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Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 164

Yellow flyers put on the shelf with the wrong coding (11) Young Guns (_ _ _) (2,3,2) Young newt "Yo" 1976 Yugoslavia, 1978-83 and 1984-86 Southampton defender; 1993-95 Dundee United manager (4) 1976 Yugoslavia, 1978-83 and 1984-86 Southampton defender; 1993-95 Dundee United manager (5) "Yo te __" "Younger Now" singer Cyrus You get it in the neck for smashing a pane You have the right to the last bright spot in the proceedings (9) You might put it on hold when you're on vacation "You rocked that" Year-end rewards "You're not the center of the universe!" You could aptly sip Champagne while soaking in it Yuval Noah ****** , Israeli author and historian born in 1976 (6) "You really believe that pack of lies?" Yacht spot You and I strictly must exclude November 23 "Yes Day" actress Jennifer You and I must leave Tower Hill (3) Your bait (anag.) Youngest White House resident since John F. Kennedy Jr. __ year Youngest March sister Young chap "Yup" opposite You are reportedly heartbroken about canal (7) "You Can ___ Me" (Stevie Nicks song) "Yeah, right" "You've convinced me!" Yannick ..., Belgian footballer. (8) Youngest Kiwi player to score a World Cup century. (6) Yellow wild flower of the Ranunculus genus (9) ___ yourself, make an effort (5) Year, in Yucat¡n Yale rooters Yankee after invoice for pot (5) Youth leader scatters roses for Bernard Hill in Boys from the Blackstuff (6) You and I must leave Tower Hill Your daughter's husband (3,2,3) Youngster's one-piece item of clothing for play (6,4) Your compiler's Conservative, not Liberal, making charge (5) Yacht spot Youngest in form? Your abode YouTube star JoJo You will think and consider: censebitis "Yippee!" Your daughter's husband (3-2-3) Your, to Shakespeare Yemeni's neighbors "Yeah, that's a likely story!" Yellow-striped billiard balls "You may begin" Yellowish substance extracted from wool used in some ointments You can find them on me roof and on the floor (5) You need it to sit on the bridge and improve your view (4,5) Young sheep “You played well!” "Young Sheldon" network “You should know” in text *Yellow bloom of the Mojave region ___ Your Young, Hozier song (3) Yada yada yada and so forth (abbr.) (3) Yield a profit (3,3) "You Broke Me First" singer McRae You may read it at your convenience Yearly record of Father Christmas? "Yes, I already know them" You, for example "Yes, captain!" Yiddish-derived term for rubbish (5) Yellow material sometimes found in flowers Yearn for intensely You want to give it ___? (You willing to try?): 2 wds. Youngster's three-wheeler for short Young offender, juvenile ... Young lass (4) Young horses "You'll never know until you ___!" Young seal Yearning for past? In Angola it’s unusual Yearned Yank lots away from criminal reclamations (8) Yemen (anag.) (5) You're blind, so no fantastic get-together (3,4,7) "You look amazing!" is one your uncle's kids You're blind, so no fantastic get-together Yummy in your tummy Yields from fields Ye ___ Shoppe Yellowfin 90-Down, in Hawaii You can't stand having it ever You live it, have a great one Yield to office demands! Yoga asana where arms represent branches Young lady in front of guesthouse is lost (7) Yucatan “Bravo!” “Yeah, right” Young sheep Yardstick measures Yellow and white flowers (7) Youse, in Tuscaloosa "Yeah, that bothers me" ''You __ be serious!'' Yoko - - -, artist and activist Yield, give way (7) Yorkshire river - also sounds like a landing-stage (6) "You betcha!" "You win!" You started ahead of time every so often (6) Yellow, peach-like fruit (7) "___ You Again" (11x platinum hit by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth) You love (Lat.) Yellow and white flowers Yankee priest right to rabbit on Young worker born ready to work You might get lost in one