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Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 157

Young mum with expensive taste stealing a grand from coach You're aiming to do it alone, with very little input , 29. 'Your excellency, rub my pink dicky', says yokel Youngster worried to change form Yet to be put away, reigning supreme after ousting British Young creatures always invading rented properties Young feeder sure went crazy You'll see rector win converts – someone proclaiming an important message Yellowish-white gold plant placed outside Yes-men worn out by one who's determinedly against them? Y-fronts of yuppies threaten to rip if unwisely manspread Yes, in France and Germany managers used to call people who were late Yellow loser Yielding over what may be cast in crooked surroundings Yobs toss uneasily about sound of disapproval, indicating one keen on giving orders You've got me skinned – it hurts! Yankee overlooks what guards the crown jewels Young man smuggling ecstasy for Guide You can pack it with cooked bagel dough on top You once linked with doing nothing may be giving up Yorkshire town's players tucked into kebab Yours truly at social event supplies food item You shouldn't have filled vessels with gas You and I vacate academic workshop Yemeni's neighbour soon to be rising Youth league disheartened server Your English bourbons lack our all round superiority You and I exist incompletely and deteriorate You may follow top cleric, a comic fellow Yorkshire city supporter with no change in degree? You can't trust us, stealing pounds and getting the boot! Young adults mostly relax around geek Young energetic type is originally hard to find Yet to iron slips, getting reputation? You once cut many hundreds Yeah, Cassia massaged a soul singer Young fish dash across river You might sling one inverted comma in covers of hardback Yorkshire river banks grand for building You may find gardener is transplanting red one? Yawn endlessly in break You'll find that to the west of Mexico father cooks first, provided with tiny capacity oven Yet my Mrs may be fearful of Tyger's appearance Youngster half-heartedly declines berries Yokel, gormless, doffing cap Young guy lacking restraint in empty clubs and bars Youngster seeking old man Methuselah sadly getting cold, not hot Young winger is rashly replaced after cold Young lady, I have a letter Yes, seen rarely to possess intelligence — I can vouch for it Young child returned cuddling a cat or dog, say, or rabbit Youngster making green tea You are told to enter design for puppet Yankee statesman is surprisingly 'Mr Everton' Yin's antithesis – nature's governor, to begin with? Yoga bends hurt Mummy's back in the past Young flower is one containing empty seeds You often get aches, when starting these exercises You and I (and almost everyone) raised evidence of harm Young people last to drown in river You said it! In the end, demand always changes Youth describes female objectively: a plump cutie You must carry trembling bride's primrose Yes, biddies perambulating two abreast You are what you eat? They would certainly agree You interrupting drove my hostility Yes-man fawned and sat around creating nothing Yearned to sit around, getting rid of uniform with daft cap ‘Young dog.' ‘Adult?' ‘It's not yet an adult.' Yo-yo with ace spots turned up Young adventurer needs two asses to ascend You might say Bob on a drop of retsina gets hazy Yawn, partly concealing a peeve You could use this to search for a loutish character You must tuck into fish spread You should see Papa before seeing this city! Youngster hanging around stores getting tips off little spoiled child You heard strange intelligence about Uighurs here Young male left in exercise venue largely in a thrilled way You idiot — old philosopher's taken in uncritical enthusiasts! You and I are about 16, allegedly mean to one old tramp Youth‘s cat perhaps primarily prefers eating raw fish Yielding excellent reversal in illness You are part of the crew, reportedly making money Young rebel flips admitting criminal riot in US city Yield under pressure from Grant Your setter's not above rejigging past clue, which is risky Young affair Young farm animal that comes up to your knee (10010050 + 1) ÷ y? It might make your head spin You've lost control, pal "— you serious?" Year-end dance ___ your own horn "Yes," on Talk Like a Pirate Day "Yay, team!" "You get the idea" abbr 'Yours, Mine and ___' Yield from crops Yard tool Yellow shade Yoga pose Yoga studio greeting "Your majesty" "You're blocking the view!," and what is needed to complete the answers to the starred clues? Young hooters 'Yes, ___!' 'You can count on me' "Your __" YMCA class Yearbook signers You might see them now and again Young adult Young goat "You got it" "You awake yet?" response Years ___ (in the past) 'Yeah, OK' Yellow Starburst flavor Yogurt condiment Yes votes 'You're talking like I'm actually on your side' 'You're way off ___' Yes votes "Yes to Fresh" candy __ year 'You said it!' "Yeah, sure ..." "... you get the idea": Abbr Young drivers 'Yeah, right' 'Yeah, right' Yellowstone spouters "You're it!" Yale student Yiddish for 'pancake' Yaks Youngsters "You'll be hearing from my lawyer!" *yawn* Yarn buy Youngster Yale grad Year in Spain "You ___ kidding!" Yearly You might need just the 'last four' of it: Abbr. 'You should know better!' Yemen neighbor Yucky Young horse "___ you kidding me?" Yeasty brew Yet another time Young fox Youngster You are ___ (mall map words) Yellow fruits Yale student Yours, in Tours 'You know better than ___' You and I will get healthy "You got it!" Years and years and years 'Yay!' Yuletide tune '___ you serious?' Yearns (for) Yogi's balancing stance with arms overhead "You can't talk about this case" ruling "Yikes!" __ yum: Thai soup "You got that right!" 'You were perfect' Young — (tots) 'You got it!' Yeshiva leader Yellow sauce served on hot desserts "You were right after all" "You're rambling" '___ You That Somebody?' (Aaliyah song) You might bounce it off someone "Yes, Yvette" 'You're on!' 'Yippee!' 100-yard run, say ___yo (cold dessert) "You'll never know unless you ___" "___ you glad?" "You bet!" Yucatan "Bravo!" 'Your ___ never declines, my GAWD!' (Beyonce, 'Heated') Yield from what's sown in garden, reportedly You might notice it in one bar, I fancy Young swan Young male horse Young of domestic cattle Yoga pad 'You made your point' Year in Madrid Young dog Yachts, for example Young tearaways found in bookshops? Year, in Rio 'Yes, let's do this!' Yob Yuri Zhivago's love Yucatan year Yellow, so to speak Yellow, so to speak Yet to be satisfied Yemen neighbor Young bear Young fellas Young fowl "___ your pardon?" Yellowfin or albacore Young fellow '___ Your Trouble' (The Chicks song) Yoga pose Yanks Year division Yellowstone grazer You love (Lat.) 'Yeah, right ?' Yacht haven ___ & Young "You're __!": "You crack me up!" y-___ (vertical line on a graph) Youngster's outfit nurse cut short Yorkshire city, where Alan Bennett was born Year, in Portuguese Yells 'Yer darn ___!' YouTube offering Yes vote in Congress Youth and king upset about fascist force in parliament Yogic energy point in the chest Young one Young hogs 'Your point being …?' 'Your point being …?' Yearns (for) Yiddish Singer? "You Light Up My Life" singer Boone "You're — pal!" Young batter's ball supporter "Yes, captain" Yes Your and my