Word "ACTING" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
the performance of a part or role in a drama
performing, playacting, playing

Part of Speech:
serving temporarily especially as a substitute
the acting president

Crossword Clues for ACTING

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Clue Source Date
...working as stopgap (6)
Playing a part Commuter 21 May 2024
Taking part in a play (6)
Playing at being in charge temporarily (6)
Performance skill TV 31 Mar 2024
Thespian's profession
Giant gets 100 make believing (6)
Masquerading (6)
A subject you need to learn from the ground up (or down) (6)
Temporary work in the theatre
In a temporary role on stage
Temporary thing associated with a theatre? (6)
Performing GI can't, unfortunately (6)
Doing what's needed when working as a stand in (6)
Stagecraft The Telegraph Quick 16 Dec 2023
On stage
Temporary pact in Greek cases The Times Quick Cryptic 06 Dec 2023
Career for many a SAG-AFTRA member Universal 21 Oct 2023
Doing one's part? Wall Street Journal 22 Jul 2023
Performing in a play Universal 04 Apr 2023
Stage work Thomas Joseph 15 Mar 2023
Performing in a play, say
Not permanent LA Times Daily 18 Aug 2022
Performing The Telegraph Quick 11 May 2022
Temporary work on stage The Times Cryptic 03 Mar 2022
Behaving in a certain way Irish Times Simplex 24 Feb 2022
On stage in temporary role? The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Dec 2021
Playing a part Irish Times Simplex 22 Oct 2021
Interim New York Times 25 Sep 2021
Behaving like someone else Family Time 12 Sep 2021
Feigning; performing The Times Concise 26 Aug 2021
Behaving in a certain way Irish Times Simplex 12 Aug 2021
Playing a part Irish Times Simplex 24 Jul 2021
Performing Irish Times Simplex 17 Jul 2021
Playing in position as substitute
Performing The Telegraph Quick 07 Apr 2021
Pretending to be about to retire can start to gall
Making a production? Universal 05 Nov 2020
Ham might be this cold after a bit, almost The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Sep 2020
Being a thespian is temporary The Sun Two Speed 20 Aug 2020
Stagecraft The Sun Two Speed 20 Aug 2020
Performing Irish Times Simplex 03 Aug 2020
Emma Watson skill USA Today 08 Jul 2020
Playing field? New York Times 23 Apr 2020
Like an understudy on stage? The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Apr 2020
Role-playing Premier Sunday 22 Mar 2020
Performing like Daniel Day-Lewis, say
Breaking a leg? Universal 28 Nov 2019
Strasberg subject Wall Street Journal 19 Nov 2019
Temporarily in charge on stage? The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Nov 2019
Performing like Daniel Day-Lewis, say
Not permanent New York Times 27 Apr 2019
Caretaker's bill can start to grow
Putting on a brave face perhaps making up charades Irish Times Crosaire 23 Feb 2019
Not permanent
Playing a part Irish Times Simplex 17 Dec 2018
Playing a part Universal 20 Nov 2018
Playing a role Newsday 08 Aug 2018
Playing a part The Telegraph Quick 01 Aug 2018
Temporary work on stage The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Jul 2018
Behaving in a certain way Irish Times Simplex 24 Apr 2018
Feigning The Times Concise 19 Mar 2018
Playing a part
Performing The Washington Post 22 Aug 2017
Performing LA Times Daily 22 Aug 2017
Thespian's work USA Today 23 Apr 2017
Performing on stage The Times Concise 24 Feb 2017
Performing in a film Premier Sunday 05 Feb 2017
Thespian's work
'The perfect idiot's profession,' per Katharine Hepburn New York Times 09 Jul 2016
On stage, in temporary role?
Performing a 14 Across Newsday 03 May 2016
Provisional putting on a brave face perhaps Irish Times Crosaire 09 Apr 2016
On the stage The Times Concise 22 Feb 2016
Role playing Canadiana 11 Jan 2016
"The perfect idiot's profession," per Katharine Hepburn
Operating cash, initially money held in silver 
Thespian's specialty Universal 12 Sep 2015
Histrionic skill New York Times 10 Jul 2015
Cruise will do it, having effect on one MP in absentia
Witnessed by those watching the hostage working in the abbey Irish Times Crosaire 03 Feb 2015
The stage is temporary
Thespian's specialty
Histrionic skill
Thespian's forte
Paltrow's line difficult without former lover
Stage skill
What hammy musicians also pursue
What some Oscars honor
Business for Ford?
Trouper's skill
Side job for some singers
Field's field
Temporarily taking over another's duties
Role playing
Thespian's skill
Thespian's job
Temporary, as a position
Role playing
In office as a stopgap
Temporary substitute
Field for 18-down
Job for a thespian
Strasberg subject
What Cotten cottons to
Pro tem
Serving for.
Important art.
Performing art.
A profession.
Profession of 36 Across.
Temporarily taking over another's duties.
Serving temporarily.
Playing a part.
Lily Mars' career.
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