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Crossword Clues for ABBR

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Clue Source Date
E.g., e.g New York Times 21 Apr 2021
Shortening, for short New York Times 18 Mar 2021
"Sch." for "school," e.g Premier Sunday 14 Mar 2021
"Etc." for "et cetera," e.g Premier Sunday 10 Jan 2021
Dict. tag New York Times 05 Oct 2020
CD, e.g Newsday 01 Oct 2020
Shortened wd Universal 11 Jul 2020
Ph.D., for one New York Times 26 Jun 2020
Shortened word, for short New York Times 02 Dec 2019
Mon., for Monday New York Times 18 Nov 2019
Dem. or Rep., e.g New York Times 09 Oct 2019
Dem. or Rep., e.g.
5 or 72 Across, for short Newsday 17 Sep 2019
Dict. label The Washington Post 28 Mar 2019
E.g., e.g.
This ans. is one The Washington Post 22 Nov 2018
Common crossword notation Newsday 28 Jul 2018
This answer, e.g Wall Street Journal 14 Jul 2018
Mr. or Ms., e.g Wall Street Journal 21 Jun 2018
Dictionary notation Newsday 13 Apr 2018
This answer, e.g.
Mr. or Ms., e.g.
ERA or RBI The Washington Post 22 Dec 2017
Truncated wd Premier Sunday 15 Oct 2017
Like the shortened word for a shortened word Family Time 08 Oct 2017
Rep. or Dem., e.g New York Times 30 Aug 2017
Space-saving term, saving-space Universal 28 Aug 2017
Shortened word, briefly Universal 27 May 2017
Shortened form, for short Newsday 11 Apr 2017
Miss. for Mississippi, e.g Universal 27 Mar 2017
Short form, for short Wall Street Journal 28 Jan 2017
St., ave., or blvd The Washington Post 22 Jan 2017
Sgt. or PFC Newsday 14 Jan 2017
Rep. or Dem., e.g.
3 Down or 8 Down, briefly Newsday 02 Nov 2016
Mr. or Mrs LA Times Daily 23 Oct 2016
Shortened form of a wd Newsday 11 Oct 2016
Short for short? LA Times Daily 14 Jul 2016
This ans., e.g USA Today 06 Jun 2016
Sun. or Mon USA Today 21 May 2016
L.A. or NYC The Washington Post 17 Feb 2016
This ans., e.g.
Sun. or Mon.
Shortened form of a wd.
Mr. or Mrs.
It's an example of itself USA Today 20 Dec 2015
Mr. or misc., e.g USA Today 20 Nov 2015
31-Down, e.g Wall Street Journal 17 Nov 2015
This answer, for one Wall Street Journal 24 Oct 2015
Shortened version, for short USA Today 01 Jul 2015
Cal. or Calif., for California New York Times 02 Jun 2015
OH or HI New York Times 21 May 2015
Inits. like 1 Down The Chronicle of Higher Education 24 Apr 2015
Shortened form, in shortened form USA Today 25 Feb 2015
31-Down, e.g.
Mr. or misc., e.g.
Mon. or Feb.
Assn. or org., e.g.
USA, for one
Truncated wd.
Shortened wd.
Common crossword clue ending
Common crossword-clue tag
119-Across, for example
Self-descriptive crossword answer
Mr., for example
Mon. or Jan., e.g.
48-Down, e.g.
Cpl. or Sgt.
Self-descriptive letters
i.e., e.g.
Truncated form of a wd.
USA or Mex., e.g.
50-Across, e.g.
"Briefly," briefly
Answer that's an example of itself
Oz. or org.
Ms. or Mrs.
Etc. or WSW
Can. or Mex., e.g.
Tues., for Tuesday
Lb. or oz., e.g.
Mass. or Miss.
Common crossword clue letters
5 Down, for one
Oz., e.g.
Shortened form in shortened form
R.B.I. or E.R.A., e.g.
Ex., for example
USA, Can., or Mex.
L.A., but not Chicago
Etc., for one
Sun., for Sunday
St., ave., or rd.
Abbreviation abbreviation
Brief form of a wd.
Shortening, briefly
MI, e.g.
5 Down or 15 Down, for short
Short letters?
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.