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Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 162

'You can't dance with us' in message from outside port Yield Yields to gravity "Yeah?" Yule ball? "Yikes!" Yarn 'You've got a deal!' 'You'll have to take someone else' 'Yellowjackets' actress Christina "You! Look over here!" "You! Look over here!" Yoked bovines "Yours" alternative Young feline Your lad misbehaving, Mary? Years gone by Yaks it up 'You've really ___ yourself this time!' Yoga pad Yellowstone denizens Year-end paycheck extra __ yesterday (gullible) Young fellow "Yeah, right" You once include Mike in subject Yoked animals 'You got it!' You want to make something of it? You, to Shakespeare "You sure about that?" "You've Got Mail" writer/director Nora Yokel Yani Tseng's game You might entertain them Yoga pad Yellow-green shade "You __ to be there" "You've got my attention" 'You're betraying me too?!' Yes, to a pirate "— you there?" 'You're telling me a cis teen built this ___?' "You can't make me!" Yen 'You're a riot' Yellowfin tuna Young person who is unusually wise 'Yippee!' You hope to fill this up YETI offering Young surfing obsessive "___ you clever?" "Yes, monsieur" Yogi Bear wears one, despite having no shirt "You can believe it!" Young ladies Yellow brick ___ Yard parts? "___ your heart!" Yahoo alternative Yours and mine Young fellow Young one Yes, cats playing can give joy Years and years "Yum!" Young sheep Young lady Yale rooter Young member of a pride Years and years "You'd better back off" "Yeah ... I'll pass" Yields Yellow flower improving serene rocks "You have a point there" Young creature no end timid but comfortable You might get bulls here from cattle trade Youngster's cropped top 'Yay!' Yellowish metal Yacht club leader YouTuber/actress ___ Akana Young lady Young lady Yogurt prepared with produce, herbs and spices "You've gotta go" Yoga pose Young ladies rejected adopting new jargon Yankees manager Aaron "You've got mail" ISP Yahtzee action "You can't make me!" "— your best behavior" ''Yeah, sure!'' Yuletide surname Yoga poses Yes, in French "You'd better not forget our arrangement!" "Yellow" vehicle ... or slang for a red wine Young cow Yucatan "Bravo!" Youngest of Chekhov’s “Three Sisters” "You think you're sooo funny ..." You should make this in the morning You might pick one up after a couple of drinks Yoga need Young bird of prey Year in Cancún Yearbook superlative Yuletide quaff Yellowstone deer "Yellowstone" star Kevin Yummly, SideChef and Food Monster *"You should be ashamed!" "You've Got Mail" co Youth speaks about pantomime, losing cool "Yay me!" YMCA's URL ending You might put your drink on it at a bar Young salmon Yang's counterpart ''Yikes!'' Yin's counterpart "You guys," in Louisiana "You're probably right" "You've got a friend in me" "Yay, me!" Young? No, no, no “You’re the best!” Young fox Year in Mexico Yale student "You get it?" ''__ you clever!'' Yardstick unit Yard sale payment “You get the point” Youngster Yarn running short has maiden in a rage Yoga posture "You will experience a great and unexpected surprise!" (go to 48-Across) "You'll have a blast!" "Yippee!" "You are ___" (map phrase) Yanks’ foes You could get down from it You, once Yearn to have case dismissed as judge listened You heard sheep "Yoo-hoo! This way!" 100 yrs. You might provide the "last four" of this, in brief "You said it!" "You may start the test!" "Yuck!" Ye olde horse Young S.F. football fan? Young hotheads that are damaging to gardens Young lady may say if so "Yuck!" Yard sale datum "You could not be more right!" "You've gotta be kidding me . . ." "___ your own business" You can see right through 'em Yellow of an egg You Took The ____ Home is the first book of poems by Brian Bilston "Yes" vote "You had your chance!" "Young Americans" singer David "__ you sure?" "You make a good point" "You good to go?" Yard feature appreciated by pet owners Yale grad Yonder thing Young lads sharing a house perhaps, hopefully in good form Yellowish brown Yalie "You lose" "You're a riot" "Your argument makes sense" "You don't have to explain what you mean" "Yeah, not happening" Young insect 100-yard races "You for Me" singer Rita “You should not call in ___ to settle the argument of two birds” (Indian proverb) Yobbo "You've got mail" ISP Yours truly, large and offensive? Sweet! Years ago "You know you want to!" Yoga instruction "Your" of yore Yearbook “You gotta be kidding me!” Year in Spain You may pick it but one does not picket? "Yeah, right!" Yogurt-based condiment served with 24-Across "Your" of yore "Yes, sailor" Younger sibling, at times "You ___?" Young fellow "You can't get out this way" "You said it!" "— you clever!" 1965 Yardbirds hit Yellow-disked blooms Youngest of the Rugrats Yucatec speakers Yours etc a strange way to show politeness? "You are on ___ land" You might eat yours Youth Yacht contest Years and years Yoga pose Yearn (for) Yoked animals You're very good at solving this, for example? Young woman Yokels Young seal You might ask for a hand using this? Young boy "___ you sure?" "You're telling me because . . . ?" Yuletide tune Yet I’m upset about new animosity Yank in powerful boat Yin-yang principle "Yeah, sure" "Yikes!" from Scooby-Doo Young herring parts cooked (5) Young soldier acted suspiciously (5) "Yoo-hoo!" Young creature Yoga pose "You betcha!" Yentl portrayer You might read one on a tablet Young pride member (4,3) Young one Yo-yos, in a way "You are here" marker