Word Games for Kids

Learning vocabulary, spelling, and grammar doesn't have to be a chore. You could learn it all while playing games! Whether it's a crossword, a jumble, or an adventure game, these activities are designed to teach you important English concepts and challenge your game sense. Can you beat every level of Pac-Man? Or would you rather help the robot bee find the right flowers? Maybe you'd like to become a word wizard by solving a crossword for Dr. Goodword, or you might just want to make a beautiful fridge magnet poem for your parents. No matter what you want to learn, these games can get you there and let you have fun at the same time.

Some of these games will test your knowledge with high scores and timed challenges. Some will teach you all about topics like compound words and sentence creation, helping you to become the best-spoken kid in the class and get good grades in writing, too. Your friends and teachers will be impressed by your vast knowledge, and you won't feel like you've done any studying at all!


Ever played Boggle? This is the same but with high scores. Make as many words as possible in this spelling game. Try to beat your high score or others!

Super Why Saves the Day

Super Why flies into storybooks and helps change the story to solve a problem. Use your spelling knowledge to help him change the endings of classic tales.


Improve your vocabulary while donating rice with the United Nations World Food Programme. Each word you recognize the definition of will result in 10 grains of rice being donated to people in need.

Word Search Creator

Practice your spelling by making your own word search. Then, print it out and challenge your family and friends!

Words Unscramble

Form a word from the mixed-up letters before they touch the ground in this timed word game.

Big Cat HangMouse

Help the mouse spell the solutions to the clues to get the cheese. But watch out for the cat: If you choose the wrong letters, you'll wake it up and the mouse is toast!

Letter Blocks

Find the words in the grid to destroy the blocks. You'll need to spell your way to victory.

Word Wipe

Clear the lines of letters by making words out of them before time runs out!


Solve these unique word puzzles in order to find the right saying. Every level is harder than the last, so watch out!

Construct a Word

Help a robot combine letters to make words. You'll use prefixes and suffixes to build them.

Summer Words Pac-Man

What if the Pac-Man ghosts were letters? Catch every letter in the right order in this word-themed Pac-Man game. But don't let the ghost letters catch you first!

Dr. Goodword's Word Wizard Crossword

Play this fun crossword puzzle, then explore the rest of the site for more.

Word Spin

A new "spin" on "find the word" games. All of the letters are on wheels, and you can spin them to make words from them. Find the most and longest words for more points.

Prefix and Suffix Game

Do you know how to add prefixes and suffixes to words? Test your knowledge in this interactive game. Start with a word stem, and then choose the appropriate prefix, suffix, or both to add on to make a new word entirely.

Magnetic Poetry

Use your vocabulary skills to make beautiful poetry out of the words. This nature-themed set is great to play with on a pleasant day.

Letter Predator

Spell out the secret words. But be quick about it, or the triceratops will be lunch.

Opposite Adjectives

Healthy, sickly, happy, sad: Do you know your opposites? Match opposite adjectives up in this game.


Carve out Mount Spellmore by spelling the words you hear. The better you spell, the better your monument will be!


Test your definitions, finish sentences, and learn synonyms and antonyms with Robo-Bee. Lead him to the right flower to win.

Grammar Ninja

Join the Grammar Ninja Dojo and train by finding parts of sentences. Difficulties range from beginner ninja to expert.

Learning isn't boring when you learn with games, like crossword puzzles, word searches, and more. You'll find yourself identifying prefixes, spelling complicated words like "opprobrious" (meaning disrespectful or shameful), and improving your writing skills. You don't have to be bored to tears while learning vocabulary, spelling, and grammar. You can have fun at the same time, making memories and high scores!

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