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Word "ABATE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
become less in amount or intensity
die away, let up, slack, slack off
The storm abated

Part of Speech:
make less active or intense
slack, slake

Crossword Clues for ABATE

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Clue Source Date
Subside Universal 20 Apr 2021
Lessen, as the tide Newsday 19 Apr 2021
Lessen in intensity The Washington Post Sunday 18 Apr 2021
Taper off LA Times Daily 16 Apr 2021
Go from worse to bad, say New York Times 25 Mar 2021
Ease New York Times 16 Mar 2021
Ease up Thomas Joseph 05 Mar 2021
Lose strength LA Times Daily 22 Feb 2021
Let up Thomas Joseph 22 Feb 2021
Ease up, as a storm Universal 14 Feb 2021
Lessen USA Today 12 Feb 2021
Die down, as a storm LA Times Daily 03 Feb 2021
Recede Wall Street Journal 20 Jan 2021
Diminish Newsday 17 Jan 2021
Wane LA Times Daily 06 Jan 2021
Lessen gradually USA Today 06 Jan 2021
Drop off Premier Sunday 03 Jan 2021
Lessen, diminish The Guardian Speedy 29 Nov 2020
In the beginning, Adam mentioned temptation as moderate The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Nov 2020
Adult temptation said to subside The Sun Two Speed 12 Nov 2020
Fade slowly Newsday 20 Sep 2020
Peter out Universal 18 Sep 2020
Diminish; slacken The Guardian Speedy 12 Jul 2020
Snowball's opposite Newsday 30 May 2020
Calm down Premier Sunday 10 May 2020
Decline slowly Newsday 17 Apr 2020
Decrease Wall Street Journal 08 Feb 2020
Deintensify Newsday 14 Dec 2019
Tail off USA Today 14 Dec 2019
Die down Newsday 11 Dec 2019
Sailor, consumed, to calm down The Sun Two Speed 09 Nov 2019
Fall off Newsday 17 Oct 2019
Let up, as a storm USA Today 30 Aug 2019
Let up, as rain USA Today 27 Jun 2019
Wind down USA Today 07 May 2019
Lose intensity USA Today 13 Apr 2019
Cricketer in A&E to wind down The Sun Two Speed 18 Mar 2019
Subside, as a storm USA Today 13 Mar 2019
Become less intense The Times Concise 07 Mar 2019
A temptation said to become weaker The Sun Two Speed 18 Dec 2018
A temptation said to decrease The Sun Two Speed 13 Nov 2018
Make less intense Universal 14 Oct 2018
Gradually lessen Newsday 26 Sep 2018
A temptation said to subside The Sun Two Speed 31 Aug 2018
Ease off Newsday 01 May 2018
Slack off Universal 22 Apr 2018
Calm down, subside The Sun Two Speed 05 Dec 2017
Australian and English openers holding bat appear calm The Sun Two Speed 05 Dec 2017
Lessen in strength USA Today 20 Nov 2017
Lose steam USA Today 24 Jul 2017
Fall off in intensity USA Today 09 Jul 2017
Go down New York Times 02 Jun 2017
Diminish in strength Family Time 02 Apr 2017
Cool Newsday 25 Mar 2017
Lose strength, as a storm USA Today 25 Jan 2017
Taper off, as wind Newsday 10 Jan 2017
Ease off, as rain Family Time 01 Jan 2017
Drop in intensity
Die away Premier Sunday 20 Nov 2016
Quiet down Newsday 05 Nov 2016
Decrease in intensity Universal 12 Jul 2016
Cut back Newsday 12 Jun 2016
Weaken LA Times Daily 07 May 2016
Diminish in intensity Universal 01 Feb 2016
Ebb away New York Times 13 Jan 2016
Quash, in law USA Today 23 Oct 2015
Slacken up Universal 04 Oct 2015
Slacken USA Today 31 Jul 2015
Reduce racket in casualty The Telegraph Toughie 06 May 2015
Reduce in intensity Universal 03 Mar 2015
Tone down
Drop off slowly
Fade away
Reduce, as taxes
Lessen, as a storm
Back off
Decrease in strength
Slacken off
Cut down
Settle down
Fall back
Grow less
What storms eventually do
Slow down
Simmer down
Fall in intensity
Put an end to
Ease; subside
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