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Crossword Clues Start With Z, page 41

Zilch Zodiac dozen Zip Zoomed Zone "__ Z" (2014-15) Zip slightly less rubbish? Zero-star review, maybe Zara _, fifth to be eliminated from this year's Strictly (9) - Zadora, film-star (3) Zoom, physically holding in energy (5) Zero Zero out Zodiac sign ___ Zeppelin, Stairway to Heaven band (3) Zimbabwean President ousted in 2017 Zoloft, Lexapro, etc., informally Zero on night manoeuvres (7) Zac Brown Band song "Zip it!" (*exemplifying 23-Across) Zodiac sign of fish Zone Zoom call lacking substance poseur cut off wrongly Zoomed Zero Zag's partner Zoom or Instagram, for short Zoom meeting essential, for short Zodiac sign with three letters ___ Zeppelin Zoom call device, for short Zilch, in soccer Zero, in soccer Zion Church letters Zoom ___ (get a closer look): 2 wds. Zodiac ___ Zodiac sign symbolized by a ram Z's position in the alphabet Zodiac sign with a bull symbol Zero's shape ___ Zion Church: Abbr. Zodiac lion Zip, ___, zoom Zebra or tiger's marking Zodiac animal with a mane ___-Z (2000s babies, informally) Zoom ___ (online conference) ___ Zeppelin with a "Stairway to Heaven" "Zero," to Roger Federer Zero or zilch Zero, in soccer scores "Zero," in soccer lingo Ziggy Stardust aka David ___ Zoo enclosure Zesty to taste, say Zion Church letters Zoom meeting essential, for short Zero or nothing Zodiac whose symbol is a ram Zodiac lion Zion Church letters ___ Zealand, island country Zoom's rival Zit spots ___ Zedong, Chinese chairman ___ Zor-El aka Supergirl Zuckerberg or Pichai, e.g.: Abbr. Zebra's braying relative Zero on a scoreboard ___ Z (group after millennials) Zoom or SoundCloud, e.g. Zig-___ (sharp turn) Zac of "The Greatest Showman" Zendaya's "Euphoria" character Zodiac sign with a feline ___-Z (demographic after millennials) Zig's follower ___ Zeppelin of "The Rain Song" ___ Zealand, Auckland's country Zeus or Apollo, e.g. Zzzzzzzzzz'ed ___-Z (Chevrolet model) Zoom down the slopes, say Zion Church letters Zeppelin of music Zero, on a scoreboard ___ Zeppelin Zoo enclosure Zachary, with no car crash, but a bit blurred (4) ___ Zellweger, actress of "Bridget Jones's Diary" Zodiac whose symbol is a ram ___ Zimmer, the Oscar-winning score composer Zodiac divisions Zoological feet (rhymes with "cedes") Zoo enclosure Zoomed past Zoomed past Zodiac symbol of Aries "Zen and the ___ of Motorcycle Maintenance" Zero, in sports Zuckerberg of Facebook ___-zag pattern "Zero," in soccer lingo ___ Zellweger, "Bridget Jones's Diary" actress Zodiac ram Zodiac sign featuring a ram Zodiac sign after Pisces ___-Z (demographic after millennials) Zoo heavyweight with a huge yawn, for short ___ Zealand, Auckland's country Zoo heavyweight with a keratin horn Zero, in soccer Zero, on soccer scoreboards ___ Zion Church ___ Zuckerberg, co-founder of Meta Zero, in a soccer match Zendaya's character in "Euphoria" Zero, in sports Zuckerberg of Facebook Zodiac sign represented by a ram Zero, in soccer Zero, on soccer scoreboards ___ Zion Church: Abbr. ___ Zuckerberg, co-founder of Meta Zero follower Zero, in a soccer match Zodiac lion Ziti or rotini for example Zabar's, for one Zodiac Lion Zhoosh up (6) Zero, as in quantity ___ zone (off-limits area): 2 wds. Zero Zip code is given to a specific ___ in the city ___ Zeppelin Zorro's weapon ___ Zedong, former chairman of the Communist Party of China Zig and ___ Zero, in soccer scores Zero ___ Zimbalist of old TV Zilch Zeus' wife, who competed for the apple of discord Zero, in soccer Zero, as in soccer scores ___ Zeppelin (legendary rock band) ___ Zone (Part of a football field) ZIP code 10001 locale: Abbr. Zero, in soccer scores Zenith Zilch Zig and ___ (sharp turns) Zinc sulfide ZZ ___, a famed rock band known for hits like "Black Betty" and "Cheap Sunglasses" Zachary ___, actor who voiced the hero in "Tangled" Zilch Zero, in soccer scores Zip around a field? Zesty flavor enhancer Zero Zip, in soccer ___ Zone (part of a football field) Zebra, to a lion Zag partner Zero ___ Zeppelin Zanotti of fashion (luxury footwear) Zone Zachary Taylor, for one Zac of "Neighbors" Zone Zeta follower Zilch Zoom past ___ Zeppelin Zeus or Thor, for example Zone Zero, in soccer Zero ___-Z (Chevrolet model) ___ Zeppelin Zoo enclosure Zeno of ___ ___ Zimmer, the Oscar-winning score composer of "The Lion King" Zero, as a score in some games Zero score Zones ___ Zedong, founding father of the People's Republic of China Zero Zodiac sign after Cancer Zero, in sports terminology Zodiac sign with balance scales ___ Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook Zodiac sign whose symbol is the lion ___ Zealand (Auckland's country) "Z" in ZIP Code ___-zag, a line with abrupt turns Z, alphabetically Zero points in a game Zodiac sign of Cancer __ Zion Church: Abbr. Zilch or nothing Zodiac feline Zodiac sign that comes after Cancer Zeta follower in Greek Zodiac sign with the least number of letters Zero, in soccer scores Zero goals in American football, perhaps: 2 wds. ___ Zellweger, actress of "Bridget Jones's Diary" Zoo enclosure? Zero, in soccer scores Zenith's opposite Zoe's red friend on "Sesame Street" Zilch Zealous reader, say Zebra, to a lion ___ Zedong, Chinese leader Zone or region Zodiac sign with the shortest name Zoo's enclosed structure Zion National Park state Zoo enclosure Zodiac sign with a lion as its symbol Zero, in tennis Zion National Park's state Zone or region ___-Z, Chevrolet sports car Zero score, in soccer ___ Zeppelin of "Good Times Bad Times" Zodiac cat Zig's counterpart "___ Zero," American horror series which had storylines based on popular creepypastas Zero points Zag's partner Zig's partner Zoo doctor, for short Zodiac feline Z, alphabet-wise Zodiac feline Zuckerberg of Facebook ___ Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, which is the fifth most valuable brand according to Forbes in 2019 ___ Zimmer who composed the theme music of the historical drama TV series "The Crown" and has also won the Academy Award for Best Original Score for "The Lion King" Zigs' counterparts Zion Church letters: Abbr. Zlatan ___ , Swedish footballer who plays for LA Galaxy in MLS and was one of the highest paid MLS players in 2019 Zion National Park's state Zealous reader, say Zubin ___, Conductor Emeritus of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Zero, in soccer scores