Crossword Clues Start With Z, page 38

Zealous Zodiac animal Zilch Zodiac animal Zoom call only half about head of state Zoomed past Zest coming from wee drop of Laphroaig Zero Zing Zoom call background effect Zesty flavors Zip -- Zetterling, Swedish actress Zellweger of "Chicago" Zodiac animal Zoom delay Zip Zero score (US) — -Z (total) "Zip- — -Doo-Dah" Zero Zilch Zip Zhivago's portrayer Zebra’s cousin Zendaya's "Euphoria" role Zoomer's parent, maybe Zodiac ram Zilch Zoomed past other cars Zip Zodiac sign Zodiac ram Zag's counterpart Zayn Malik left this X-Factor-created boyband in 2015 Zero, in tennis Zilch Zimbalist Jr. of old TV Zodiac sign Zillow options Zoom founder Yuan Zeal Zero ___ Zeus or Thor, e.g Zoo resident Zodiac animal Zero, in Spades ___ Z (demo after millennials) Zodiac animal Zodiac animal Zest alternative Zodiacal transition point Zig or zag Zero-gravity research site Zeus or Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Zilch Zone Zippo Zion Church letters "Zounds!" Zodiac feline Zodiac feline Zimbabwe's second city Zero Zip or zoom Zodiac animal after the Pig Zero Zipcar's parent company Zig and zag Zero out Zwei follower Zone Zoom alternative Zero Zip Zodiac animal Zodiac creature Zapped, as leg hair Zodiac animal after the Dog Zap, as a cornea 'Zero, zip, zilch' Zodiac animal Zealous Zooplankton's habitat Zoo resident Zoo residents Zero Zellweger of "Judy" Zwei follower Z, in sorority names Zoom call button Zoomed ZZ Top from early on slide after double shaving maybe? Zap in the microwave, informally Zeus or Thor Zero-star review Zeal Zero Zone Zone Zero Zoned (out) Zero Zeal Zones Zenith Zoo resident Zany stunt Zoom Zaya ___, daughter of NBA star Dwyane Zoned (out) Zodiac animal Zodiac twins Zero kit fashionable, for a start Zoom meeting finally with everyone before work Zora ___ Hurston Zip Zoom session need, for short 'Zounds!' 2008 Zac Brown Band hit Zig counterpart "Zounds!" Zen temple refuge Zip Zodiac lion Zodiac sign 'Zine staffers — -Z (totally) Zero chance Zoo building with wings? Zig follower Zero, in tennis Zodiac animal Zippo Zest to put away doughnut or substantial puff "Zounds!" Zenith's opposite Zilch Zero, in soccer Zippo Zip Zero Zone Zeus, to 49-Across Zigzag downhill Zilch Zero Zipped Zodiac creature Zilch Zodiac rodent Zoological plural frowned on by sticklers Ziering of the "Sharknado" films Zapped with light "Zip- — -Doo-Dah" Zealous Zwei quadrupled Zoom appt Zodiac lion Zimbabwe's capital Zero, in scoring slang Zehn minus neun Zoom alternative Zilch Zeta follower Zilch Zany, get splashing in river Zero Zeal Zip it! "Zounds!" Zoo enclosure Zones Zealous Zimbabwe's most populous city "Zip- — -Doo-Dah" ___ Zers Zhuzh (up) Zen enlightenment Zing Zero, zippo, zilch Zodiac animal Ziploc feature Zoo beast "Zero stars" Zephaniah or Keats Zero Zero, in a soccer result ___ Zers Zoom meeting leader Zone ___ Z (Zoomers) "Zounds!" Ziti or penne "Zip- — -Doo-Dah" Zone Zilch Zodiac lion — -Z (old Camaro) Ziggurat level Zellweger of 'Judy' Z's value in Scrabble "Zounds!" Zac of "High School Musical" Zero Ziti shape Zodiac bovines Zevk, literally Zodiac dozen Zoo opening in London? Zero, in soccer scores Zip Zealous activist Zed : England :: ___ : Greece "Zounds!" Zodiac cat — Zedong Zeal Zebra hunter ZZ Top, for one Zilch "Ziggy Stardust" singer David Zooms, quaintly Zombie's sound Zero-___ game Zodiac sign Zest for food 'Zounds!' Zilch Zesty flavor Zilch Zither kin Zodiac lion Zero Zilch Zambia neighbor "Zip- — -Doo-Dah" Zinfandel lacking body bottled in mass makes hissing sound Zebra or horse in aqua perhaps Zealously created ten layers Zulu editing You Only Live Twice initially gets money Zero for an endless composition . Zero latitude to place fish eggs from the east around a chewable leaf . Zigzag pattern of that woman's ornament (off-white in colour) Zebra crossing obstructed by a thorny barricade Zeus' and Ares' last two exploits Zealot tar gets broken down in locker Zero noise for Thor's father Zulu healer crooned with love for mother Zebu doll runs around cow