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Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 172

You may go on one when you're angry Young Darth Vader's nickname Yellow pages number, for short Younger Pluto? "___ York," 1941 biographical film starring Gary Cooper for which he won an Oscar Yacht affirmative "Y'all ain't seen nothing ___!" Yoga accessory "___ you see that?" Young fellow "Yes, I'm Your Angel" singer Yoko "You Are My ___," song written by Jimmie Davis that is the state song of Louisiana Yard cover, perhaps Young women, informally Yoga accessory "___ your brain" Yellowjacket's kin Yellowfin tuna "___ You Take," song by The Police that was featured on "Stranger Things": 2 wds. Yale students, slangily "___ you know?" (trivia question) Yale alum Yale or Brown, e.g. "You're almost there!" "Yikes!" in days of yore "___ you okay?" Yoko with peace-themed songs Yolk-based Christmas drink "Yes" while sailing "You're it!" game Yo Gotti's track ft. Nicki Minaj "___ It Up" ___-you-can-eat Yang's partner Yours and mine "___ you alright?" Young chap "___ you kidding me?" Young man Yale or Harvard, e.g. "You ___ do this!" "Yay or ___?" "___ Your Heart," 1986 song by Madonna "You," to Shakespeare Yankees great ___ Gehrig Youngin, in Scotland "You ain't seen nothin' ___!" "Yield to the Night" actress Diana Yank at Yin's partner Yellowstone herd member "You're it!" game "___ your pardon?": 2 wds. Yellowfin on a Hawaiian menu "Yes, captain!" "Your Song" singer Rita ___ "You ___ me one" (have a debt) Young man, in Scotland Yellowfin sushi fish ___ year (sabbatical) "You've got ___ nerve to steal from me" Yawn inducer "___ Yourself Goosebumps," series of gamebooks by R.L. Stine "Yesterday," in Spanish "You've got ___ of nerve!": 2 wds. Yard drops that may make your shoes wet "You ___ You Like It," 2014 song by AlunaGeorge remixed by DJ Snake that was featured in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" Yale or Brown, e.g. Yellow parts of eggs "You ain't seen nothing ___!" "Your order ___ arrived" Ying ___ Twins (Hip Hop Duo) ___ your stumps "Yes, Captain!" "___ You Look At Me," 2002 song released and co-written by Christina Milian "___ you listening?" "You Make Me ___," 2001 song that was co-written by Christina Milian, Christian Karlsson, and Odesjo "You think you're clever, eh?" "___ your pardon": 2 wds. "___ your heart," idiom that means to go after one's feelings and intuitions "You Got That ___," 1978 song by Lynyrd Skynyrd You may drink an iced drink to beat it "Yippee!" Yale reunion attendee Yang's accompaniment "You reap what you ___" "Ye ___ Shoppe" "___ you adieu...": 2 wds. Yale or Harvard, e.g. Young spaniel "You've got mail" company Yoo-___ (chocolate drink) "Yes," informally Yoga class accessory " ___ You Came" (song by The Wanted) "Yes, captain!" "___ you sure?" "___ You See Me" (Dave Franco starrer) Year opener, for short "You Can't See Me" sayer Cena "___ you sure?" Yin's partner "___ your request...": 2 wds. "___ your pardon": 2 wds. YouTube annoyances, for short Yellowstone grazer "___ your food..." Young fellow "Yes, matey!" "___ your way back" (move towards your destination) "You can count ___": 2 wds. "You've got mail" company "Yes" in the Navy "Yes," at the French Riviera "You're a sneaky one, you!" Yang's counterpart "Yippee!" Young Scottish boy YouTube upload, perhaps, for short "... You would ___ say it glows..." "Your," to poets YouTube annoyances, for short Yellow metered ride Yale or Princeton, e.g. "Young chap" from Scotland "You reap what you ___" "___ your heels in" (refuse to change) ___ Yeoh, "Crazy Rich Asians" actress who portrays Dr. Karina in "Avatar: The Way of Water" Yellowstone antlered