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Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 169

"Yikes!" alternative in a comic YouTube videos that you may skip, for short "You've got mail" company "You're the ___ to my yang." "___ you sure?" Yearn (for) "You will ___ like your brother if..." (turn out): 2 wds. Yellow-colored Dutch cheese "Yeah!" singer "___ Yourself" (DIY): 2 wds. Young adult "___ your pardon": 2 wds. Young horse Yoked animals YouTube annoyances, for short Year of the ____ (2020, as per the Chinese calendar) Yoko who loved John Young Darth's nickname "Your turn to talk," on a military radio You may need to clean yours up "___ you do?" (greeting): 2 wds. Yoke lute "You can count ___": 2 wds. Yours ____ (letter sign-off) "Yummy" "You ___ here" (map words) Young man Yang's partner in Chinese philosophy YouTube's offering "You're the only ___ trust.": 2 wds. "Y ___ yellow" (clarifying a spelling): 2 wds. ___ year (period of 366 days) "Yuck!" "___ you for real?" Yellow pokemon that evolves to Kadabra "___ your horses!" (wait) "Ye ___ Shoppe" Youngest one in "Little Women" Yawn-inducing Young goat "You Don't Join Us, We Join You" insurance company Yin's partner Yoga class need YouTube annoyances, for short "You've Got ___," 1998 romcom directed by Nora Ephron, starring Tom Hanks which is also one the highest grossing rom coms of all times Young bloke Yogi Bear wears a green one "12 Years a ___," 2013 biographical period drama film adapted from the 1853 memoir of the same name, whose music was composed by Hans Zimmer Yoga accessory "___ Yokio," Netflix animated series in which Jaden Smith provided voice for the lead character Your mom's sister to you Yellow Muppet character of "Sesame Street" "___ you to try it" (challenger's words): 2 wds. "___ y Plata" (Montana's motto) ___ yourself (use your energy) "Yippee!" You may look up the day or date on this desk accessory Yoko ___, voice actress in "Isle of Dogs" "___ you out of your mind?" Youtube video disruptions, for short Yuletide drink made with eggs "Yeah, right!": 2 wds. Yellow cab Yankee nickname: Hyph. Yours and mine, say "___ your pardon!": 2 wds. Yoo-___ (chocolate drink) Yin's counterpart Yellowstone's antlered beast YouTube annoyances, for short Young fox "Young Frankenstein" director, Brooks ___ York City FC, MLS team based in The Big Apple that is a member of MLS Eastern Conference "You want a muffin ___ donut?": 2 wds. You, in French "___ 40-Year-Old Virgin," comedy film starring Steve Carell which made $177 million at the box office "___ your pardon": 2 wds. Yeasty brews "You beat me": 2 wds. "You will find ___ of the world in an Atlas": 2 wds. You, Biblically YouTube annoyances, for short Yellowfin tuna "Your" in old times 18-year-old and above, by law Yearbook group, for short "You reap what you ____" "___ your head!" ("Think!") "You can start ___ at a bar": 2 wds. "You've Got ___" Yoga essential "You ___" 1967 British spy film which is loosely based on Ian Fleming's novel of the same name, starring Sean Connery: 3 wds. Years and years and years "You still need to ___ long way": 2 wds. "___ you kidding me?" Yawning during a meeting, say Young Darth Vader's name "___ y Plata" (Montana's motto) "___ your pardon": 2 wds. "___ you!" (challenger's taunt): 2 wds. "Young, wild and ___" "You Should See Me ___," Billie Eilish song released in 2018 and the title of which was inspired by a scene from "Sherlock": 3 wds. "___ you know?" (trivia line) Young hooter in a barn Young newt Yale students, informally Yard sale caution: 2 wds. Young fellow ___ your cup of tea Yule ___ cake (traditional dessert serverd near Christmas) Yoga accessory Yao ___, Chinese NBA player from Houston Rockets who at 7ft 6in was listed as one of the tallest players "You just don't ___ it, do you?" "You can count ___": 2 wds. "___ your turn" "You know what ____ say..." YouTube interruptions, for short "You may ___." (move forward) "You wish!": 2 wds. Yale or Stanford, for short Yang's partner Young whale Young boy "You Make It Feel Like Christmas" singer Stefani "You Need to ___," 2019 song by Taylor Swift which won the MTV Video of the Year: 2 wds. Yerevan's country Young goat Yellowfin variety of 46a Yoga class need "Years" in Spanish "___ you kidding me?" "You ain't seen nothin' ___!" Young fellow "___ you!" (challenging words): 2 wds. "...