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Crossword Clues for ADORES

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Clue Source Date
Goes gaga for Wall Street Journal 04 May 2021
Is wild about Wall Street Journal 08 Apr 2021
Idolizes Newsday 07 Apr 2021
Loves to pieces Thomas Joseph 30 Mar 2021
Loves to bits USA Today 09 Feb 2021
Loves a lot The Washington Post Sunday 29 Nov 2020
Absolutely loves USA Today 26 Oct 2020
Is gaga over New York Times 17 Aug 2020
Likes very much Newsday 13 Jul 2020
Worships Canadiana 09 Mar 2020
Puts on a pedestal Thomas Joseph 05 Mar 2020
Is very fond of USA Today 24 Feb 2020
Thinks the world of
Loves a party with others getting cut The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Sep 2019
Cherishes Premier Sunday 11 Aug 2019
Digs a lot Wall Street Journal 17 Jul 2019
Loves Universal 06 May 2019
One of 163 in the Burj Khalifa New York Times 25 Apr 2019
Digs loads New York Times 18 Jan 2019
More than likes Universal 29 Dec 2018
Eats up, in a way USA Today 31 May 2018
Loves a party, with others finishing early The Telegraph Cryptic 30 May 2018
Holds dear Premier Sunday 01 Apr 2018
Is gaga about USA Today 06 Mar 2018
Really likes Universal 08 Dec 2017
Flips over USA Today 22 Aug 2017
Loves a party to unwind briefly Irish Times Crosaire 03 Jul 2017
Likes a lot Newsday 17 Jan 2017
Is swooning over Newsday 31 Dec 2016
Reveres Premier Sunday 09 Oct 2016
War god admitting cook is lover The Telegraph Toughie 30 Sep 2016
Loves intensely Irish Times Simplex 21 Sep 2016
Loves a bunch LA Times Daily 03 Jul 2016
Really goes for Universal 21 Apr 2016
Loves a whole lot The Washington Post 29 Mar 2016
Goes gaga Canadiana 29 Feb 2016
Is wild for Premier Sunday 17 Jan 2016
Loves another so dear The Sun Two Speed 05 Jan 2016
Idolises The Sun Two Speed 05 Jan 2016
Anagram for "soared" USA Today 31 Mar 2015
Has a crush on Universal 27 Feb 2015
Mad about father cutting back wandering rose Irish Times Crosaire 03 Feb 2015
Emulates a fan LA Times Daily 02 Jan 2015
Laps up
Just eats up
Is crazy about
Likes a bunch
Really eats up
Eats up
Likes a whole lot
Can't get enough of
Has only good things to say about
Is nuts about
Has the hots for
Is nuts for
Holds so dear
Loves lots
Loves a ton
Is mad for
Really fancies
Digs deeply?
Doesn't just like
Thinks the cutest thing in the world
Digs deeply
Really digs
Is mad about
Loves deeply
Is gaga for
Goes gaga over
More than admires
Loves loads
Is sweet on
Dotes on
Considers an angel
Loves like crazy
Enjoys a lot
Loves so much
Loves to death
Flips over, so to speak
More than appreciates
Loves greatly
Is besotted by
Anagram for soared
Honors highly
Emulates Leonardo's Magi
Admires greatly
Pays honor to
Looks up to
Goes for
Esteems highly
Looks up to.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.