It’s not hard to say that at this point in time, the New York Times Crossword puzzle is ranked as one of the most popular crossword puzzles in the world, if not the most popular crossword puzzle ever. It’s even hard to imagine the New York Times without a crossword’s puzzle page, which is why they included the puzzle on their website and their app. Otherwise, they may have lost nearly half of their fans.

All You Ever Needed to Know About the NYT Crossword Puzzle

In today’s day and age, the New York Times crossword is printed daily Monday to Sunday, you’ll understand later why that order counts. However, the crossword puzzle had a challenging experience making its way into this well-established newspaper. The crossword didn’t find its permanent holding in this newspaper until 1942, though crossword puzzles were being printed in several other newspapers across the continent by the early 1920s. The newspaper even considered the puzzle a low-brow game, and when they finally published the puzzle, it was only printed in their Sunday print. 

Though the editor at the time was said to be a crossword puzzle fan, the crossword only made its way into this prestigious newspaper after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Many publishers agreed that it would be best to offer something as a relief in their publication to take the worried American minds off the war and into something less troublesome. The puzzle proved a huge success and has continued to prove worthy throughout the decades. Only eight years later, and the crossword became a part of the daily newspaper, it was just that good. 

Since the first crossword puzzle came into print in the NYT there have been only four editors, the first being a woman, Margaret Farrar. The NYT crossword puzzle is the most widely circulated crossword puzzle in the United States. Today, you can find all the printed crossword puzzles collected in NYT crossword books and you can solve the New York Times crossword puzzle online, but you need a separate subscription to access the crossword puzzle. It’s really that desirable. The easiest crossword printed in the NYT is the Monday crossword and they grow consecutively harder with each passing day, Saturday being the hardest and Sunday being the biggest, until the following Monday, where it returns to a ‘beginner’s level.’ It could take weeks or months to solve one crossword puzzle without finding an NYT crossword solver for answers and aid. So, if you want to flaunt your crossword puzzle skills, better flaunt the best names and games out there. 

Subscription and Availability

As we mentioned earlier, if you want to play the NYT crossword puzzle online you’ll have to subscribe separately, which means no news and all play. When you subscribe online you’ll be able to play the daily crossword puzzle, but you better clear your schedule if you’re going to hit up every challenge. Unless of course, you’re treating yourself to some NYT crossword answers and solutions, in that case, you only need to clear away half the day’s activities. If you’re absolutely addicted (and love to utilize the New York Times crossword answers found online) then you can find all the crossword puzzles dating back until 1996 available for your liking. But, please play at your own risk. We like to call this challenge a serious mental workout.

New York Times Mini

The first NYT mini crossword puzzle came out only a few years ago in 2014. Due to its natural success it quickly became a part of the NYT app. The idea behind the mini crossword puzzle was for those who were too intimidated to play the standard NYT crossword. This mini puzzle was a safe way for beginners to gain the confidence to play in the big fields. The mini challenge is a 5x5 crossword puzzle offered for free with the NYT app. This mini only takes a few minutes to complete, so you quickly gain the confidence and satisfaction of solving a NYT crossword with all the answers completed.

10 Steps to Improve Your Success Rate as an NYT Crossword Solver

Step 1: Breathe. Remember this game is supposed to be challenging, but also fun and enlightening, you got this. 

Step 2: Fill in all the answers you’re positive about

Step 3: Fill in the blank clues, they are the best answers to start with

Step 4: Start with a mini NYT crossword and always start on Monday for the easiest NYT crossword solutions

Step 5: Unusual letters in the alphabet always come in handy

Step 6: If and when you get stuck, don’t be afraid to guess

Step 7: Don’t be afraid to erase an answer 

Step 8: If you can’t find any new NYT crossword solutions, take a break and return a few hours or days later

Step 9: When you can’t solve a crossword clue, look up the NYT answers and solutions online!

Step 10: If you see any clues that end in a question mark then start racking your brain for play on words that can solve the clue.

  1. In a NYT crossword puzzle the tenses in a clue always match up with the tense in the answer.
  2. If you see an abbreviation in the clue then the answer will be an abbreviation.
  3. If there is a theme in the puzzle, every answer will match the theme.
  4. The Times always capitalizes the first letter in the clue, which can often confuse the player.
  5. The answer will never appear in the clue itself.
  6. Profane words are not allowed. They appeared accidentally two times and later, Shortz, the editor, apologized.
  7. Shortz, the 4th editor of the NYT crossword puzzle has been editing the NYT crossword since 1993. Shortz founded and runs the annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament as well as the World Puzzle Championship.