___, you noblest English..." (Shakespeare's dialogues): 2 wds. "___ your pardon": 2 wds. Ye ___ Shoppe You, in French "Years" in Madrid Yellowfin tuna Yellowfin tuna "Y ___ yellow" (clarifying a spelling): 2 wds. "You," in Shakespeare lingo "You ___ me at hello" Yellowfin tuna in Hawaii "Young Sheldon" airer: Abbr. Young American activist, lovingly known as ___ Copeny who is known for raising awareness about Flint's ongoing water crisis Young American activist, ___ Gonzalez who is known for advocating gun control and a line of her speech was sampled for Madonna's "I Rise" Young American activist and feminist who launched a book drive campaign called 1000BlackGirlBooks when she was just 11: 2 wds. Young Pakistani activist, ___ Yousafzai, who is known for advocating female education and is the youngest Nobel Prize laureate "Yes, there is ___" (heavenly father): 2 wds. Young Swedish environmental activist who is known for urging action on global warming and was nominated for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize: 2 wds. Young American activist who is known for ensuring continuance of the DAPA program and was featured in the short "Free Like the Birds": 2 wds. "Yes," slangily "You've got mail" company "Yes, ___" (lady) "Yes" in French "___ you adieu...": 2 wds. "You," in the Bible Yellow taxis Young fellows Yours and mine Yoko who loved John Yin's counterpart Yawn-inducing speaker Your and my Young fellow "You," in French Youngest of the "Little Women" Young Bambi "___ you kidding me?" Yale or Harvard, e.g. Young goat "You all right?" response: 2 wds. "Yes, she thought, laying down her brush in extreme fatigue, I have ___ vision." closing lines from "To the Lighthouse": 2 wds. Young dog, for short "Young and Beautiful" singer Lana ___ Rey "Y" in BYOB "You've Got Mail" actress ___ Ryan "Yay or ___?" Your financial record at a bank, for short "___ y Plata" (Montana's motto) Young goat Yale students Young lady Yale, for one You, to Shakespeare "___ yourself" (prepare) Yang's counterpart "Yes," in Paris "You had me at ___" ("Jerry Maguire" line) "Yeah, right!": 2 wds. Young fellow "You win, I ___!" Yale of Yale fame Yogi or teddy, e.g. Yang's counterpart "You can ___ anything" (speak frankly): 2 wds. "You is ___. You is smart. You is important," iconic dialogue from the 2011 film "The Help" directed by Tate Taylor Yours and mine Yang's partner "You're ___ trouble!": 2 wds. Young lady Yang's partner "___ You Believe," song by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston that was nominated for the Grammy for Best Pop Collaboration Yoga class need Young ladies on the ranch Yin and ___ "___ Yourself," song performed by Eminem at the Oscars "Yesterday," in Spanish Yoo-___, popular chocolate drink Yoga class need Young fellow (rhymes with "bad") "You Need To ___," Taylor Swift song: 2 wds. Young bear ____ & Young (accounting firm) Yoga class need Yell Yankee legend ___ Gehrig "___! You're it." ("caught you" word) Yelp or Instagram, for short "You Don't Know ___," 2010 biopic starring Al Pacino for which he won an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Television Movie "___ you go" (ask one to leave) "Yours, mine and ___" "___ your age!" "Yabba dabba ___!" Yellowstone grazer Years in a decade Young goat Young fellow Young cow "___ you serious?" Yoga need Ye ___ Shoppe Yours and mine Young boy in Scotland ___ Young, Canadian female sportscaster who is a special contributor on "Friday Night SmackDown" Yellowfin tuna Yoo-___ (chocolate drink) Young explorer with a backpack "You've got mail" company Yale or Harvard, for short Yeats or Keats, e.g. "___ you know?" (common fact starter) Yard sale labels Young Skywalker's nickname Year which has an extra day "Yes," in Paris Young seals "You should take the day ___" (go on leave)