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Yard sale tag: 2 wds. Young Darth Vader's nickname "You're getting on my ___" ("stop being annoying") Young bear Yellowfin tuna Yahoo or Hotmail alternative Your view or mine "Yes," in the Louvre Young sheep Year divisions, for short "Yes," to a ship's captain "Yes, ___" (lady) Young sheep Young elephant or baby cow "___! You're it!" (children's game) Yellowfin tuna You hear from here! Yellowfin tuna Yogi or Baloo, e.g. Young men Young Scottish boy, say Year-ending month, for short Yoga class need "Yes," in the senate You-know-___ (unnamed person) "You there!" Yolk's place ___ Young Band ("Crazy Girl" group) Young bloke YouTuber ___ Chamberlain YouTube vlogger's need, for short "___ you with me?" Yosemite ___ of "Looney Tunes" Yellowfin in Hawaiian cuisine Yellow fruit with a slippery peel "You've got mail" ISP "___ you dare!" ___-80 (yesteryear computer): Abbr. Yoko who sang "Yang Yang" Yellowstone grazer "You said it, bro!" Yang's counterpart "___ you know?" (trivia starter) Your old man, lovingly YouTube breaks, for short "Yay's" opposite Yesterday's tomorrow? Yang's go-with "Yay," in Internet-speak Yellow part of an egg "You're the ___ to my yang" "You're never ___ old to learn" "___ you do it, or I will!" Yang's counterpart "Yippee Ki-___!" (phrase heard in "Die Hard") Year with an extra day "You," in days of yore "You ___ me an apology!" "You ___ seen nothing yet!" "___ your words!" (parent's warning, perhaps) Yoko ___, "Double Fantasy" artist Yellowstone "wapiti" Yoked animals "You," to Shakespeare Young Skywalker's nickname Young chap, in Scotland "Yadda, yadda": Abbr. "Yesterday is history, ___ is a mystery..." "You there!" in Colombia "Yes," during mass Yellowfin tuna Yacht or canoe, for one Yankees or Mets "Your Song" singer Rita ___ ___ year (academic break) "Young Sheldon" network: Abbr. "Your excellency!" "You've got ___ of nerve!": 2 wds. "Yes" head gesture ___-you-can-eat buffet "You'll ___ the day!" (regret) ___ year (366 day-long year) Yule drink "Yay or ___?" Yoga essential Yankee Hall-of-Famer, to fans: Hyph. Yellow-black insect "___ your horses!" "___ you know?" (fact starter) "___ you very much!" "You reap what you ___." Your brother to you, for short YouTube upload "Yes," slangily Yoko ___, John Lennon's wife Yoga accessory Young goat Yours and mine, say Yea's opposite "You reap what you ___" Young fellow, slangily "You win, ___" (words of defeat): 2 wds. "You've ___ Mail," 1998 romance comedy movie Yankee Stadium locale "___ ye!" (town crier's cry) "Yippee, I won!" Young boy, in Aberdeen "Yes," at the altar: 2 wds. "Yes," at the Senate Yellow-furred "Garfield" character Yellowfin tuna in sushi Year-ending month, for short "You ain't seen nothin' ___!" "You," in French YouTube button Yang's counterpart "___ your head!" ("Think smart!") Yoo-___ (chocolate drink) "Yes" in French "___ you know?" (trivia starter) ___ Yello (Mountain Dew rival) "You may say ___ dreamer": 2 wds. Yellow core in an egg that is a homophone of 1d Young man from London Yoga class need "You ___ what you sow" Yawning during a meeting, say You-know-___ (unnamed person) Year with an extra day in February Yellowfin fish at a sushi bar "___, you're it!" (playground exclamation) "___ you hear what she said?" "You could hear a ___ drop" ("It was very quiet") Yelp or Spotify, briefly Young fellow in Edinburgh Yellow fruit used in lassi "Yep" opposite Young golden retriever, e.g. YouTube video preceders, for short Yellow-green color named for the fruit used in many cocktails "Yes" by a congressman "___ you know?" (trivia preamble) "Yay!" to an internet gamer "Your Song" singer Rita ___ Yellow fruit in a split or bread Yellow, fiery ball in the sky? Yule ___ (Christmas cake) Yellow egg part Yellow jewelry material Yellow citrus fruit that is used in a fresh, summer drink "You're not my ___" (rejection statement) "Yes," at