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Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 156

Yorkshire resort with clean air You and I would take the plunge Youngster clear about English uprising Yesteryear's chancellor with nothing to hide Young winger, one's used to make an impression, we hear Yes uttered after German boy's inviting glance …. York! Symbolically – otherwise, for a glass or two? Youth leader 'appily listens a long time Yellow fish with fight in them likely to be cleared out Yet you may feel so, if taken in by somebody Yak trampling outskirts of Orpington, home to some West Africans You'll find a lot of holes in this cryptic puzzle Young men irritate soldiers You're not fit to stay here Yarn about humorous duck leaving zoo in a run-down area Yobbo is left unconscious Yes, tyre crack received attention in the past Yet it might help you relax 'You rang' said Lurch, not ultimately happy, to Mr and Mrs Addams? Y Pined for time to renovate den Year's aid distributed, presumably Yellow meat Yellow River dividing Switzerland from Thailand is receptacle for waste You and my sons oddly retain name that's closely associated Yellowish smoke made by pastry cook Youngsters eat greens for development Yes, there's trouble for head returning drunk Youngsters with yen for mini Year One, being involved in Latin: state 'poetic' You might find her on the fast track? Young woman covering daughter with English garment Your health is of least importance? Drink! Youngster departs leaving trunk beside train Yet a non-starter, American Beauty Yankee after discharge receiving new antagonism Yahoo loves taking over area in pub Years ago, at the very beginning, 6 turned vertical Youth with a dash of yellow  wee Yup, mum's inside looking pale Young Conservatives? It's replaced smaller groups You can see here when it starts! Yesteryear's Queen Mother could enthral one endlessly You and me can cast vote finally as is the custom Young woman one leads astray Yes, we shall serve them again! Youngster from Australia secures place for Ashes tour You're thrashed? To an extent one has to go through it 'Yes' in German firm to snack for rebel Young Farmers' leaders gather eggs for teenagers Youngster embarrassed to turn up for run Yellowish-brown lumps rejected Young lady removing outer clothing for attendant Your old, watery eyes expressing agreement You don't expect this rugby-playing comedian to be found round here Year before getting paid results in hunger Yorkshire town briefly having left out Mediterranean port Young female dog Yorkshireman crosses line on British motorcycle Youngster gets train joke Youngster went, eager to have a change of direction You only live once, endless bliss and heroin replacing Liberal workers' chant Young Victorian heroine caught in a lie You French touring around Cairo unfortunately just can't get enough to eat Youngster ate green fresh product Yes, one may may make it without exertion Yellows all at sea after losing centre Yellowish nut … you'll see minister react badly Young woman cut with it? Yardstick for one in command Yet a fog-horn may give it Youthful revolutionary song Yank finds love in American country bumpkin Young girl and judge regularly put things right Yes, a machine for removing beards – he might well gape Yen used for money in island resort holding wartime conference You won't remember suffering from it Young offender misled store in fraud Young cod was first, consisting of scraps in pot You say you are inwardly certain he's taking too much interest? You can count on these four Swedes swearing out loud Yokel having impact on family You want a ritual implements box? Chat turns to that if so Young man with it, turning, ebbing and flowing 'Yah boo sucks' among hooligan's other expressions Yankee, small child following ring on banks of skate park Yank is a dunce Yielding just like that, this organ Yes, sailor served up a type of bean Yarn about Lawrence having opponents browbeaten Yes, decor's awful, not looking right? You must restrain little kid, not the first or last to give shout of excitement Young rebel defeated prominent LibDem but not Conservative Young creature whose home is Earth Yet it might be the product of an active imagination 9y – e, worked out in a regular way Youth with cuddly toy under bed is spurned Yarn in which car is destroyed in northern city You can count on them You might 29 this attractive woman, we're told Youngsters greeting old fellow Your little boy gets home with gold stars Yet it is difficult for busy people to take it Yield, or what yield comes from, we hear? Yen for maiden in island port Yesteryear's Tony enthralling one country Young fish in Greek isle cooked Yellow head of colourful bird Youngster, running round shop from rear, caused a crash You might have set foot in this bit of West Yorks (and, also, its castle) Yellow food, cheesy stuff You'd spend more than a penny here nowadays! You could hardly miss it on the farm! Yummy barman regularly seen in shadow You finally delete operating system Yank‘s clothing slips off hip Young lion? It's distracted painter Yes, that's Russian camouflage material Youngster, the solver I'm addressing? This is denied Young animal in number behind equipment Young animals‘ muscles Youth announces panto is to be held, but not at home You must drive one home the