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Crossword Clues for ACDC

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Clue Source Date
"High Voltage" band LA Times Daily 28 Dec 2020
'High Voltage' band The Washington Post 28 Dec 2020
Letters that encapsulate the Tesla/Edison conflict Wall Street Journal 09 Dec 2020
Current choice given to swing band The Telegraph Toughie 04 Dec 2020
Band with an electrical symbol in their logo LA Times Daily 04 Nov 2020
Rock band with a 1980 album that went 25x platinum New York Times 22 Oct 2020
Type of electrical converter Universal 16 Oct 2020
“Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” band Wall Street Journal 12 Oct 2020
Electrical adapter letters New York Times 12 Oct 2020
'Rock or Bust' rockers New York Times 11 Sep 2020
Band that aptly uses amps? Universal 07 Sep 2020
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame group since 2003 The Washington Post 05 Sep 2020
*Electrically flexible LA Times Daily 03 Sep 2020
Electrically versatile Universal 29 Aug 2020
Angus Young’s band Wall Street Journal 27 Aug 2020
"Moneytalks" rock band Premier Sunday 23 Aug 2020
Slash is central to this band that's current (kind of) The Telegraph Toughie 05 Aug 2020
“You Shook Me All Night Long” band Wall Street Journal 03 Aug 2020
'Back in Black' band USA Today 14 May 2020
“Back in Black” band Wall Street Journal 06 May 2020
Electrically flexible USA Today 21 Apr 2020
Outlet letters Eugene Sheffer 08 Apr 2020
Band whose name symbolizes its raw energy Universal 31 Mar 2020
Rock band whose lead guitarist notably dresses in a schoolboy uniform New York Times 22 Mar 2020
Band whose name refers to electric currents USA Today 27 Feb 2020
Two-way power letters Newsday 16 Feb 2020
“Highway to Hell” band Wall Street Journal 10 Feb 2020
Band with a slash in its name USA Today 27 Jan 2020
Rock band that Slash really ought to play for? New York Times 29 Dec 2019
"Back in Black" band Universal 31 Oct 2019
"Thunderstruck" group Universal 08 Oct 2019
'Highway to Hell' rockers USA Today 07 Sep 2019
'Back in Black' rock band Wall Street Journal 29 Jul 2019
'Flick of the Switch' band The Washington Post Sunday 21 Jul 2019
'Hells Bells' band New York Times 16 Jul 2019
"High Voltage" rockers Universal 09 Jul 2019
'Let There Be Rock' rock band New York Times 27 Jun 2019
'Back in Black' rockers USA Today 24 Apr 2019
'Problem Child' band The Washington Post Sunday 14 Apr 2019
Kind of switch New York Times 21 Mar 2019
Switch designations Newsday 08 Mar 2019
'Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap' band Wall Street Journal 07 Mar 2019
Flexible, in a way The Washington Post 23 Feb 2019
Flexible power letters Universal 21 Feb 2019
Adapter letters The Washington Post 20 Feb 2019
'Highway to Hell' rock band USA Today 20 Jan 2019
"Back in Black" rockers Universal 12 Jan 2019
"Highway to Hell" band Universal 07 Jan 2019
"Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" band
"Back in Black" rock band
"Highway to Hell" rockers
"Highway to Hell" rock band
"Let There Be Rock" rock band
"Hells Bells" band
Choice of juice? New York Times 15 Nov 2018
'Highway to Hell' band Wall Street Journal 13 Nov 2018
'Black Ice' rockers The Washington Post Sunday 30 Sep 2018
Australian rock band The Telegraph Quick 11 Aug 2018
Flexible, electrically New York Times 12 Jun 2018
'High Voltage' rockers The Washington Post Sunday 03 Jun 2018
Band with the aptly titled album 'Powerage' New York Times 01 Mar 2018
'T.N.T.' rock band Premier Sunday 21 Jan 2018
Adapter designation Newsday 04 Jan 2018
Band with the aptly titled album "Powerage"
Power letters Newsday 09 Dec 2017
'Let There Be Rock' band The Chronicle of Higher Education 01 Dec 2017
Power couple? The Washington Post 26 Nov 2017
Band name with a lightning bolt slash The Washington Post 12 Oct 2017
'T.N.T.' rockers The Washington Post Sunday 08 Oct 2017
'Ballbreaker' band Jonesin 22 Aug 2017
Band with a voltage symbol in its logo The Washington Post 01 May 2017
'Black Ice' rock band Premier Sunday 09 Apr 2017
Versatile, electronically The Washington Post 27 Feb 2017
2003 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Wall Street Journal 05 Jan 2017
"Let There Be Rock" band
Rock band featuring knickers-clad Angus Young USA Today 02 Dec 2016
'You Shook Me All Night Long' rockers The Washington Post 01 Dec 2016
Current choices Newsday 24 Nov 2016
Elec. power letters Eugene Sheffer 07 Nov 2016
"Thunderstruck" band LA Times Daily 28 Aug 2016
Converter designation Newsday 25 Aug 2016
Band on Butt-head's T-shirt Jonesin 16 Aug 2016
Hard rock band formed by Malcolm and Angus Young New York Times 04 Aug 2016
'For Those About to Rock' band New York Times 25 Jul 2016
'For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)' band Jonesin 12 Jul 2016
'Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap' rockers The Washington Post 04 Jul 2016
"Rock or Bust" band LA Times Daily 23 Apr 2016
'Moneytalks' band Wall Street Journal 14 Apr 2016
Australian hard rock band The Washington Post 12 Apr 2016
Rock band that gets fans charged up? New York Times 26 Jan 2016
'You Shook Me All Night Long' group Wall Street Journal 06 Jan 2016
"You Shook Me All Night Long" group
"For Those About to Rock" band
Rock group from Sydney LA Times Daily 27 Nov 2015
Group with the album 'Flick of the Switch' The Chronicle of Higher Education 30 Oct 2015
Flexible, electrically speaking New York Times 21 Oct 2015
Adaptable, electrically LA Times Daily 24 Aug 2015
Kind of adapter New York Times 24 May 2015
Current designation Newsday 25 Apr 2015
Versatile, electrically New York Times 18 Mar 2015
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.