the altar: 2 wds. Yoga class requirement Young man from London "You've got mail!" company YouTube interruptions, for short Yoo-___ (chocolate drink) Yoko ___, wife of John Lennon "You ain't seen nothing ___!" Yawning during a meeting, say Yoo-___ (drink) "___ young to understand" "Yes" in French (3/6) You can play some mindful ___ to relax even more. "You know what ___ say..." "You ain't seen nothin' ___!" YouTuber's upload You may shout "Eureka!" when you get one Yellow school transport "You need to be ___ to listen," popular phrase with the anagram of "listen" Young Stark from "Game of Thrones" "You ___ what you sow" Ye ___ Shoppe (vintage shop sign) "___ you," gratitude phrase that one must express as a guest Yellowstone grazer "Young Sheldon" network: Abbr. Yelp or WhatsApp, for short Yawn-inducing talk Young fella, in Scotland Yellowstone grazer Yellowfin tuna at sushi bars "Yours ___" (letter sign-off) "Yes!" to 28a "You'll Be in My Heart" singer ___ Collins ___ Y (millennials, informally) "You ___ what you sow" Youth in the awkward years? Yule ___ (Christmastime cake) Young Scottish boy Yellowfin tuna at sushi bars * You have landed on "Free ___," where you can keep your cars (Move 11 spaces for the next answer) * You've landed a ___ property like Electric Company or Water Works (Move to 38d for the next answer) "Yippee!" "YY" on a date field stands for this Young man in Scotland (You will need) One "Sunny side up" ingredient to make 28a. (You will need) This dairy-based block as an ingredient to make 28a. "Young and Beautiful" singer ___ Del Rey (You will need) This dough base ingredient to make 28a. (You will need) This "dough rising" soda as an ingredient to make 28a. (You will need) This sweet syrup ingredient to make 28a. (You will need) This sweet-smelling spiced ingredient to make 28a. Yellowfin tuna * You know Christmas is right around the corner when you hear "Jingle Bells" and the like * You know Christmas is right around the corner when this centerpiece is "put up" * You know Christmas is right around the corner because "it's marked in this Calendar" * You know Christmas is right around the corner when the streets are covered with this "cold, white blanket" * You know Christmas is right around the corner when the houses are decorated with hundreds of these "illuminating bulbs" * You know Christmas is right around the corner when you see this "garland of twigs" on the door * You know Christmas is right around the corner when you look for this to "fill your stocking" Yemen's Gulf of ___ "Yay or ___?" "Yes, I am sure!" as you'd say to a commanding officer? "Yes, sign me up," as you'd hear it among friends: 2 wds. "Yes, I got that!" as you'd hear it in radio communication "Yes!" as you'd hear it on a pirate ship "Yes, I agree," as you'd see in a silent agreement "Yes!" as you'd hear in informal settings "Yes!" as you'd hear it in the parliament Young Darth Vader's nickname Yadda, yadda, yadda: Abbr. Young man in Scotland Yellow toy that squeaks when squeezed "You're talking too much" Yonder thing "You ain't ___ nothin' yet!" "Yes," to a sailor Yellow school ride “You can count on me!” Young fox Yearly grant 'You forgot about me . . .' Yes, on the Seine Yarmulke, e.g. Yuppies used to carry one of these! (7) You put it on at a time when you should be horse training (8) Yusuf Saad ....., Bahraini former 1,500m runner (5) Youth ___ (one who might "keep it real" about Jesus) "You're full of it!" "You win, ___" (something a 7-across would not say): 2 wds. "___ you!" (Words used to challenge or provocate): 2 wds. Young man from London Your cousin's dad, to you You might break this by saying something "You win, ___" ("Victory is yours"): 2 wds. "___ you!" (Challenging words): 2 wds. "You're on ___." (a winning streak): 2 wds. ___ & Young (one of the "Big Four" accounting firms) You may get fooled when it arrives "You've Got ___ With the Blues": 2 wds.