Crossword Clues Start With Z, page 39

Zesty alarm about a slow trickle Zero chance of one getting a plant Zulus often nominate elderly leaders in this region Zorba, Greek, has to say "Yes" Zip up: zip out leader Zinc hydride's constituent unit Zero probability? Certainly not! Zany wrap around head of society is measureless  Zola to be sure novel is 0K  Zero value aside, in case of emergency get to President's office Zambia leader escapes from South American country with net Zulu regiment traps politician within Israeli limits Zen master's apparently illogical question for King, on a transformation Zone rule for ZIP or PIN, say Zodiac's simple representation involving constellations, primarily Zero binary digit, in brief, represents short send-off message ZIP or PIN, for example, of arcade built around end of avenue and circle Zulu chased by wild bear and another animal Zimbabwe's opener and leading player, scoring his first duck Zelle and Venmo Zealous Zodiac sign contains 50 building blocks: they're to be read symbolically Zero knowledge about algebra variables is needed for living Zola, for example, in English middle-distance race Zip-join coming up short? This could cause trouble Zero energy around start of play — becoming too energetic? Zambian leader interrupts to contradict Central American nation Zoo unceremoniously caging leopard Zealot engaged in pop art is antagonistic Zero scope for movement — and hence a squash? Zeno's lecture arena is beside Academy Zero in, turning attention away from earl Zimbalist originally wearing necktie in a moving picture Zilch sent to cook for meat dish Zero in store after a reverse, marks for bridge game? Zealous bunch work with detective at the Yard - ZO{n->PILOT}E. Take ZONE, an area, and replace the last letter of {carrio}N with PILOT [one flying]. Zulu in repeat broadcast in bar Zulu chief ran around trapping bishop bird Zero in on Nestor, one in cap (7, two words) Zest of primate left clutching sword Zulu king stopping to bind a bale perhaps recalled anniversary of loss Zero energy extracted from river Zealot on charter round island promoting growth Zulu guzzles out of tin holders Zut alors, René gutted to return fake Zero marking when first piece of homework's put in Zany question: hypotenuse involved Zappa heartlessly rendered on big instrument is thin material Zulu comes after this Union soldier Zombie relative almost eating fruit Zoo had corgi originally associated with TV film Zone west of region incorporating British fortified camp Zulus, one crossing briefly Orange River Zulu impressed by copper company in Peruvian location Zulu I found in this region Zone round edge of Mestre available as refuge from Venice Zulu idol losing his first love Zulu king holding account in Sydney worth 5cents Zeppelin songs? Cool! Zappa's commercial album? Absolutely Zero information within feature about shares Zippy little number to bear evidence of damage ZENANA (in India and Iran, etc, a part of a house in which women and girls are secluded) Zurich banker invests European cell contents Zeal is a feature of destructive he-men, certainly Zero pressure working in the midst of confined enemy Zero exercise with you getting stuck in that shed Zoom for instance to finish around end of pandemic Zodiac sign contains 50 building blocks: they're to be read symbolically . Zap 14's broken bone Zealous believer of Everlasting King taken out and shot Zane's gutted, with chafed nipple in airship Zest for each round Ulster sausage Zero carried by this broken- down lift Z Zap, using loud artillery grenades initially Zonked out deadbeats without a base for sleep Zippy vehicle leaving behind one old duck Zone circled by body of Indian troops without appearing in scores Zero reason to drill iron – it's pointless Zero tolerance in the end for African runner Özil ignoring wingers; I'm so upset about new movement Zeus-lover's drinks carrier seduced Zero tax e.g. extorted for portion of old ploughland Zany Polish butcher in Soho Zero fish for little bird Zero reading from this dial Zeppelin, eg, broadcasts over joint Zone in new country originally producing metal Zeno's place trimmed ermine Zoom lens seeks out area with no fogging? Zone one's abandoned, so-so having absorbed new strike Zinc or rocky mineral in crystal form Zest for excitement Zip over European river Zambia's leader in limo? He commands utter power Zero carbs? 