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Clue Source Date
___ only New York Times 04 Apr 2021
A student wearing earring upset grown-ups The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Mar 2021
Grown-ups Universal 25 Feb 2021
Co-signers for minors Universal 20 Jan 2021
Grownups Newsday 05 Jan 2021
'Let's be ___ about this' New York Times 22 Dec 2020
Mature people The Times Concise 17 Dec 2020
Grown folks USA Today 10 Nov 2020
Full-price payers Thomas Joseph 09 Oct 2020
They're fully grown Irish Times Simplex 09 Sep 2020
Mature animals Irish Times Simplex 08 Aug 2020
'We're all ___ here' New York Times 20 Jun 2020
They keep an eye on the offspring of mature animals Irish Times Crosaire 05 May 2020
Fully grown animals Irish Times Simplex 26 Mar 2020
Parties may stop when they walk in Universal 04 Mar 2020
A sexy guy turns up, impressing 50 ladies, perhaps The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Feb 2020
Voters, legally The New Yorker 29 Jul 2019
Chaperones, typically Premier Sunday 17 Mar 2019
Group no longer in the minority? Wall Street Journal 14 Mar 2019
Chaperones, usually Eugene Sheffer 08 Feb 2019
Mature people from America strangely lust after diamonds The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Jan 2019
Unseen 'Peanuts' characters Wall Street Journal 09 Jan 2019
Unseen "Peanuts" characters
Former minors Newsday 18 Nov 2018
Prom chaperones, usually Thomas Joseph 27 Sep 2018
Dance chaperones, e.g USA Today 05 Jul 2018
They're absent from ''Peanuts'' Newsday 18 May 2018
Characters not seen in "Peanuts" USA Today 24 Jan 2018
Dance chaperones, e.g.
They're never minor New York Times 12 May 2017
Whom R-rated movies are intended for New York Times 30 Jan 2017
Full-price payers at movies USA Today 30 Sep 2016
People never seen in "Peanuts" LA Times Daily 14 Jul 2016
Cosigners for minors Universal 22 Apr 2016
Post-teens Premier Sunday 10 Apr 2016
Fully developed animals Irish Times Simplex 26 Jan 2016
Ones never seen in'' Peanuts'' Newsday 31 Jul 2015
Majority group New York Times 18 Jan 2015
Ones never seen in" Peanuts"
They're all grown up
Allowed at over-21 shows
R-rated movie attendees
Over-21 crowds
School dance chaperones, e.g.
Crowd at over-21 show
They're not kids anymore
Those who should know better
Mature parties?
Chaperons, typically
"Peanuts" no-shows
Mature audiences
Most people
Those of age
School dance chaperons, e.g.
They had a lot of growing up to do
Grown people
They're grown
Legal-age attainers
Men and women
Metamorphosis stages
Voters and drinkers, e.g.
Minors' opposites
They may use baby talk
Prom chaperons
Men and stallions
Minors, eventually
Big people
"Mature" viewers
Senior citizens, e.g.
They had a lot of growing to do
Certain ticket buyers
Mom and pop
"___ only"
Grown ups
18-and-over crowd
Over-21 crowd
Minors' co-signers
Porn-shop clientele
Mature ones
"___ Only" (marquee sign)
Seers of X-rated films
Responsible people.
Men or women.
Certain people.
Grown specimens.
Mature beings.
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