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Crossword Clues for ADMITTED

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Clue Source Date
Let in The Telegraph Quick 23 Mar 2021
Owned up Irish Times Simplex 10 Feb 2021
Conceded New Media is about race to deliver capital Irish Times Crosaire 18 Dec 2020
Confessed The Telegraph Quick 01 Dec 2020
Allowed to enter Irish Times Simplex 30 Sep 2020
District Attorney turned up with glove, and editor confessed The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Sep 2019
Allowed in Universal 13 Jun 2019
Allowed to enter or owned up Irish Times Simplex 19 Jan 2019
Given access, having confessed The Sun Two Speed 29 Sep 2018
Conceded The Sun Two Speed 29 Sep 2018
Allowed in, having owned up The Sun Two Speed 28 Apr 2018
Confessed; let in The Times Concise 30 Nov 2017
Spilled the beans about Bill and Mitt and colourful type losing the head Irish Times Crosaire 10 Aug 2017
Accepted The Washington Post 13 Feb 2017
Let in; let out The Telegraph Quick 26 Dec 2016
Let in; confessed The Times Concise 17 Nov 2016
Hand in notice editor allowed The Telegraph Toughie 01 Jun 2016
Conceded; let in The Times Concise 05 Nov 2015
Confessed getting taken in The Telegraph Cryptic 31 Oct 2015
Glove mostly carried by a theologian is allowed The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Oct 2015
Made concession to be allowed in The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Aug 2015
Let in or let on USA Today 02 May 2015
Not barred
Checked in
Granted entry to
Came clean
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.