Crossword Clues Start With Z, page 40

Zero Zebra running on a field? Zoom, maybe Zip Zone Zebra Zebra Zellweger of "Chicago" "Zounds!" Zest Zone Zero evidence 'Zero Dark Thirty' org Zig and zag Zellweger who played Judy Garland in 2019's 'Judy' Zion National Park's state Zodiac ram Zorro's garment Zilch Zigzagging skiing race "Zounds!" Zones Zero Zing Zips and runs away Zaphod Beeblebrox in 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy,' for one Zodiac lion Z Zakat, in Islam Zealous Zoomed Zugspitze, e.g Zero, in a soccer game Zesty flavor Zig or zag Zero-shaped Zilch Zooey Deschanel sitcom Zodiac sign after Virgo Zimmer of film scoring Zone being hit Zeal Zilch Zero interest each year closing course Zero or greater, or a description of the circled letters, which do not affect the meanings of the answers Zeiss product Zealanders, e.g. Zest sources Zonked out Zen garden tool Zelensky's nat. Zest 'Zut ___!' (French exclamation) Zodiac dozen Zippers, e.g. Zeno of — (philosopher) Zilch, in Peru "Zero stars" Zátopek and Jannings, for two Zipped Zira and Zaius, in a 1968 film Zachary of 'Shazam!' Zen garden tool Zwei follower Zoom past Zip Zodiac beast Zodiac beast Zodiac beast Zoo facility for birds Zoo beast that roars Zilch Zilch Zoom-in photos ZzzQuil alternative Zinc or copper Zilch Zero Zane Grey's 'Get outta here!' Zesty dressing Zoo enclosures Zesty taste Zealous Ziti or spaghetti Zilch Zippo Zone Zilch Zip __ (address part) Zesty relish Zeedonk parent Zodiac feline Zero Zhivago's love Zebra feature Zero Zhou __ (Mao associate) 'Zip-a-Dee-Doo-__' Zodiac sign of the ram Zodiac feline Zilch Zip it Zoo trench Zebra cousin Zero, in Mexico Zoo beast "Zero stars! It spits hot oil everywhere!" Zebra parent Zap with light 'Ziwe' network, for short Zealous Zealots found blocking road, ie hard shoulder Zinger Zealous devotee Zimbabwe's capital Zilch Zeno's birthplace Zigzag in Zermatt Zagreb's country Zodiac sign that sounds like 10-Across Zipped Zombies, essentially Zodiac feline Zero Zesty taste Zipped along Zero chance of a good result Zodiac sign Zodiac symbol Zwei follower Zip down the highway Zhuzh (up) Zero Zigzagging skiing event Zoe of "Guardians of the Galaxy" Zealous Zimbabwe, formerly Zombielike __+Zoe: fashion brand named for the founder's children Zipper alternative Zing Zendaya's "Euphoria" role Zone Zhivago's love Zealous Zilch Zero Zero, basically Zipped along Zither kin Zedonk parent — Zedong Zellweger of "Chicago" Zeppelin tune's welcome with public, firstly Zest Zeros in on Zippo alternative Zee : English :: ___ : Greek Zeus in 'Clash of the Titans '(1981)' Zest Zero Zinger Zadora of "Hairspray" Zoo youngster Zeal Zero Zero-emission aircraft Zero Zilch Zany Bronx comedian receives Oscar for harmful, tasteless stuff ''Zip-__-Doo-Dah'' Zap with a stun gun Zigzagged Zodiac sign for some August birthdays Zing Zuck's wish after a wild year? Zwei follower Zero ___ Zimmer, Oscar-winning composer for "Dune" Zeus in Marvel films Zestful Zero Zealots Zoo Zoom half cut off the French novelist Zesty Zoo primates Zurich transport Zooms (off) Zeus and Apollo Zincite and bauxite, for two Zodiac animal Zero Zero, in soccer Zodiac cat Zinc __: sunblock ingredient Zero, in soccer Zone Zenith Zen, surprisingly, stopping cook's mad behaviour Zimbabwe's capital Zero Zippo Zodiac dozen Zest displayed by running along clutching sword, having earlier crushed resistance Zodiac dozen Zipcar parent Zest or Dial Zodiac cat Zodiac mammal Zap in the microwave Zero Zero-star Zero-calorie beverage Zesty dip Zip Zellweger of "Bridget Jones's Diary" Zero-star review Zippo Zany Zap with a beam Zero to interest me about trade ban ___ zones (locations that take video game characters to different levels) Ziff who's infatuated with Marge Simpson ZenBook laptop manufacturer Zoran ..... , Lamia, 2007-16 Serbia and 2009-10 Manchester United winger (5) Zip lover up when the weather cools in NY (4,3) "Zombie" band Zip 2017 Zayn Malik and Sia song, ---- Till Dawn (4) Zilch Zoo doc — -Z (totally) Zealous Zoo doc Zen garden tools Zodiac feline Zander ........ , Scotland and Glasgow Warriors prop (8) Zingers Zodiac sign symbolized by scales Zachary_, Mr Spock in the rebooted Star Trek films (6) Zsa Zsa, oft-married Hungarian actress (5) Zest; Chinese dynasty? (4) Zaps, in a way Zero score to a soccer announcer Zombie film, - Bodies (4) Zero degrees latitude line Zippers on a snowy day Zany skier after one’s gone missing visits ski resort Zest