Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 17

Young: Fr. Year that Ovid is believed to have written "The Art of Love" "__ your toes!" "___ your best behavior" "___ your toes!" You, right now You, e.g. Yuppie watering hole Yuppie watering hole "You're a pore benighted ___ . . . " YOGI YOGI "You wanna fight?!" 'You wanna fight?!' Young female sponsors? "___, you noblest English!" ("Henry V") "__, you noblest English!": "Henry V" "...___, you noblest English!" ("Henry V") "__, you noblest English!": "Henry V" "__, you noblest English": "Henry V" "___, you noblest English!"—King Henry V. "___ you noblest English!" "___, you noblest English!" "___, you noblest English" "___, you noblest English!": Shak. "___ you noblest English!": Shak. "___, you noblest English ...!": "Henry V" "___, you noblest English": Shak. ". . . ___, you noblest English!": "Henry V" "___, you noblest English..." ("Henry V") '___, you noblest English...' ('Henry V') Youngest Hogwarts students eligible to try out for Quidditch 150-year-old poetry collection with many subsequent editions Young feudal attendant from Austria? "You'll ___," POP song "You're gonna pay!" Yucca fibers. Yucca fibers Year the Governator was elected Year of Super Bowl XXXVII Year the Governator was elected Year Super Bowl XXXVII was played Year the U.S. declared war on Iraq Year of the final flight of the Concordes Year of the final flight of the Concordes Yellow dye. Yellowish-red dye Yellow dye Yugoslavian poet "You'll never believe this!" "You'll never believe this!" Yalie's cheer You might be a redneck if you __ Yankee outfielder. Yet another three cars Year in the reign of Philip I 282 years from now Year before the Battle of Hastings Your left, say? (A.W.) "Your left" 'Your left' "You've got to be kidding!" Yellowish, like the oriole. Yellow. "You didn't have to tell me that" Yield to intense pressure Yield to pressure Yellowstone roughneck? Young in Utah history ___ Young, Mormon colonist leader (1801–77). ___ Young. Young guy? Young fellow Young plant: Abbr. Yucks' relatives Year that Claudius I was born Year the emperor Claudius was born "You're all litterbugs," said the janitor ___ Year in Marcus Aurelius's reign Year in reign of Antoninus Pius. You might need a lot of it for your files You may use them coming and going Yugoslav city on the Vardar. You may see some with peripheral vision You have to sign for it Yieldings Yolk sacs Yankee who's never been to third base Yachting trophy. Yankees: Abbr. Yearn, Cockney style Yankee Yearn longingly Yankee's stint down south "Yeah ... anyway" Y/ES N/O "You fool, you'll be roasted!" "Your ___ only peace-maker . . . " Yucatan rope fiber. Young G. B. S. sported one: 2 words. Yes: Lat. "___ Your Mind!" (Van Morrison debut album) Young chicks You'll get a charge out of it "You ___!" "(You've Got) The Magic Touch" group "You think I'm annoying? Fine, I'm outta here." 'You gave me no warning!' Your inns for sailors? Young ladies from Bonn. "You're ___ go" "You've got ___ your way into tomorrow" (Glen Campbell lyric) Your conservative Brit's home? Yellowish volcanic earth. Young birds Year 3/4 as ominous as Orwell's Yankee Chamberlain Young company supervisor Young company supervisor Young company supervisor Young bullock or heifer. Young bull: Br. Yangtze River sights Yangtze River sights Yangtze pliers Yangtze River transports Yangtze River sights Yale's immortal Mr. Booth. Yellow alloy of copper, zinc, and iron. Yellow alloy. You may see guard dogs behind them Year that Dionysius of Halicarnassus is believed to have died Your, in Hanover "___ you tomorrow" "You ___ to yourself ..." Yellow poplar 1,500 years before the Wright brothers' first flight Yeats work, with "The" Yielders. 100-year periods: Abbr. 100-yr. units 100-year units: Abbr. 100-yr. stretches You'll become a sex-mutant with ___! Yorick Year of Diocletian's abdication as Roman Emperor. Yucca plant carved from banded quartz? 1967 years ago. Yours: Ger. Your: Ger. Your, in Bonn Your: Ger. Yom Kippur celebration? Yogi Berra, for one 1,500 years after the birth of Calvin 1,500 years after the birth of Calvin Young swimmers Yankees' response to a request for a guest speaker? Yellow honeysuckle "___ you speak" (keep cool) Yugoslav river. Yom Kippur. Young tough guys in '30s films "You might call me a topologist," said the ___ "You'd be _____ love" Yellow songbird? You shouldn't talk with one Young salmon Young game fish. Young sockeye Young salmon Young food-fish "You of Out Kick a ___" (what you hear when you spin a standard backwards) ___ years (youth) "You ___ pretty good game" Yaps Yours, in Tours Yours, in Tours Yours: Fr. You do it on purpose Yorkers, in cricket. You may take it or beat it Yvonne with the 1978 #1 hit "If I Can't Have You" Yule gifts from Bigfoot? Young craps player? Yes "Close ___" YES A NOTATION "Yet I ___/Against Heav'n's hand . . . ": Milton Yeast, fruit and nuts? Yellows Yukon river. ___ you go. ___ you go Yearly accounting of economic health Yarn donations? Yarn donations? "You need a new mattress"? "You need a new mattress"? Yens, slangily Yeggs Young bulls, in Yorkshire Yclept. "You might try this" You're still popular with painters, though Young cow, so it seems? Yellowish-brown Young cow, so it seems? You don't have to study for it Yo-yo mishap? Yap's locale Yankee V.I.P. Yogi Bear hangout "You go not till ___ you up a glass": Hamlet "You're Only Old Once!" author Yellowish Yellowish-green, foolish oldsters? Yield a little Yukon Quest and Le Grande Odyssée Y Yankee pitcher Yankees bullpen ace in the '70s Yogurt, e.g. Yak it up big time 1995-99 Yankees player "You can't be serious!" "Yellow Submarine" foe You may bring it to a picnic Young fan's mag Young lady who follows the categorical imperative? "Yankee Doodle" words Yuletide visions, à la Moore Yearned (for) Yearned (for) Yearned (for) 1,760 yards. Yield: Colloq. Yarns for warps. Yarns for the warp. Yellow sunflower Yukon feeder Yukon tributary Yukon territory. Yukon tributary Young Miss Havisham set off with Miss Fitzgerald Yet eat roll from drink carrier Years in the priesthood Year-end figure Youthful maiden of myth Youthful maiden of myth Youthful maiden of myth