at night “Yes, ___!” (“For sure!”) You leave the auction with a gesture (6) Youth leader with directions finding tree (3) Yea, can be struggling during temporary cessation (8) "Yo!" "You ___ thing!" Yields a profit "___ your chance..," contraction You're on about Bali but it shows a lack of colour You mean it's not out and I'm to look after things? Youngster turns stream around bend at Beachy Head “Yes, count on me” Yiddish novelist ___ Bashevis Singer You and I arrange flowers endlessly for legendary creature (8) Young unfledged pigeon Yours truly -- fool to catch the French disease Yell 'Be off!' grabbing the key Yes, North Wales upset Methodists (9) "Yellowjackets" network, for short "Yes, count on me" You can get Meat Loaf or meatloaf on them "Yippee!" Yet to be attempted You'll be the end of me, Ted! You're out of your mind! Yukio -, author of 1963 novel The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea You have half-baked thoughts (4) "___ You Experienced?" (Jimi Hendrix album) Yes, in Cantonese or Japanese Yak it up Yoko ---, Japanese singer (3) You’re right in the first instance to have regrets young, indirect relative Yellow plant "You sure about that?" "You can't mean me!?" You throw out that hat as it's in such a state (4) ___ You Gonna Go My Way (Lenny Kravitz song) You in France in winding trail in name only (7) "You're not telling the truth!" “You’ve got mail” co. You and I affirm the flyer (6) Yummy "You may ___ like" (etailer prompt) You can take this job and restaff it! (1,4) "You1l _ the day!" Youngster Younger child in US animated cartoon The Jetsons (5) "You'll __ the day!" 8ystem for run-off liquids (8) "You'll ___ the day!" ("You'll be sorry!") You're So ___, Carly Simon song (4) Yoga teacher's inspiration? You might trim this feature of Manx cats, according to Spooner (7) Young hooligan initially terrorising listener on holiday Youth leader with poem having left to sing in the Swiss Alps? Young ox will be at the helm (5) Youth “Yes, I’m 100% for it!” Yorkshire town rebuilt in Nova Scotia? (7) You're pulling my ___! (3) Young adult might yet, in short, set out (6-9) You've heard it all before "You're one to talk!" Yrbk. section Yvie -, Scottish vocal coach who's worked on 'The X Factor' (7) You have a trace of the clergyman in you! You must be thick! Needs change! You could find room in America? Bingo! (5) Yet, all the same Yemen's capital Young chap carrying goods, a right dawdler! 'Yes ??' Young ___ (book category) Young man of Manchester Yo-yo maker's need Yale student Yes, right on time (4) "Yeah, right" Young actress? (8) Yours, mine, and ___ "You folks," in the South Young fellow "You ain't seen nothing ___!" "Yes," at the altar: 2 wds. "You can't get ___ of me that easily!" Yellow transport option You'll find cash in me at the mall entrance: Abbr. You met Alistair? That may bring good luck! (6) You'll swear by it? That's a hot one! You're sure to get in! Bear with it! Yours and mine Young boy, in Scotland Yellowstone antlered beast Yellowfin sushi fish "Yes," to Sinbad the Sailor "Yes Please" author Poehler Yang's partner Yule ___ (dessert) Yoga class site, for short "You," to a 17th-century playwright Youngest Bronte sister "Yay!" in texts Yin and ___ YouTube breaks?: Abbr. Yoga's downward facing dog or warrior, e.g. "Year," in Spanish "___ you know?" (common trivia phrase) "Yes, captain!" "___ ya!" ("bye!") Yoga surface Yoga essential Yoked beasts You might say "check one, two" into one, for short "___ you sleeping, brother John..." Yellow metered ride Yoga's flower pose? "Yes, Captain!" Yellowstone antler that "bugles" YouTube upload "___ your brain..." (think hard) "Yeah, as if!" "Yes," in Japan Young sheep "___ you ready?" Yang's counterpart YouTube or Instagram, for short Yule log or nog ingredient "You'll ___ the day you met me!" (regret) "___ you in or out?" Yoga aid