Word "ADVANCE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
move forward, also in the metaphorical sense
go on, march on, move on, pass on, progress

Part of Speech:
being ahead of time or need
gave advance warning

Part of Speech:
a change for the better; progress in development
betterment, improvement

Crossword Clues for ADVANCE

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Clue Source Date
Amount paid before it's been earned The Guardian Quick 18 Aug 2022
Propose a trip round capital of Vietnam The Guardian Cryptic 20 May 2022
Make progress The Guardian Quick 05 May 2022
Move forward Irish Times Simplex 03 May 2022
Get on with five in a whirl? The Guardian Quiptic 04 Oct 2021
Further loan on security The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Jun 2021
Offer cash against wage The Sun Two Speed 21 Feb 2021
Loan The Sun Two Speed 21 Feb 2021
Cash against wage put forward The Sun Two Speed 07 Nov 2020
Go ahead Newsday 06 Jun 2020
Proceed The Telegraph Quick 17 May 2020
Further progress The Sun Two Speed 30 Apr 2020
Forward motion The Washington Post 24 Nov 2019
Forward motion LA Times Daily 24 Nov 2019
Caught in Nevada working with money up front Irish Times Crosaire 12 Oct 2019
Move forward The Times Concise 30 Sep 2019
Move forward Irish Times Simplex 28 Mar 2019
Loan The Telegraph Quick 14 Jul 2018
Typical part of a book deal New York Times 09 May 2018
Typical part of a book deal
Pre-payday money
Move from first base to second, say Wall Street Journal 16 Sep 2017
A social occasion receiving very little money up front The Telegraph Toughie 08 Nov 2016
Go forward The Telegraph Quick 22 Aug 2016
Money up front for amorous approach The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Apr 2016
Author's signing payment Wall Street Journal 30 Mar 2016
Further loan The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Feb 2016
Go ahead with borrowed money The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Jul 2015
Be promoted Family Time 13 Jul 2015
Move forwards The Times Concise 14 May 2015
Move forward The Telegraph Quick 19 Apr 2015
Move forward USA Today 28 Mar 2015
Move ahead Eugene Sheffer 23 Jan 2015
Move forward
Move forward
Check for a writer
Forward motion
Forward motion
Early money?
Be promoted
Anticipatory payment
Romeo's move
Romeo's move
Go ahead
Pay before payday
Make headway
Move up
Make progress
Early payment.
A step forward.
Get ahead.
Military movement.
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