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Crossword Clues for ACA

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Clue Source Date
Landmark health legislation, briefly LA Times Daily 25 Apr 2021
2010 health law: Abbr The Washington Post 18 Apr 2021
Eleven-yr.-old insurance law LA Times Daily 14 Apr 2021
Obamacare, briefly The Washington Post 28 Mar 2021
Here, in Havana The Washington Post 23 Mar 2021
Abbr. found in 'Obamacare' USA Today 09 Mar 2021
Obamacare, for short LA Times Daily 07 Mar 2021
Here, in Juárez LA Times Daily 04 Feb 2021
Much-litigated 2010 law, for short New York Times 08 Oct 2020
Subj. of Obama's 2016 JAMA article Universal 01 Sep 2020
Measure AARP has long supported Newsday 29 Aug 2020
2010 health law, for short Universal 01 Aug 2020
Obamacare initials Wall Street Journal 18 Jul 2020
Obama health law, for short New York Times 08 May 2020
Fed. law known as Obamacare LA Times Daily 02 Mar 2020
Plan identified with 5-Down, for short Wall Street Journal 07 Nov 2019
2010 health measure, in brief USA Today 01 Nov 2019
Obama health initiative, briefly USA Today 09 Oct 2019
Fed. health law Newsday 06 Oct 2019
Legislative landmark of '10 New York Times 04 Oct 2019
Picasso's here The Washington Post 01 Sep 2019
Obama health initiative (Abbr.) USA Today 31 Aug 2019 law: Abbr Newsday 21 Feb 2019
Obamacare, initially
Letters aptly hidden in "Obamacare"
2010 health law: Abbr.
Obamacare abbr Wall Street Journal 12 Dec 2018
Pres. Obama's signature achievement New York Times 21 Sep 2018
Inits. in 2010 news New York Times 26 Aug 2018
Obama health measure, in brief New York Times 21 Aug 2018
Signature Obama legislation, for short New York Times 22 Jul 2018
Federal health law, for short Newsday 24 Jun 2018
Obama health initiative, initially USA Today 24 May 2018
GOP repeal target The Chronicle of Higher Education 27 Apr 2018
Signature Obama health measure, briefly Wall Street Journal 17 Apr 2018
Much-debated inits. in 2010s politics New York Times 14 Apr 2018
Org. for code crackers Newsday 25 Mar 2018
Obamacare abbr.
Signature Obama measure, for short New York Times 15 Jun 2017
BHO's signature legislation Wall Street Journal 28 Jan 2017
Obama's signature health law, for short New York Times 15 Jan 2017
Obamacare acronym Jonesin 03 Jan 2017
Obama's signature health measure, for short New York Times 01 Nov 2016
Signature Obama health measure, for short
Obamacare, by its real name: Abbr.
Here, in Juarez
Here, in Tijuana
Code breakers' org.
Here, to José
Here, to Hernando
30-Across, in Mexico
In this location: Span.
Here, in Honduras
Here, to Javier
Here, in Spain
Here, in Acapulco
Here, in Toledo
Here, in Hidalgo
Here, In Acapulco
Codebreakers' org.
Here: Sp.
Here, in Spain.
Here: Span.
Radioactive element No. 84: Abbr.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.