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Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 160

Yom __ Yale students You love (Lat.) Young male horse You can't possibly miss this dratted churl, according to Spooner Yoga pad Youngster "Yeah, when pigs fly!" "Yech!" Young trainee '___ you kidding me?' Yesterday, in Italy Yoga essential Yankees manager Aaron Young fellow 'You Don't Mess Around With Jim' singer Yank from the Yankees lineup, e.g. Youngster 'You've put me ___ awkward position' 'You said it!' Yonder people Yarn batch identifiers Youngster Yield Yiddish laments 'You're so funny, Dad, that I forgot to laugh' Years ago 'You're in tro-o-ouble!' 'You have a point' Yak 'You Don't Own Me' singer Gore 'Yellow Submarine' singer 'Yeah, right!' Yanks' foes Young's accounting partner Yale, colloquially 'Ye Olde' business 'You got that right!' 'Ya think?' Yours, in yore Yankees pitcher Severino 'Yeah, right!' Years, in Brasilia 'You can't tell me what to do!' 'Yo mama' jokes, often ___ York "Yeah ... zero chance!" Yoga roll "Your wish — command!" 'You just broke my toe, ___' (biology pun) You might lose a loose one "You made that up!" "Your point is well taken" Yes vote Yobbo's stopped by good old watchman Your life story, briefly YouTube diary "Yo!" Young Skywalker's nickname Young one '___ you for real?' '___ you to say that again!' 'You can say that again!' 'You calling me a liar?' '___ you coming or not?' Yellowstone ruminant 'You are!' retort 'Yeah, maybe' Yale rooter '___ you kidding me?' 'You are correct' Yard sale caution Yours truly in arrears, being catty? "___ you OK?" 'You are not!' response Year-end temps 'You can count __' YWCA student's goal 'You can say __ again!' 'You defeated me' Yellow friend of an orange cat Yuletide beverage Your choice of 'You bet' 'You bet' 'You bet' 12-year teammate of Babe Ruth 'You bet' 'You bet' 'You made the right decision' '__ you serious?' Yellow flower Yappy pets Your and my Yale student Yardsticks Young girl You might get one at City Hall 'Young Frankenstein' assistant You, in the past Yale of Yale Young male zebras Yorkie or Chihuahua 'You there!' Yoga school accessories Yale students 'Yup' Yearned (for) Yours truly 'You can say __ again!' Yemeni capital Yom __ You, in Shakespeare's plays Yemeni port You'd expect it to flop in the art world 'You can say that again!' Young buck Yours and mine Yellow-skinned fruit 'Young Frankenstein' role You don't want to lose it YMCA night class Yemeni city 'You're So Vain' singer 'Yeesh!' Yawn producer Years in a decade Yucca cousin Year-end tunes Youngest Greek god Yuletide wise men Yearly doz. Yoga posture You'll find things that are __ the seven other 9+-letter answers Young male horse Yellowish brown lion color Yardstick division Yoga accessory Young lady Yale student Yoga class greeting 'Yuck!' Young zebras Young dude 'Ye olde' settlement You and me, essentially You can count on them 'You're it!' game Yard covered with grass Young dude 'You __ serious?' Yes, in French Your and my Young Skywalker's nickname Yankee great's nickname Yuletide wise men Young fellows Yellow bird-shaped tub toy Young fellows Young fellow YMCA class Yes, in Paris Youngster's pellet shooter Youngster __ yet (so far) Yet to be paid You'd expect it to catch a mouse Yellowish brown Youngster Yr. fractions 'You just watch me!' Young lady of Spain: Abbr. Yale student Yardstick markings Young stallion Yale Bowl regulars Yellowish-brown lion color Yes, in France 'You've got mail!' company 'You lookin' __?' You are here Years of study Yellow coverings of long fruits You might have a ball with it Yellow colour Yogurty side dish of India Yoga pose Young horses 111-year-old cookie 'Yeah, right!' Yellow citrus fruit Yarn woven orally Yr.-round setting in Yuma Young son Your and my 'You're way ahead of me!' Yet to come Yosemite photographer Young lass Yoko __ 'You sure of that?' Yale student 'You can say __ again!' YouTube posting Yorkshire's largest city Yellowish brown Your choice of Yuletide song 'You are not!' comeback Yuletide greenery YMCA course 'Yikes!' '__ you kidding?' Yakked at length 'You are not!' reply __ year (2024 or 2028) 'You bet!' Yoga position Yoga accessories 'You __ have worried' You may see it before long 'Yours truly' alternative 100-yard race Yearn (for) Young girl Years and years 'You couldn't defeat me!' Yoga posture Youngsters 'You won't have any trouble with this' You can afford them Young girl Yale students 42-year veteran of ABC News Yucca cousin __ yet (so far) '__ you listening?' 'You can leave now' Yoko __ You can buy them for about a buck Yuletide sextet 'You can say __ again!' __ yet (so far) '__ you so!' Yellow part of an egg You and me You can't top these Yertle the Turtle's domain Yield from fleecing Yet to be fulfilled