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Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 159

Ye ___ Shoppe You and I perhaps harass poor nuns Yes! Cats can produce bliss! "You Should Be Dancing" group Yearn (for) Yellow Starburst flavor "You said it!" Yelps of pain 'You've got nothing to worry about' "You're doing it all wrong!" Young frog "You'll get ripped off" Your, biblically Yiddish trouble Your classmate, for example "Yeah, and?" "You've got my support!" Yoga surfaces Yoga pose "You got that right!" Yale student Yankee great ___ Howard Yoga energy point Yucca that gives its name to a California national park Yoga need Young dogs Yalie Yoda, for one Year, in San Juan Youth doesn't start growing a lot Years ago Yearning "__ you not?" You'll get mostly bananas in cake Young bird shot with catapult Yokels displace family with son Yank accepts place to put waste pipe You can buy it by the inch "You're something ___" Yarn spinner Yellowfin tuna Yellowish-brown color "You for Me" singer Rita "You __?" 'Yes, and' comedy style Yearned (for) Yankees' rival "Yippee!" "Yippee!" 'Y,' as in Yucatán 'You stay here' "Yikes!" "Yay, team!" Young fellow Yale rooter Young fellow You may need a lift ticket to do it Yahtzee cube Yarn coil Young tree 'You can stop, I get it!' 'Yeah, right!' Youth excited about the upcoming prom Yin and __ Young child Yoga class pads "Your Song" singer Rita "__ you serious?" "You betcha!!" Youngest MLB player to record 100 career home runs and 100 career stolen bases Yum ___ (meal with tea and dim sum) You might see one upside down on a bar "You __ one job!" Yoga position Yang's balance "You're not smarter ___ my dad!" "You've got mail" co 'You ___ Beautiful' (Joe Cocker classic) Yearly record Your and my "You've — point" ___ Y (millennials) Year before jr. Year before jr Yearly pro golf event Yellow veggie often pickled as a pizza topping Youth on scooter run overtaking Muse and church official? 'You're So Vain' singer Carly Yellowfin tuna Young animal that can find its 1-Across in 16-Across Young animal that can find its 1-Across in 35-Across Young animal that can find its 1-Across in 58-Across Your and my Yale students 'You don't say!' "___ yourself!" ("Hold on to your hat!") 'Yikes! A mouse!' Yale grad Young sheep Yellowish Young child Yale students 'You know you wanna ?' 'You know you wanna ...' Yankee who hit 62 home runs in 2022 Yoga need "You'll get a kick out of this ... " 'You and what ___?' "Yes sirree!" 'You there!' "You __ me!" "You there?" "Yada, yada, yada" Young man "... you get the idea": Abbr 'You're so dishonest!' Yankee nickname Yemen neighbor Yours and mine "You bet!" 300-year anniversary "Young Sheldon" channel 'Yes, that hits the ___!' "You bet!" You may do a kickflip with it Yard fraction Young 'un Yale alum Young bloke Yard surrounders Yawning in front of Met, looking innocent Yank on Young horse Yearbook Young man "— you sleeping?" Young fish from South Africa, right to eat "You Only Love Me" singer Rita "Young Sheldon" network "Yummy!" Young reporter embraces woman's angelic child Yarns 'You interrupted me ?' 'You interrupted me ...' Yearn Ye ___ Shoppe Young deer Young'un "You can trust me now!" Yahoo! Inc. brand Yes, in French You'll find plenty on the beach "You are something __" 'You ___ bother!' Young horse Young sheep "Yep" Yale students Young goat You must be broke being on such drugs Yellowfin tuna YA fiction, e.g., familiarly 'You're ___ for each other' Youth given rise restricting state benefit 'Yippee for us!' [4th of 7] 'You got it!' Yang's counterpart "Yes and no" 12-year-old, e.g 'You ___ bother' Young foxes You ___ what you sow Yacht or schooner Youth subculture associated with Siouxsie and the Banshees "Yippee!" "Yippee!" "Yang Yang" singer Yoko "— your disposal" 'You're welcome,' in Spanish Your twin, but not your brother-in-law (2 words) Yellow Book org Your passenger is very left-wing Yawn-inducing Yield to gravity You'd better believe it! Your twin, but not your brother-in-law (2 words) Young cat Young predator put away — copper goes by book "Your point being?" Your stuff, in more ways than one Yellow flower Yellow flower Yale grad 'Ya dig?' Yes, to Yves Yoked beasts Yard part Yard sale caveat Yearbook gp Young person with uncommon wisdom, say Yoga position "You've convinced me!" Year-end celebration "You enjoying yourself?" [yawn] 'You're not serious, are you?' 1,000 years ago this was the largest city in Western Europe Yearly "Yeah, I bet!" "Your Silence Will Not Protect You" poet/activist Audre '___ you kidding me?' Young fellows Young lady, fur is wrong '___ you kidding me?' Yes, to Jack Sparrow "— you for real?" "You bet!" Youngster taking short vacation in extra small location Yucatan "Bravo!" Young scout holding the woman's angelic baby Yucatan "Bravo!" Yield "You Only Love Me" singer Rita Young person into the latest trends in music Yoked team "You've got mail" co You ___ what you sow Yank My Doodle nail polish brand Young support English protecting badger You're welcome on no occasion You live here Year (in Roman numerals) of the Oxford evolution debate about the work of 1 'You lose!' Year of the ___ (2022) Year of the ___ (2022) Year of the ___ Young wolf "Yes, —!" ("Indeedy!") "Yuk" relative 'Y' on a form Yearly vax target "You'll never make it big in the toy industry, Holly Hobbie!" Ye ___ Shoppe "___ you sure?" Yoga pad Youngster with male chromosome is not male! Yearn (for) You can't go when you see one, perhaps Yucatan "Bravo!" Yield to another's opinion