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Word "AFOUL" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
especially of a ship's lines etc
foul, fouled
with its sails afoul

Crossword Clues for AFOUL

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Clue Source Date
Bad way to run New York Times 04 Mar 2021
Run ___ of USA Today 10 Feb 2021
In a situation of entanglement Wall Street Journal 23 Dec 2020
Run __ of (clash with) Newsday 07 Oct 2020
In violation (of) Universal 15 Sep 2020
On the wrong side (of) The Washington Post 05 Sep 2020
Ran ___ of the law The Washington Post Sunday 09 Aug 2020
In conflict with, with "of" LA Times Daily 05 Apr 2020
In conflict with, with 'of' The Washington Post 05 Apr 2020
Run __ of the law: get in trouble LA Times Daily 30 Mar 2020
Run ___ of (clash with) Family Time 23 Mar 2020
Snarled up Canadiana 09 Sep 2019
Run ___ of (violate) USA Today 28 Aug 2019
Run ___ of the law Family Time 01 Jul 2019
__ of (in conflict with) Newsday 24 Mar 2019
Run ___ of (go against) Universal 19 Aug 2018
Run ___ of (conflict with) Family Time 12 Aug 2018
Run of the law Eugene Sheffer 16 May 2018
___ of (in conflict with) USA Today 15 Mar 2018
In trouble with, with "of"
Run __ of (conflict with) Newsday 27 Aug 2017
Clashing with, with 'of' The Washington Post 16 Apr 2017
Clashing with, with "of" LA Times Daily 16 Apr 2017
In a tangled state Wall Street Journal 04 Jan 2017
Run ___ of (be in conflict with) Universal 27 Dec 2016
In conflict New York Times 23 Oct 2016
On the bad side (of) LA Times Daily 16 Oct 2016
In a state of entanglement New York Times 25 Aug 2016
Run __ of the law LA Times Daily 23 Aug 2016
Run ___ of (come into conflict with) Wall Street Journal 30 Nov 2015
Run ___ of the law (commit crimes) Universal 28 Apr 2015
Run of (violate) Eugene Sheffer 06 Mar 2015
Run __ of (hit a snag with)
In an entangled state
In a state of conflict
How a felon runs?
In conflict with
In a tangle
Run ___ of the law (commit a crime)
Bad way to fall
Run -- of (get into trouble with)
In opposition to, with "of"
Run -- of the law
Run ___ (get into trouble)
__ of (in trouble with)
Run __ of (offend)
Run __ of
Tangled, as ship's lines
Run _____ of the law
Against the rules
Run ___ of (become entangled with)
In trouble
Run _____ of (conflict with)
Run ____: get into trouble
Run __ of: get into trouble
Run ___ of (hit a snag)
In a tangle.
In a collision or a tangle.
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