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Word "AFFAIR" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a usually secretive or illicit sexual relationship
affaire, amour, intimacy, involvement, liaison

Part of Speech:
a vaguely specified concern
matter, thing
it is none of your affair

Part of Speech:
a vaguely specified social event
function, occasion, social function, social occasion
the party was quite an affair

Crossword Clues for AFFAIR

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Clue Source Date
Event USA Today 13 Apr 2021
Dalliance The Sun Two Speed 12 Apr 2021
Alpha females communicate romance The Sun Two Speed 12 Apr 2021
Fling The Sun Two Speed 30 Mar 2021
Dalliance with a b-blonde? The Sun Two Speed 30 Mar 2021
Incident in a party atmosphere Irish Times Crosaire 12 Jan 2021
Social function LA Times Daily 10 Jan 2021
A very loud broadcast is happening! The Telegraph Toughie 05 Jan 2021
Female just after a fling The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Nov 2020
Female invested in a pretty good business The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Oct 2020
Illicit romance The Washington Post 05 Oct 2020
Involvement in a party atmosphere Irish Times Crosaire 25 Sep 2020
Romantic intrigue The Times Concise 15 Sep 2020
Incident in a fine bazaar The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Sep 2020
Alpha female even-handed in romance The Sun Two Speed 30 Jun 2020
Female consumed by a fine romance The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Jun 2020
Social event or sexual relationship Irish Times Simplex 13 Nov 2019
Illicit relationship The Telegraph Quick 10 Aug 2019
Armed force disposing of monarch leads to reasonable scandal The Telegraph Toughie 09 May 2019
Liaison Premier Sunday 31 Mar 2019
Business; any matter The Times Concise 28 Mar 2019
A party broadcast leads to potential scandal Irish Times Crosaire 22 Mar 2019
Public scandal Premier Sunday 23 Dec 2018
Business The Telegraph Quick 11 Oct 2018
Dalliance with a b-blonde The Sun Two Speed 02 Oct 2018
Secret liaison The Telegraph Quick 20 Jun 2018
Many a soap opera plotline Thomas Joseph 23 Apr 2018
Concern The Telegraph Quick 23 Jan 2018
A source of friction -- just business The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Jan 2018
What's inside safe? Just a thing The Telegraph Toughie 01 Dec 2017
Concern, matter Irish Times Simplex 14 Nov 2017
Foreign footballers upset by fine for playing away from home Irish Times Crosaire 13 Oct 2017
Catered event Universal 11 Oct 2017
A fine and equitable business The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Jun 2017
Tabloid fodder The Washington Post 27 Apr 2017
A very loud manner, yet one may find romance The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Apr 2017
Business matter Newsday 19 Nov 2016
Soap opera plot device USA Today 21 Sep 2016
A political party broadcast is bound to cause a split among the partners Irish Times Crosaire 16 Sep 2016
Liaison of blonde chasing footballers from the East The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Aug 2016
Cause of many a split Universal 16 Jul 2016
Issue a fine in accordance with the rules The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Jul 2016
Matter The Telegraph Quick 24 Jun 2016
Relationship that's a concern? The Telegraph Toughie 05 Apr 2016
Extramarital activity The Guardian Quick 02 Apr 2016
Incident in Concern Irish Times Crosaire 12 Nov 2015
Catered party Newsday 05 Oct 2015
Gala Newsday 07 Aug 2015
Fling a fellow's had with blonde The Telegraph Cryptic 24 May 2015
Cause of a divorce, at times
Intense romance
Catered bash
Social gathering
It could be extramarital
Black-tie gathering, maybe
Rocker fling
Covert action?
Risky romance
Trysting relationship
Festive gathering
Festive party
Forbidden romance
Social event
Extramarital fling
Brief romance
Watergate, for one
Short-term romance
XYZ, for one
Potential relationship ruiner
Big bash
Black-tie gathering
Caterer's gig
Billy Wilder's was "Foreign"
Social party
Amorous hanky-panky
XYZ of 1797–98, e.g.
XYZ ___ of 1797
Two-timer's liaison
Lothario's specialty
Romantic interlude.
Special function.
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