Science Crossword Puzzles and Games

Just as science can include many different topics, like chemistry, earth science, and biology, learning science can take many different forms, like reading, experimenting, and puzzle-solving. For students who enjoy crossword puzzles and games, there are plenty of challenges that can provide a fun way to learn and practice science knowledge. Whether you're still in elementary school or working your way through a doctoral program in college, games and puzzles can help you learn what you need to know.

Planet Earth

Try this short crossword puzzle containing questions about Earth's properties and its place in the solar system.

Astronomy Crossword Puzzle

The 26 questions that make up this puzzle cover astronauts, basic astronomical principles, gravity, and the solar system. The crossword puzzle can either be printed out or completed online.

Astronomy Crossword

Looking for a printable crossword puzzle that reinforces studies of the stars and planets? This 20-question crossword will work well for middle-school students and is ready to print and use.

53-Clue Astronomy Crossword

The clues in this crossword puzzle consist of astronomy terms from the study of the Sun, Earth, and Moon. It also contains clues about planetary geology, various galaxies in the solar system, and stars. The puzzle can either be worked online or printed.

Genetics/Blood Types Crossword

This 36-clue crossword puzzle designed for college students includes questions about phenotypes, the universal donor, genes, and chromosomes.

Biology Crossword Puzzle

The 32 clues that make up this printable crossword puzzle are aimed at high-school students. At the bottom of the clues is a bank of suggested answers to make the puzzle a little easier.

Chemistry Crossword Puzzle

Test your knowledge of bases, acids, chemical reactions, and other concepts with this puzzle suitable for higher-level science students.

Chemistry World Puzzles

The Royal Society of Chemistry's website posts new chemistry crossword puzzles monthly. Aimed at adults and high-level science students, these puzzles, including crosswords, wordoku puzzles, and word scrambles, are printable and cover new concepts with each one. You can even mail in your completed puzzles and compete for prizes!

Round Table Chemistry Crossword

Try this oddly shaped online crossword puzzle to test your knowledge of chemical elements and their abbreviations. Answers are corrected as you type: Red letters are incorrect.

Milestone in Inorganic Chemistry Puzzle

The 69 clues of this advanced-level printable puzzle were crafted to pay homage to science professor John E. Ellis. Some of the clues are science-related, and some are not.

Chemistry of Health Crossword Puzzle

The National Institute of General Medical Sciences released this 30-clue puzzle as part of their mission to help people learn more about how biological processes work. Clues include questions about antibiotics, enzymes, and natural painkillers.

General Chemistry Crossword Puzzle

The Journal of Chemistry Education published this puzzle consisting of clues covering general and organic chemistry topics. The puzzle was created at Delta College as a resource for other professors.

Human Anatomy Terminology

This puzzle focuses on reinforcing basic human anatomy terms, so if you're taking biology, you might want to give it a try.

General Human Anatomy Crossword

The University of Manitoba wrote this puzzle to help medical students memorize needed vocabulary, but younger students might also find it helpful.

The Human Body

The New York Times published this printable crossword, which quizzes people on their knowledge of the human body.

Geology Crossword Puzzle

Practice matching geology terms to their meanings by completing this puzzle created by The Museum of Natural and Cultural History in Oregon.

Geology Crossword Challenge

College students from Northern Arizona University in a program called "Grand Canyon Semester" created this printable crossword puzzle.

Flower Parts Crossword Puzzle

Designed specifically for middle-school students, this printable crossword reinforces scientific terms like angiosperm, anther, filament, fruit, petals, pistil, stamen, and stigma.

General Science Word Search

This word search containing science vocabulary terms is good for younger students.

Super Scientists Word Search

From archaeologists to zoologists, all types of scientists are part of this word search designed for middle-school students.

Famous Scientists

Need to remember the names of famous scientists? Try using this interactive word search, which has three difficulty settings: easy, medium, and hard. It covers famous names from Aristotle to Tesla.

Light Word Search Puzzle

This word search aimed at young students can help you remember terms related to the physics of light, like prism, refraction, and dispersion.

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