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Crossword Clues Start With Y, page 173

Yoga equipment Yellowfin tuna, on Hawaiian menus "___ you going to finish that?" "You can say ___ again!" ___ York Giants, NFL franchise "You ain't ___ nothing yet!" Yellow-furred dog in "Garfield" "___ you sure?" Yoga class requirement "___ your horses" (be patient) Yang's partner, in Chinese philosophy Young man, in Scotland ___ year (academic break) "You need to be quiet!" ___ Y (millennials, informally) Young Darth Vader's nickname "You bet!" "You want to grab dinner ___ drink?": 2 wds. "You're ___ of your mind!" *___ Yankee, Puerto Rican rapper who is known for the song "Despacito" "You could give him a ___ for his money!" "You Should ___ Me in a Crown" (Billie Eilish song) "___ you can't eat this entire cake!" (challenge words): 2 wds. "Yeah" opposite "___, you noblest English...!" ("Henry V" line): 2 wds. "___ you done with that?" ___ your brains (think hard) Young boy from Inverness "You," Shakespeare-style "You win, ___" ("Victory is yours!"): 2 wds. "___ you cannot finish the whole pie!" (challenge words): 2 wds. ___ year (like 2020 or 2024) "Yes," in French Your father's brother, to you "___ your seatbelts" (in-flight safety instruction) ___ Young, iconic female wrestler Young Scottish bloke Years ___ (back in the day) "You Can't Always ___ What You Want," The Rolling Stones song "Yes," to a skipper You may be told to "zip" or "button" it ___ your manners "You ___ what you sow" ___ Young Band (country group) YouTube thumbs-up Yoko ___, "Take Me to the Land of Hell" artist ___ your heart out ___ your hair down (relax) "You haven't ___ a day since I met you!" (words at a reunion, maybe) Yucky stuff Yale University graduates (anagram of "isle") "You may now ___ the bride!" Year division at Yale, for short "___ your own business!" Yellow-furred dog in "Garfield" who was created by 17a "You ___ thing!" ("Such a pity!") YouTuber known for his parodies of hit songs like "Wrecking Ball": 2 wds. "You ain't ___ nothin' yet" "Young Sheldon" network: Abbr. Yoko ___, John Lennon's love You could insert them into Walkmans: Abbr. ___ yourself in someone else's shoes Yellow taxi for hire "Yes," at the altar: 2 wds. Yawn inducing, say (anagram of "robe") "___ you serious?" Yours and mine, say Young deer "You should see the ___ guy!" "___ Your Enthusiasm," semi-autobiographical sitcom created by and starring Larry David "You can contact me ___ email" ("I'm reachable through email!") Yellowstone deer with a distinctive call ___ Yeoh, 2023 Oscar for Best Actress winner for "Everything Everywhere All at Once" "You can't teach an old dog new ___," idiom describing how hard it is to change habits "You," to a Frenchman You can mine me? Yoko ___, "Mrs. Lennon" singer Yank, as a rope Yale student, say "You can contact us ___ email" (through) Yellow fruit with a peel "___ you still with me?" Young boy from Scotland Yolk's place Yorba ___, California city near Los Angeles "Yesterday's ___," 1982 Merle Haggard and George Jones duet that topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart ___ yesterday (naive or easy to deceive) Year-opening month, for short YouTube clip, for short "You ___ here" (words on an amusement park map) Young lady Yankee who was Jennifer Lopez's former beau: Hyph. "You have the patience ___ saint!": 2 wds. Yo-Yo or Rubik's Cube, e.g. "Yes," while talking to a friend "Yoo-___!" (attention-getting shout) Yakety-___ (trivial talk) "___ you heard the news?" Yule ___ (dessert) ___ year (period of 366 days) "You've got mail!" company: Abbr. "You're hilarious!" online: Abbr. "Young fellow," in Scotland "You can't have your cake and eat it ___" "___ your turn!" "Yecch!" ___ year (sabbatical) "Yes," at sea "___ your lip" ("Shut up!") "___ you positive?" ("You sure?") Young, male horse Yoko ___ who sang "Double Fantasy" YouTube interruptions, for short "___ You See Me" (2013 thriller film) Year before junior, for short Young stallion "You ___?" popular catchphrase for Lurch, the butler in "The Addams Family" "You got it ___," catchphrase for Michelle Tanner on "Full House" Yawn-inducing speaker "___ you so!" ("You should have listened!"): 2 wds. "You stink!", at a football game "Yadda, yadda, yadda": Abbr. "___ Years Gone," song by Led Zeppelin from their 1975 album "Physical Graffiti" "___ Years Time," 2007 song by Noah and the Whale which is also their debut single "Yuck!" Youngest Stark daughter in "Game of Thrones" ___ year (academic break) "Yummmmy!" Year where February has an extra day, say "Yes, captain!" at sea "You're nothing more than a ___ mortal!" (supervillain's words, maybe) "You're ___ much!" ("You're so funny!") "You've got ___ nerve!" "You've put me ___ awkward position...": 2 wds. "You ___ me big time!" "Yes, ___!" (army affirmative) Yard, foot, or inch Yellow-flowered plant related to the monkey flower (4) You tell how such a delicate fabric is produced Yield from seed is pronounced (4) Yoruba percussion instruments You being old, should be out partying without husband (4) Young porker You won't find a stowaway on it Young troublemaker in borders of Gloucestershire gets to encroach (7) Yrbk. section Yard, nautically Young man, in Scotland Yoko ___ Yoga practitioner's requirement "Yes," at the altar: 2 wds. "Yes," informally "Your" of yore Yin and ___ "You had me at ___" ("Jerry Maguire" line) "Young and Beautiful" singer Lana ___ Rey Yoga class take-along "You snooze, you ___!" Yale University's URL ender You may pay to remove them from an app, for short "You are ___ one." (quite nasty): 2 wds. "You reap what you ___." You're reading one Yardstick, for short Yale grads, slangily "You're one of ___" (unique): 2 wds. Yosemite ___ from "Looney Tunes" Young stallion (rhymes with "bolt") Young trainee in the military "___ your words!" "You," in Shakespeare lingo Yo-yo part Yolk's place "You've got mail!" service: Abbr. "Yes" in French YouTube interrupters, for short ___ year (pre-college period for some) Youtube music video channel "You can take it ___" ("Take everything") "You said it, brother!" Yankees or Texas Rangers, for one Yolk's place "Yes," to a ship's captain "Yes," at a wedding: 2 wds. "___ your eyes only!" "Yadda, yadda," for short ___ Yousafzai, a champion of girls education and the youngest Nobel Prize laureate "Young ___" (one of the child ballads) "Yellow ___," 1966 song by The Beatles that was number one on the UK charts "Yes," in Congress "___ you coming to dinner?" Yellow tape word, perhaps Yale alum, in slang "Yes," at the altar: 2 wds. You'll get a bang out of it? "You Reap What You ___," Otis Rush song Yellow Whiskey Sour wedge "You're ___ tootin'!" Yoko ___, wife of John Lennon You can reveal this answer using one "___ Your Mother," a sitcom which starred Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson: 3 wds Year starter, for short Young fellow Yale graduate "___ your eyes!" ("look away") "Yep" counterpart "Yes" on a ship "You're Still The ___" (Shania Twain song) "Yours, Mine & ___" (2005 film) "You've Got Mail" co-screenwriter Ephron "You ___ Beautiful" (Joe Cocker tune): 2 wds. ___ Yu, main antagonist in "Mulan" who is the cruel leader of the Huns "You've got mail" company Yawn-inducing speaker or event, say "___ you any wool?" (question to a sheep in a rhyme) You have a destination in mind? Perfect! Let's pick a place to stay! (1/5) Cozy house in the woods often made of logs You've finally reached, and now it's time to rest and relax! Pick your activity (1/3) Location that offers massages and a sauna "You always ___ my nerves!": 2 wds. "___, ye landlubbers!" (A pirate captain's cry) ___ York Giants, the football team "___ you, I will take someone else to the prom": 2 wds. Young deer Yellow taxi for hire Years in a decade "Yes" on a ship "Your Song" singer Rita ___ You might keep the cookies in one Yellowstone animal with antlers "___ you later, alligator!" "You've ___ Mail" (1998 film) Yoko who sang "Kiss Kiss Kiss" YouTube or TikTok upload Young fellow in Scotland Yellow canary cartoon bird character from "Looney Tunes" Yeats' "___ to His Beloved": 2 wds. Yoga class necessity "___ you kidding me!" "___ your turn yet?": 2 wds. "You're headed for ___" (impending trouble): 2 wds. "You are," in Spain Yoko ___, "Double Fantasy" artist "You've ___ Mail," 1998 movie starring Meg Ryan "Yippee!" Yellowish sore fluid You turn these while reading Yellow part of the egg "Yes," informally Yin partner Yule ___ (Christmastime cake) "You've got mail" company: Abbr.