other way Young wader rose when disturbed Young mum irate after being sacked Yellowish liquid thrust out of end Youthful revellers wiped out after dropping one Yale's entrance requirement Yield to success usually You will keep girl back after end of lecture? It's not fair Young side cut short a drink You don't say when parallel lines meet Year at Slough is thing feared You'll find wives congregating here are absorbed in a bit of sewing You put your foot in it, in a manner of speaking Yelped when beaten — with a resonant voice? Young Parisian, one of fashion You won't score with this girl in a superior position Yokel hit relations Young man saw model home Yankee's large plant in the Orient offers financial security You are reportedly in hospital with temperature, injured Young Maureen has a birthday wet Y chromosome the culprit? You 500? Yielding ape or rigid rodent Young activist in education a degree superior to such a land of impossibility? Young man's all right, cheeky youngster on the up You can read this statement of grievance from former time You and I in group that's pleasant Yokel eating hot game bird ,19 Your team bats, but … dangerous topics! You struggle to gut two hens to feed the Queen's horse Yearns to be in the river? Most cool! Yellow bird You can count on it being at the top of a column Youth with yen for girlfriend… Years of prejudice? The opposite Yacht's beginning to change direction before getting slightly sticky Yankee's after cent off angel cake bought here? Yep, pie's cooked — hurray! Young and inexperienced musicians? Yearned to keep a little back as sort of security Young leaders in African territories shut in houses Young Christmas trees carried around in sledges Year's profit in another time Young Bertie, lacking initiative at the outset, surprisingly becomes a soldier Yield of grain, say? Youths having flings with effect of drug admitted You were told to produce a jug! You'll find Trojan never imbibing such weakish spirits Yon church man covered with traditional roof material Youth brewed green tea You won't get one amongst kippers Young Liberal's name I raised Yellow orb over county incompletely visible — as it becomes this? Youngster's muscles are essential to physical fitness You wouldn't keep a cool head in this battle Young redhead produces a mild spice Yes, a muse somehow inspired the man, a Nationalist poet from Northern Ireland Yearn to take extended trip You could pick one pair of fools in pub outside university Yet civilians lived such a life in the war Ye began with this source of annoyance Yeltsin getting drunk with no expense spared You must be on base — you look likely to be frightening You name it, it's acceptable as part of 8 21 25 Yearns to meet rider dropping off son, a docker yelled in anguish You won't care if you lose it Young Italian graduate doctor in love Young woman resident in Stirlingshire Young man‘s back, but not before start of work Yield small volume you aim, ultimately, to store in reserve 5 years old, about to become a star! You can't Adam and Eve it! You and I run away from Border Terrier — or what he might be carrying? Yours truly, say, slags off viewer Young lady lives in Marks & Spencer? Youngster beneath wee vessel shows spirit Younger son acted strangely You'll find Harris in one shivering whatever the weather 'Yes, I rowed' mentions Redgrave? Youth stabs old men after party, presaging disaster Young animal somewhat short of power You snivel unpleasantly, wishing you were me? You translated poetry on the Sun Yacht with power supply that's irregular Young army chap is awkward, but learns You after vacated seat? This for a viewing restriction Yokel pinching bottom of coquettish bird You don't have to be clear, children, just loving and patient Yet it means everything to an actor 20 You get ninny turning up with tree from Java Yield nothing Yes, reportedly they shoot terrorists Ye shall possibly appear on time, around 2061? Young landlord brought round second bulletin Young 'un, dance with a swing, if I were you, flower! Youngster carrying gun somewhere west of Newport Yes, jolly gruesome boxing contests ultimately without cheer Yard's pursuing press about keeping a note for witness Yank going up to church in the valley You might see this end up in an opera Yob getting hold of New Order's 22 garment Yen to interrupt thousandth tall tale? Yobbo left unconscious Young fish always circling lake Young pet fenced in for picture Yesteryear's footballer concealing silver hair You may see a fierce contest in Somerset tomorrow Youngster's grants in a foreign currency Youngster could be degenerate while avoiding the extremes Yes, drink is said to get very cold Yoghurt from Austria leaving us confused 'Yes, '70s prog rock band Queen', one cries Yellowish Liberal stuck in marshland Yankee gets on with the German over there Young people have pole placed in river Yorkshire city comes first, by the sound of it Yield of grass around about farm cut by 75% Your song of mourning could be rendered as ‘thy drone' Young flier I discovered in covered passage beginning to tweet Your health history? Young at heart learn about fairytale You would go cross-eyed looking at this strangely worded page Yours truly, occasionally jaundiced and a bit of a Scrooge Yard's free? Not quite Year end difficult for clerical office Yes, sort out seafood