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Word "ACME" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
the highest point (of something)
apex, peak, vertex

Part of Speech:
the highest level or degree attainable; the highest stage of development
elevation, height, meridian, peak, pinnacle, summit, superlative, tiptop, top
his landscapes were deemed the acme of beauty
the artist's gifts are at their acme

Crossword Clues for ACME

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Clue Source Date
Apex Newsday 12 Apr 2021
Uppermost point Newsday 04 Apr 2021
High point USA Today 29 Mar 2021
TNT producer of cartoons The Washington Post Sunday 14 Mar 2021
Peak Wall Street Journal 13 Mar 2021
Highest point LA Times Daily 08 Mar 2021
Fictional seller of Earthquake Pills and Female Road-Runner Costumes Wall Street Journal 04 Mar 2021
Summit LA Times Daily 03 Mar 2021
Cartoon maker of iron bird seed LA Times Daily 01 Mar 2021
Top Wall Street Journal 23 Feb 2021
Pinnacle Premier Sunday 21 Feb 2021
Zenith The Sun Two Speed 30 Jan 2021
Month in service is culminating point The Sun Two Speed 30 Jan 2021
Ultimate attainment Newsday 24 Jan 2021
Wile E. Coyote's supplier LA Times Daily 13 Jan 2021
Month in unstoppable service is pinnacle The Sun Two Speed 03 Jan 2021
Company that Wile E. Coyote buys from USA Today 31 Dec 2020
Topmost spot Family Time 21 Dec 2020
Agency that tracks Carmen Sandiego USA Today 14 Dec 2020
High water mark Newsday 29 Nov 2020
High point? Jonesin 24 Nov 2020
Ultimate height Newsday 19 Nov 2020
Maker of giant rubber bands (for tripping roadrunners) The Washington Post Sunday 15 Nov 2020
Culmination Newsday 15 Nov 2020
Very top New York Times 14 Nov 2020
Cartoon maker of Dehydrated Boulders LA Times Daily 11 Nov 2020
Maiden puts on best top The Telegraph Toughie 14 Oct 2020
Tippy-top USA Today 05 Oct 2020
Crowning point Universal 30 Aug 2020
Staple breakfast in Scotland New York Times 27 Aug 2020
Mike's wearing great top The Telegraph Toughie 25 Aug 2020
Fictional maker of earthquake pills and tornado seeds New York Times 19 Aug 2020
The highest point possible Family Time 16 Aug 2020
Tiptop Wall Street Journal 30 Jul 2020
Cartoon anvil maker Universal 15 Jul 2020
Top point Family Time 12 Jul 2020
Fictional maker of Dehydrated Boulders and Tornado Seeds ('just add water') New York Times 11 Jul 2020
Ne plus ultra New York Times 01 Jul 2020
Tip-top Universal 05 Jun 2020
High-water mark Newsday 29 May 2020
Top spot? Universal 09 May 2020
Highest point of excellence The Times Concise 05 May 2020
Maker of Instant Feathers and Hi-Speed Tonic New York Times 03 May 2020
Wile E. Coyote's vendor Universal 25 Mar 2020
Descents start from here Family Time 08 Mar 2020
Superb exterior to masculine perfection The Telegraph Toughie 06 Mar 2020
TNT provider on TV The Washington Post Sunday 01 Mar 2020
Cartoon explosives brand Wall Street Journal 08 Feb 2020
Height of accomplishment Newsday 19 Jan 2020
Crown owns Gatcombe Park ... odd bits of it The Telegraph Toughie 19 Dec 2019
The high point is when one gets married The Telegraph Toughie 20 Nov 2019
Climber's goal USA Today 20 Nov 2019
TNT vendor of cartoons USA Today 07 Nov 2019
Cartoon catalog company Universal 05 Nov 2019
Toon seller of 32-Across USA Today 12 Oct 2019
Toon TNT seller USA Today 25 Sep 2019
Toon mail-order company The Washington Post 05 Sep 2019
Height of excellence The Times Concise 15 Aug 2019
It's all downhill from here New York Times 28 Jul 2019
Peak of perfection Newsday 14 Jul 2019
TNT seller of cartoons USA Today 08 Jul 2019
Climber's destination USA Today 07 Jul 2019
Crown holding the setter to account The Telegraph Toughie 04 Jul 2019
Cartoon anvil seller USA Today 22 Jun 2019
Came out top The Telegraph Toughie 20 Jun 2019
Top of a mountain Family Time 03 Jun 2019
Cartoon gadget seller USA Today 01 Jun 2019
Wile E. Coyote vendor The Washington Post 07 May 2019
Longtime cartoon business New York Times 26 Apr 2019
Mountaineer's goal USA Today 21 Apr 2019
Fictional company behind earthquake pills and dehydrated boulders New York Times 21 Apr 2019
The product line's company Newsday 24 Mar 2019
Name found high in many a business directory, appropriately Wall Street Journal 09 Mar 2019
Anvil vendor of cartoons Newsday 17 Feb 2019
Top or highest point Irish Times Simplex 17 Jan 2019
Highest point; culmination The Guardian Speedy 16 Dec 2018
Utmost height Newsday 07 Dec 2018
Wile E. Coyote supplier The Washington Post 02 Dec 2018
It's downhill from here Universal 27 Nov 2018
Vertex Premier Sunday 18 Nov 2018
The very top Universal 06 Nov 2018
Return addressee on many Looney Tunes deliveries The Chronicle of Higher Education 05 Oct 2018
Fictional corporation frequently used in cartoons, notably those of Looney Tunes The Times Specialist Sunday 09 Sep 2018
Mail order company of cartoondom USA Today 03 Sep 2018
Seller of Rocket-Powered Roller Skates and Female Road-Runner Costumes Wall Street Journal 16 Aug 2018
Point at the very top Family Time 17 Jun 2018
Cartoon purveyor of TNT USA Today 31 May 2018
Fictional corporation that sells explosive tennis balls The New Yorker 28 May 2018
As high as one can go USA Today 27 May 2018
Top of the heap The Washington Post 10 May 2018
Topmost point Family Time 30 Apr 2018
Untoppable point Universal 19 Apr 2018
Upper extremity Newsday 23 Mar 2018
Most elevated point Newsday 04 Mar 2018
With 63 Across, Wile E. Coyote purchase Newsday 22 Feb 2018
Fictional TNT supplier The Washington Post Sunday 28 Jan 2018
Point above all others Universal 25 Jan 2018
Word from the Greek for ''point'' Newsday 20 Jan 2018
Wile E. Coyote's supplier of iron bird seed The Washington Post 16 Jan 2018
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