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Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 171

Yalta's peninsula Young adult, for short "___ You Again," 2015 hit by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth "___ your pardon?": 2 wds. "___ you get that?" Young man, in Scotland "___ you sure about that?" Young person's hair-remover (6) "___ You Again," song by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth "You've got mail!" company: Abbr. Young horse 220 yards of animal hair left on head of government (7) Young, unmarried woman 100-year periods (abbr.) Yankee tucks into pint with honey Serpent Young flier heading skyward without impediment Your name written in your own handwriting Yours truly drained cloudy bitter Yankee one hears for some time (4) You are texting a line that broadly flows (4) You good with mostly wealthy Hungarian? ___ Youth: Nationalist youths who establish outposts (7) Yoga position on one's head and hands You're so slow! I can part with the rein! (8) You two? "Your work is amazing!" "___ Your Records On" (Corinne Bailey Rae song) "Yellowjackets" network, briefly "You're important to me" Young French tennis player ... Fils. (6) Young character in Milne stories Young one left in bed Your mother's sister "You can't teach an ___ dog new tricks" ___-you-can-eat buffet Yellowish sore fluid Young Darth Vader's nickname Yellow ride Young chap Yacht's docking site Yeats and Keats, e.g. Yoko who married a Beatle Yoga class roll "Yes," at the altar: 2 wds. "___ your battles" "You ___ me at hello" "___ you happy now?" "Yes," on a yacht You-know-___ (unnamed person) "You ___ to calm down" "___ You Won't Let Go," song by James Arthur "You ___ here" (map phrase) "You've said more than you need to" in textspeak: Abbr. "Yuck!" YouTube video interrupters, for short "You ain't ___ nothin' yet!" "___ Your Illusion," song by Guns N' Roses Yellowfin tuna "You ___ be kidding!" "Yo te ___" Yellowstone herd member "___ you done with that?" Yoga accessory Yankee Stadium's borough "You've got mail" company "You're it" Yoga class essential "You ___ it to yourself" Yellowstone herd member "___ you keep a secret?" ___ yesterday (naive) "___ You Here," 2013 comedy drama starring Amy Poehler and Owen Wilson Yin's counterpart "You ___ me at hello" YouTube uploads "___ you sure?" "Yadda, yadda," briefly Yoga class roller Young fellow Yes, informally Young man, in Glasgow Yet to be revealed: Abbr. "Years" in Portuguese Yesteryear actress Gardner from "Mogambo" "You've Got Mail" company Yellowfin tuna Young boy, in Scotland Yale grads, informally "Yes" on a ship "___ your imagination!" "You're it!" game YouTube button "You ___ what you eat" Young newt Young one "You," informally "Your room is a ___" (parent's complaint) Yellowfin tuna "Yea" synonym "You've Got Mail" company "___ yourself into stitches," phrase popularized by William Shakespeare which means to visibly enjoy good humor "Yea" opposer Yawn inducer "___ You Were Here," 1975 Pink Floyd song that featured in the 2016 movie "War Dogs" "___ You," 1979 Pink Floyd song that featured in the 2010 movie "Due Date" Yale grads, slangily "You ___ your own grave!" Yellowish tint in old photos "You ___ what you sow" Young lady from Edinburgh "Yes" signal "___ your pardon?": 2 wds. "___ your head!" Yeast measurement, for short "___ you!" (game challenger's words): 2 wds. Yoko ___ "Ye ___ Shoppe" Yale grads, slangily Yellowfin tuna Yellowstone grazer "___ you watering the plants regularly?" Young lion Young lady Yale graduate Yard sale tag: 2 wds. "You've got mail" company: Abbr. You may be told to break one for good luck "Yippee, I won!" Yellowstone deer "You've got mail" letters Yulimar ___, Venezuelan athlete who set a world record for women's triple jump at the Tokyo Olympics 2020 Young man from Edinburgh "___ you!": 2 wds. YouTube Live watcher's woe Yes on deck? Yoko ___, "Walking on Thin Ice" singer "You ___ Call Me Al," Paul Simon hit that features in season 5 of "The Office" "You've got mail" company Yoga class need Yang's counterpart "Yo te ___" ("I love you," in Spanish) You can crunch these into a six-pack You may have one with a bank, for short YouTube annoyances, for short YouTuber Mancuso YouTube offering, for short Year divisions, for short Yard-neatening tool "___ you ready for this?" You may make one before grocery shopping Your brother's son's sister Young man, in Scotland Yellowfin tuna, on a menu "Yuck!" "You ___ what you eat" Yin's partner Yesterday's tense "You ___ what you sow" Yoga class necessities Yellowfin tuna Yale grad Yesteryear storage medium: Abbr. Yellowfin tuna "You said it!" "You ___ me at hello" Yellowfin tuna "You Again" actress ___ White who was an animal welfare advocate "Yoo" or "boo" follower "You are ___" (museum map phrase) "You've got mail!" company Yves LaRock's "___ Up" Yemen's Gulf of ___ "___ You See Me," 2013 film starring Mark Ruffalo Yahtzee roller Young seal YouTube interruptions, for short "You ___ me at hello" Youngest Obama Yellow tropical fruit used in smoothies Yale or Harvard, e.g. Yao of the Houston Rockets "Yeah, you wish!": 2 wds. "Yeah, right!" (disbelieving laugh) You may shake on one Yellowstone sight "You betcha!" "You stink!" at a stadium "Your point being?" "You can't ___ your cake and eat it too" "___ your imagination" Year division at college, for short "___ ye!" (town crier's repeated cry) Yankee hall-of-famer, to fans: Hyph. "___ Year," 2010 rom-com film starring Amy Adams that's set in Ireland Your brother's daughter, to you Young woman Yoel ___, MMA athlete who won a silver medal at the 2000 Olympics "___ You," 1984 song performed by Diana Ross that had been written by Lionel Richie as a tribute to Marvin Gaye "___ your head!" ("Think!") Yellowstone antlered grazer Yale grad Yang's complement Young Darth Vader's name "Yes, captain!" "You sneaky one, you!" "You're hilarious!": 2 wds. You may teach it tricks "___ You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?" (game show) "You've Got Mail" company: Abbr. "You have someone in your ___," boxing idiom that may be used at work to refer to having managerial support "Yes, captain!" "You," in Paris "Yes" to a mademoiselle "You can ___ horse to water...": 2 wds. "___ your turn!" ___ year (sabbatical) "You ain't seen nothin' ___!" Young salamander "You could ___ pin drop": 2 wds. "Yes," on a ship "___ you heard the news?" Yang's counterpart Young fish that have newly hatched "You ain't seen nothing ___!" ___ your brains (think hard) "___ your words, not your hands" "Yes" in NASA: Hyph. Yoko from Tokyo "Yes," on a yacht Yerba mate beverage "You've got ___ of nerve!": 2 wds. Yawning or doodling, perhaps Year with an extra day "You've got mail" letters "___ your horses!" Ye ___ Tea Shoppe "You can count ___": 2 wds. "Yes!" in the church "___ you farewell" ("Goodbye"): 2 wds. "Yes," on a ship Yang's partner Young fellow Young bear Yellow metered vehicle, perhaps Yoko ___, musician from Tokyo Yale alum Young giraffe "Yikes!" in days of yore Yang's complement Young fellow