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Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 170

Yao of Houston Rockets Yoked farm animals Yellowfin tuna Yin's partner "You will ___ long way": 2 wds. ___ your horses (be patient) Young goat Yoga essential "Yes" in French "You ___," hit song co-written by Sia for Christina Aguilera's album "Bionic": 2 wds. Yule ___ (Christmas dessert) Yelp or Tinder, for short Young whale YouTube annoyances, for short ___ Young Band, country music band of the hit song "Crazy Girl" Yellowfin sushi fish "___ your toes" (stay alert): 2 wds. Yoga need? Yellowstone beast Yawning during a meeting, say "___ you for real?" Yoga accessory Yale students Yang's go-with "___ you later!" Your furry pal Yale grads, slangily "You've Got ___," 1998 film starring Tom Hanks Yemen's temporary capital ___ Yanda, football guard who retired in 2020 and has made it to the Pro Bowl eight times "You" in the Bible Young bird ___ Yoka, French professional boxer who won a gold medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics in the super-heavyweight category Yang's partner Young dog or seal Yang's companion "You" in French ___ Yorke, "Radiohead" lead vocalist known for his falsetto voice "You and I, we ___ long way": 2 wds. "___ yourself" (serve yourself) Yoko ___, Japanese artist "You ain't seen nothin' ___!" "___ you ready?" Yale students, informally "You do the ___" (calculation) "___ you!" (challenge): 2 wds. Yoga necessity Yoko ___, Lennon's love Yoo-___ (chocolate drink) "You've Got a Friend in Me" singer ___ Newman "Yours, mine and ___" Young goat "You've Got Mail" company "You're my one and ___" "(You ___ Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman," song by Aretha Franklin "Your Song" singer Rita ___ "You ___ me at hello" Yang's counterpart "___ you so": 2 wds. "Yeah, right!" Yardstick unit Years since birth "Yadda, yadda," for short Young sheep Your financial record at a bank, for short "You are ___ one." (quite nasty): 2 wds. Year with an extra day in February ___ Y (millennials) "You" in the Bible Yellow vehicle for hire "You've got mail" company Yule ___ Yellowfin tuna in sushi "Young Guns" actor ___ Diamond Phillips "Yummy" singer Justin ___, who had a capuchin monkey named OG Mally "You ___ me one" Young Eagles' organization: Abbr. Yellow Teletubby: Hyph. Yellowfin tuna in sushi "You're my one and ___" Young Scottish boy "___ You," 1994 movie starring Robert Downey Jr. ___ Young, former American football quarterback who studied law at the Brigham Young University Yang's partner "___ You See Me," 2013 heist movie "You may now ___ the bride" Yay or ___? Yoga necessity You're reading one right now "___ you soon!" "___ you serious?" Yvette Nicole ___, actress who played Shirley Bennett in the Emmy-winning series "Community" "You Can't Always ___ What You Want," song by the Rolling Stones Young one Yorkshire river Yule ___ cake (Christmas dessert) Yellowfin tuna Yellowstone antlered grazer Yellowfin tuna used in sushi "___ You Better," 2016 single by Shawn Mendes from the album "Illuminate" "___ You," 2014 single by Shawn Mendes from "The Shawn Mendes EP" Young boy, slangily "Ye ___ Shoppe" Yours and mine Yule drink Young mischief makers "___ you serious?" Young goat "___ your imagination!" "You Need to ___ Down" (Taylor Swift's message) Years ___ (long back) ___ y Plata (gold and silver) Youth organization with merit badges: Abbr. Young fellow, slangily "You deserve ___ on the back": 2 wds. Yang's counterpart "___ you kidding me?" "Yadda, yadda...": Abbr. Yale grad, slangily "Your ___ Is My Drug," 2010 song by Kesha from her album "Animal" which peaked at number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 "___ your words!" "You ___ My Sunshine" "___ your age" Ye ___ Shoppe (shop sign words) Yang's counterpart "___ you know?" (trivia starter) Young goat Yoga practitioner's aide Yellowfin tuna "You're a ___" Young horses Yale alum, in slang Yelp or Tinder, for short Young seal Youngest brother of the Kardashians Young salamander YouTube clip, for short "Your Song" singer Rita ___ Yin's opposite Yellow ride? YouTuber ___ Mongeau "You Should Be ___," song by Halsey from her album "Manic" "You ___ to know!" (must) Yule ___ (dessert) "You ___ Me," song by Mary J. Blige which was originally used on the soundtrack for the 1991 movie "Strictly Business" Yay or ___? Yellowstone Park grazer "___ you, a thousand times over" (Khaled Hosseini's line) Yale grads, slangily "___ your pardon": 2 wds. "___ You Need Is Love" "Yes, captain!" "___ your manners" Yellowfin tuna Yellowfin tuna Youtube ad button "You," in Marseille Yale students, slangily "___ You," hit song by Harry Styles which was nominated for a Grammy award Yale or Harvard, for one Young lion Young adult Young Scotsman ___ Yankee, singer of "Gasolina" "You ___ what you sow" Yesteryear actress Greta ___ "___ You Look Good on the Dancefloor," song by the Arctic Monkeys: 2 wds. Yacht or a dinghy, for one ___ Y or Z "___ you kidding me?" ___ York Liberty (WNBA team) Young horse "Yadda, yadda," for short Yo-Yo Ma's instrument 1973 young adult book by Judy Blume about a teenager with scoliosis "You can count ___": 2 wds. Yee-___ "___ you know?" (fact starter) "You're the apple of my ___" "___ You Being Served?" (British sitcom) "You have got some ___ to show up here." (courage) "___ Yellow," Grammy-winning song by Cardi B from her debut studio album "Invasion of Privacy" Young Scottish fellows "You ___ my battleship!" "Yay or ___?" Yale graduates, slangily "You can't ___ with us" (line from "Mean Girls") "You can't ___ the truth" (refute) "___ your horses!" Yoga class need Yahtzee cube Yogi or Boo-Boo, for one Yummy fish eggs "You go, ___!" "You, over there!" "___ You Came" (hit song by The Wanted) Young mischief makers Yoga studio roll ___ your keep "___ your turn" "You've got mail" company Young bloke Yeezy designer ___ West Yesteryear actress ___ Miles from "Psycho" You're reading one Yoga surface "You're one ___ million": 2 wds. Yolk container Yellowfin tuna "___ You Again," song by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth "You're Still The ___" by Shania Twain "___ you with me?" "___ Your Glass," song by singer Pink from her album "Greatest Hits... So Far!!!" Yolk holder "You," in French "Y" in YOLO "You don't say!" Young Scottish boy "Yes," in Quebec Yin's partner You, biblically Young Darth Vader's nickname "___ your chin up!" "___ you kidding me?" "You ain't ___ nothin' yet" "You're ___ to talk..." "You there!" Yogi or Boo Boo, for one "Yes, captain!" "You ___ My Sunshine" (Johnny Cash song) Yellowfin sushi fish "You are," in Spanish "You've got mail" company You-know-___ (unnamed person) "You Sang to Me" singer ___ Anthony "___ Year," comedy TV series which debuted on June 6, 2011 Yellow vehicle for hire Yoga class requirement Young boy Yellow transport ___ year (pre-college period) "You know how ___": 2 wds. "___ your pardon": 2 wds. "___ your head!" "You and I, we ___ long way": 2 wds. "___ You More," 2012 song by Lady A from the album "Own the Night" Yellowfin tuna "You beat me": 2 wds. "___ your eyes" (instructions before a big surprise) Yellowfin tuna