of tune, I tell you plainly Yule fowl cooked in a terrible way You won't see a lot of credibility in it You are casually opening what's needed to make chocolate liqueur Young lady distributed medals Yorkshire runner catching golf drive Yankee lodger's sound and is sexy, they say! You support former president installing son (6, 6) Youth work grant with energy tripled? Young attendant, quiet and mature You got me almost a little mad Yours truly surrounded by Bolshevik's dogs Yankee eccentric in burning American plane Year in company great, on the whole Yatter with Marciano, missing the first lot of nonsense Your hands should be massaged without water You say this on finding His Eminence outside before show (9, three words) Yard accepted conclusion previously acknowledged You Tube's about to lose European sort of agreement Young lad discarding fish skin Youth in the quarter for Valentine's Day? Youth's rise incorporating state benefit Young man carrying English guide Yarn spun about foremost of golfers up in arms You must support second issue in argument for Herefordshire town Yes for a Muscovite corporation's immutable point Yes-man in the majority in Congress Yen and cents in old money? That's scary Youngster devouring hot fish You'll see me holding one, karaoke just starting? Young woman shorn of resistance finally consented: don't do this to Lily! Your's truly's supporter, extremely wacky Welsh girl Yet to lock in support for Notre Dame? You might hear someone admired for not working Young person brewing green tea Your daughter's taken round flat Youngster can initially grasp one element of arithmetic? Yellow tie at audition Young Women's charity Your health the worst: drink! You and I did set about care for drunk Young girl's love missed in jail You sleep soundly — we wanted to be out Yearly gathering remains official in Turkey Yours truly had turned up in gold and black, extremely late for hearing Yank I go after turns, giving thumbs-up Yellow hue with corn, I gathered Young child identified by foot-soldiers leaving railway Yacht: it moves after stopping a minute Young magician with the ultimate in spooky craft Yellowish-brown polish Your setter, so vigorous getting up for an old fellow Young agent, not entirely free to speak? Young relative — one that shines, we hear Yanks leaving Japan could be personnel in forces You're no good, in retrospect, but not entirely a hopeless case You headed up round tip of the island Young Italian graduate doctor in love You two, they say, could have been one of the famous ones Yellow bird at front of cage Yearbook article stored in a large computer You need skill, in charge of large lorry Young setter, maybe, changing nothing by going back? Yours truly's so long with an injury in parts of foot Yours truly involved in diplomacy, it's understood Youngest in family's the one after the others to give parents a break Your setter cried allowed, getting stared at Young women talking idly around clubs educated people?