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Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 163

Yours and mine You might get it for a lot Yoga equipment "You've got the wrong guy" "Yada yada yada" abbr. "You're not going to like this" 10-year-old Simpson Yamaha Raptor, e.g Yes, to a sailor Year's months Young person born to be raised in great turmoil Yin and __ "You're killing me, __!": line from "The Sandlot" Years in a decade "You there!" Yaks Yucatan "Bravo!" 100-yard races "Young Frankenstein" assistant with a shifting hump “You, you ___ yesterday” (Toni Braxton lyric) Youngster to skin fish Youth Yellow-flowered weed Youngsters Yours truly's in the French capital Young male horses Young hare Yours: Fr. Yukon XL maker "You and who ___?" YouTube button for the impatient “You can’t make me!” Young fellow Young Frankenstein player, 1974 ''You can stop here'' Yupik craft "You ___ me big time!" "... you get the picture" ___ years (old age) "___ you ready?" You're gonna pay for this! Year abroad? "— you in?" Young dog Young hoodlum Young male horse Ye olde string instrument "Yes! Thanks for thinking of me!" Yale grad “You don’t have to tell me” Year, in 10-Down You may make them after messing up Young swan Yoga pad ''You're it!'' kids' game Yahtzee cubes Yellowstone grazers Yeshiva leader Young goats Young sheep Yuri ---, cosmonaut You almost succeeded locating obscure novel "You've got yourself a contest!" Young woman "Yeah, right!" Yoga alternative Young child You old blokes I join from Aden (6) "Young Frankenstein" role Year divisions Yob one encountered in fair Your compiler in debt, crying "__ you for real?" Yes, in French Young relative (8) You are wearing top that’s brightly coloured Young whale Young fellow "You ready?" reply Young one Your compiler gets in drunken sessions Yearbook gp. "Your point being?" Yes-man on a go-slow (7) "Yeah, that's about right" Yule songs YOUR FAVORITE PALS YOUR BASIC THIRST QUENCHER YOUR WELLNESS YOUR LEISURE YOUR KINFOLK YOUR LIFE'S WORK Yuletide drink Young man "Your wish ___ command" "Yeah, I totally believe you" "Yoo- —!" Yale student "You've got mail" ISP "You're right!" "You're as cuddly as a cactus, you're as charming as an ___, Mr. Grinch" YouTube unit "You Bet Your Life" host Jay "__ your age!" __ year "You reap what you ___" Yammer; shaggy ox (3) Yasuhito .... , Japanese midfielder who scored against Denmark in the 2010 World Cup finals (4) "You ain't seen nothing -!" "You bet your -!" "You better not cry, you better not ... You initially and I go back to the bear (4) You smuggling ecstasy repeatedly? That's funny! (3-3) Young players playing tune, idle in club up north (9,6) Youthful impudence (5) Yuletide conifers, Christmas ... "___, ___, ___ your boat / Gently down the stream" You'd be lost without it! Young boy's cat (3) Young household helper from overseas 'You got beat' Young players playing tune, idle in club up north Year in Madrid Yellow animated film characters (7) You dig up from the past possibly evidence of something dull? ___ your uncle! (4) ''You got beat'' 'Your heart is true, you're a ___ and a confidant' You join Rod looking somewhat sullen (4) "Yes?" Yearns to be very good, but it's against the odds (4,4) Young trainees in the armed services (6) "Your new boyfriend is awesome!" "Your heart is true, you're a ___ and a confidant" Yang's counterpart Yoda or Obi-Wan Kenobi, for example Yours truly left The Simpsons character Sideshow (3) Young salmon on its first return from salt water (6) Year in Acapulco Yellow curry spice You've stepped on my foot! (4) Young son given walk in the shade Yoga posture You, then blustering I, call docking "Wrong!" (9) You can let it be given to the surgeon (6) You get ten to sin and you call that sport? (6) "You betcha!" You, in the Bible _ Yeoh, actor whose films include Everything Everywhere All at Once and Tomorrow Never Dies (8) Youngest daughter of the Duke and Duchess of York You eye's centre (5) You can count on them Yet they don't necessarily relate to river volumes - see 21ac (0) Yet they don't necessarily relate to river volumes - w 5dn (4,6) Your dad's sister (6) Yale students Yin counterpart Yearly financial statements You plough the altars "? you do it?" Year in company great on the whole (2,3,5) "You ___?!?!" Yarn You might use the rabbit and the fox to remember how to wear it "You really don't want to go there" "___ you accept this rose?" You, at this moment YouTube journal You all got rich now out of that rut and into some gardening! Your complete physical safety (4,3,4) Young horse sick in outskirts of Fowey (5) "Yes __, Bob!" "Your" of yore "Yellowjackets" network, for short Yao Ming, before joining the N.B.A.? Yoga pose Y, on a questionnaire Yearling's mother You, yew homophone (3) "— you do it?" You made a point that hurt amidst heartless tirade "You're the best!" response "Yes __, Bob!" You and I organise sale for animal You might walk all over it Young man (sl) (4) "You're it!" You can take it Yet I don't think it is seating for an amphibian (9) Your take away meal is ready but you drop dead (4,6,2,2) "___ You There God? It's Me, Margaret" (2023 film) "Yeah, o-o-o-kay …" "Yeah, o-o-o-kay ..." Your "You wound me!" ''You defeated me'' Yellove IPL team Young members of parliament? (6) Yukon automaker (Abbr.) Yul ___ (King Mongkut's portrayer) (7) 184-year-old British horse race won in 2023 by Irish jockey Derek Fox riding Corach Rambler (5,8) Yogurt-based condiment You kids get off my ___! "Yikes, are you OK?!" YYyYyYYy (4) You beset abstainer with lab kit (4,4) You left that petite nun looking contrite Yoda or Obi-Wan Kenobi Yank Younger sister of Julian and Dick in the Famous Five stories (4) Youngster's complaint mentioned afternoon meal item (8) Yemen overcame opponent Young dog Yang’s counterpart Young sheep Yearns to have old man meet Eliot Youngster ate leg raw Yam or cassava "Yankee Doodle __ to town…" Yemen’s continent "You can stop pouring the water" 1984-87 Yeovil Town player-manager (5) Yellow diary taken back home (6) Your behaviour when you get on the podium (7) Yawn inducer "__ You the One?": reality dating series "You ___ Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah" (2023 Netflix comedy) "___ You the One?": reality dating series Year on beer at university "You can't run through a campground. You can only ran, because it's past ___" Young animal in Caribbean island leaving area (3) "You __ Your Life"; Groucho's show You get a slap for being out on the mountains Younger sister of Peaches Geldof Young goose Young one Yankee given protection from rain is showing tiredness? (7) Year in Madrid art museum? Be my guest (4,2) Yogi Bear's buddy (hyph.) Your setter's handy but won't work Yolk's partner? (3,5) "___ you serious??" Year in the middle of Trajan's reign ___ y plata (state motto for Montana) "Yes, ___!" ("For sure!") Young person to jump, scared "you're telling me a ___ teen built this chapel?" Yard units Year in Madrid art museum? Be my guest Yair Netanyahu's brother (5)