60% in a sweet potato Zonked by electronic music entirely gripping wild dancer Zachary Smith holds up 1D Zip (n): object next to middle of groin Zero is new factor for all primes Zeppelin songs really cool Zoroastrians will have form of this Buddhist aim at heart Zapped steed absorbs a certain quantity of electricity charge Zola's charge Zoroastrian is sent up in European capital Zero return after call for capital Zealot is so tasteless, when getting upset by female Zany salt on RN term: ‘What'll I have to enlighten me?' (12, 2 words) Zidane's refusal to get club's kind of shirt? Zebra in love knocked back and flattened Zimbabwe, gutted, run out for 15 Zero Mostel, infamously holding it up Z The Greek cross round bar Zero cost for tenants, including one from distant region Zeal maybe shown by soul singers, i.e. when stirred Zip found in trousers, not dresses Zero information on course for virus, say Zloty changed when one enters European exchange (local) Zulu champion relinquishing crown for nothing Zombie oath appearing regularly? Zinc is, effectively, partially cut into Zap with pineapple or halved strawberries Zionist leader leaves Cornish town in act of atonement Zip up top – had contracted not to show a valuable commodity Zeus can perform lines Zoologist agrees to provide home for animal Zola novel this religious Zip up new flies covering pair Zoo attraction? Polar bears might exert such a pull Zombie family member's backing off, clutching something red Zero money restricting University lecturer's wealth Zimbabwean, Angolan, Malawian, Botswanan included among neighbours, primarily? Zero stake for Jock in grave, borrower's bond Zulu minister needs to acquire spectacles to get a closer look Zero responsibility for failure Zulu loses head in war dance Zombie oath used regularly in Caribbean sorcery Zealous group from bygone age recalled Zero tax on tavern exposed Tory moderniser Zoo trips occasionally lift company "Zorba the Greek" actress Kedrova Zwei follower Zone out? Zen garden tool Zero people 'Zootopia' voice actor Elba Zoom Zora — Hurston Zero Zone Zodiac sign transition Zodiac sign transition Z's point value in Scrabble Zip it! Zoos, so to speak Zipped again Zipped Zellweger of "Judy" Zilch Zinc's ___ number is 30 Zippo Zodiac creature Zig or zag Zoom call, say Zilch Zinc — (cosmetics ingredient) Zilch Zoological kingdom Zodiac feline Zilch Zero Zoomed past Zing Zippo "Zebra giraffe" Zagreb native 'Zero to ___' (song from 'Hercules') ___ Z (Zoomers) Zakouma National Park location Zealous following Zap Zilch Zilch Zip Zesty liqueur Zodiac rodent Zimbabwe's capital Zig or zag Ziggy's dog ZipRecruiter listings Zone in a Bill O'Reilly catchphrase Zero employment current in York Zoom button you might click when your dog barks Zoo enclosure Zilch Zilch Zabaglione base Zilch Zosia of "Girls" Zones Zen garden tools Zap with a focused beam Zoo resident Zodiac animal Zoom through, as a movie scene Zambia neighbor Zealous Zone around northern stadium Zip along Zesty flavor Zone Zeppelin crewman, say, knocked back sauce with band in resting place __ Zellweger, star of Chicago Zigzag Zodiac sign also called the Ram Zodiac lion Zwei follower Zeppelin tunes welcome on piano Zeal Zits and such Zoomed Zoomed past Zilch Zilch Zoom alternative Zodiac sign symbolized by the Twins Zilch Zodiac animal Zealous Zodiac ram Zippo Zuniga of "Spaceballs" Zigzag in snow Zilch Zippo Zeus' mother Zaps, as an unwanted tattoo Zodiac crustacean Zodiac bull Zone, region Ziggy Stardust's music genre Zodiac symbol Zits, for example Zoom meeting option Zits "Zip your lip!" Zip, in Spain — Z (the gamut)