animal "You're a ___ bit late!" (little) "___ you sleeping, brother John..." Year-end dance ritual in high schools You-know-___ (aka Lord Voldemort) Yale alum, in slang "You," informally YouTube video interrupters, for short Y-shaped object "Yes," informally "You're ___ a huge mistake!" Yoko ___ who sang "Walking On Thin Ice" Yellow meter-based ride Young who sang "Heart of Gold" "You're ___ of control!" Yes or no, e.g., for short "You've got mail" company: Abbr. Ye-Shoppe connector "Yeah-huh!" "___ You See Me" (2013 heist movie) Young man Yoga class requirement Yale alum, in slang "You can pass" color "Yes," to a Congressman "You," in the Bible Young stallion (rhymes with "bolt") Yellow rental vehicle Yellowstone's "antlered" sight ___ Yang Twins (hip hop duo) "You've got mail!" company Yolk's habitat YouTube disturbances, for short "You'll ___ the day you met me!" (regret) "You ___ to calm down" "___ your indoor voice" ("Quietly, please") "Yikes! A rat!" ___ your tongue (stop yourself from speaking) "Yes," in French ___-80 (yesteryear computer) Yellow part of a banana Yoko who co-produced "The Beatles: Get Back" "You can't get ___ of me that easily!" "___ you know?" (trivia introduction) "You were my ___ dream," romantic words from "Tangled" "Yay or ___?" Yawning during a conversation, say Yoga essential "Yay! We ___ it!" Yellow egg part "___ you later, alligator!" "Your mileage may ___" (caution on a car, maybe) "Yippee!" Youngest woman ever to serve in U.S. Congress: Abbr. "___ you in or out?" "___ You Come Again," 1977 Dolly Parton song that won a Grammy for Best Female Country Vocal Performance Yang's partner ___ year (academic break) "Yes, sir," at sea "You'll ___ the day you messed with me!" (regret) "You're ___ young once" Young boy hidden in the word "Aladdin" "You can count ___!" ("I'm reliable!"): 2 wds. "Ye ___ Shoppe" "You're in ___ of trouble!" (words from an angry father): 2 wds. "You're so funny!": 2 wds. "You ___ me an apology!" You might get one for your home? "You've got ___ nerve!" "You just ___ my day!" ("I'm so happy!") "___ you serious?" "___ your lip!" ("Shut up!") "Ya obviously!" (anagram of "hound"): 2 wds. "Yes," at the altar: 2 wds. You can open one at a bank, for short You-know-___ (unnamed person) Youngest sister in "Little Women" "Yeah, right!" "You ___ to know better!" "You ___ what you sow" ___ year (student's sabbatical) "You there!" Yellow part of a banana Year-starting month, for short Yoko ___, "Give Me Something" singer Young Darth Vader, lovingly Yellowstone deer also called wapiti Young woman, in Scotland Yellowish traffic light color "___, ya think?!" (sarcastic retort) Youngest of the Weasley brothers "Yee-___!" Yankee who was also a "Shark Tank" shark: Hyph. "You ain't ___ nothing yet!" "Yes, ___!" (Army affirmative) "You vs. ___," Netflix interactive series where the viewer makes decisions to help Bear Grylls survive YouTube video interrupters, for short Yellow curved fruits that pair well with 15a "You ___ at hello" ("I'm already convinced!"): 2 wds. Yang's counterpart "Yummmmy!" "You're my one and ___" Young ___ fiction (genre for ages 12-18) Year-end toy workshop worker, perhaps Yin and ___ "You ___ what you sow" Young fellow from Scotland Yellowfin tuna Yucky, gunky substance Yoo-___ (chocolate milk's cousin) "You look like you've ___ a ghost!" Yang's complement, in Chinese philosophy Yawning at a party, say YouTube Live-watcher's time delay, say Yosemite ___, "rootin' tootin' shootin'" Looney Tunes guy ___ year (break from studying) Yoko who sang "Walking on Thin Ice" Young boy, in Scotland "Your secret is ___ with me" Young Scottish lady, say Young lion "Yoo-___! I'm here!" "Yeah, right!"