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Crossword Clues for ACROBATS

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Clue Source Date
Tumblers, e.g Premier Sunday 13 Dec 2020
Cirque du Soleil stars, e.g New York Times 16 Sep 2020
Circus performers Irish Times Simplex 15 Sep 2020
Gymnastic entertainers The Times Concise 30 Jun 2020
Coat and bras exchanged for jumpers? The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Jun 2020
Gymnasts; tumblers The Times Concise 24 Feb 2020
Killer whale upsets fly-by-nights and those working at top level without nets Irish Times Crosaire 16 Sep 2019
Gymnasts thrown around in boat-cars The Sun Two Speed 31 Jul 2019
Athletic circus performers Irish Times Simplex 08 Jul 2019
Circus gymnasts Eugene Sheffer 17 Jun 2019
Circus tumblers Irish Times Simplex 30 Oct 2018
Cirque du Soleil performers New York Times 26 Jul 2018
Coat, bras, pants, jumpers? The Telegraph Cryptic 15 May 2018
Agile circus performers Universal 23 Feb 2018
They spend a long time hanging about? In retrospect, as a rough guess - it's a type of whale! Irish Times Crosaire 03 Feb 2017
New broadcast leaves out 500 performers The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Dec 2016
They might jump through hoops for you New York Times 20 Nov 2016
Those falling head over heels? New York Times 23 Jul 2016
Lithe performers in a musical entertaining mug The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Jul 2015
Funambulists Irish Times Simplex 20 Mar 2015
Circus folk wound cetacean surfacing The Telegraph Toughie 18 Feb 2015
Participants in pyramid schemes?
Some circus stars
They often wear leotards
Ones seeking steady work?
Circus stars
They take a tumble
Tumblers, e.g.
Funambulists et al.
Limber ones
Circus stars.
Circus performers.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.