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Word "AGAPE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
selfless love of one person for another without sexual implications (especially love that is spiritual in nature)
agape love

Part of Speech:
with the mouth wide open as in wonder or awe
we stood there agape with wonder
with mouth agape

Part of Speech:
a religious meal shared as a sign of love and fellowship
love feast

Crossword Clues for AGAPE

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Clue Source Date
Wide open The Times Concise 26 Feb 2021
Obviously awed Newsday 08 Jan 2021
Looking shocked Universal 03 Jan 2021
Noticeably amazed New York Times 27 Dec 2020
Visibly stunned The Washington Post Sunday 29 Nov 2020
Slack-jawed Premier Sunday 27 Sep 2020
Visibly shocked Wall Street Journal 18 Sep 2020
Open in astonishment Wall Street Journal 26 Aug 2020
Open-mouthed Universal 17 Aug 2020
Clearly shocked Wall Street Journal 24 Jun 2020
(Of a mouth) wide open The Times Concise 22 Jun 2020
Like a wide-open mouth USA Today 19 Jun 2020
Open with amazement Universal 08 Apr 2020
Yawning The Washington Post 29 Mar 2020
Showing shock Wall Street Journal 16 Mar 2020
Gawking Wall Street Journal 04 Mar 2020
With wide-open mouth Newsday 24 Dec 2019
Clearly stunned Thomas Joseph 05 Dec 2019
With jaw dropped The Washington Post 08 Oct 2019
Visibly awestruck USA Today 22 Sep 2019
Yawning, but not from boredom New York Times 21 Sep 2019
In a state of awe USA Today 26 Jul 2019
Showing amazement New York Times 04 Jul 2019
Wide open, as the mouth New York Times 20 May 2019
With mouth wide open Wall Street Journal 08 Apr 2019
Space found in A&E: surprised? The Sun Two Speed 09 Dec 2018
Visibly dumbstruck USA Today 13 Nov 2018
With dropped jaw Family Time 29 Oct 2018
Silent and amazed The Washington Post 09 Sep 2018
Visibly awed Newsday 16 Aug 2018
Hanging open Universal 31 May 2018
Amazed, mouthwise Universal 15 May 2018
Awestruck Jonesin 08 May 2018
Silver monkey with open mouth The Telegraph Toughie 24 Apr 2018
Open a new page The Sun Two Speed 25 Mar 2018
Awestruck, obviously Family Time 18 Dec 2017
Obviously impressed The Washington Post Sunday 22 Oct 2017
Open with incredulity Wall Street Journal 05 Aug 2017
Obviously surprised Newsday 16 Mar 2017
Openmouthed The Washington Post 27 Feb 2017
Open a fresh page The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Jan 2017
Showing awe Premier Sunday 22 Jan 2017
Catching flies, so to speak LA Times Daily 21 Jan 2017
With mouth hanging open in shock Universal 10 Jan 2017
Wonder-struck LA Times Daily 01 Jan 2017
Obviously shocked Universal 27 Oct 2016
Wide open space in empty amphitheatre The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Aug 2016
Noticeably awed USA Today 17 Jul 2016
Open-mouthed in shock Universal 06 Jun 2016
Visibly amazed Newsday 27 Mar 2016
Wide open, as a mouth Premier Sunday 13 Mar 2016
Clearly surprised Newsday 10 Mar 2016
(Of mouth) wide open The Times Concise 29 Feb 2016
Apparently amazed Universal 28 Feb 2016
Visibly incredulous USA Today 21 Feb 2016
With one's mouth open USA Today 25 Jan 2016
Obviously amazed USA Today 11 Jan 2016
Looking floored New York Times 18 Sep 2015
Open pastry dish empty on stove The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Aug 2015
Having the mouth wide open New York Times 03 Aug 2015
Displaying surprise, in a way Family Time 02 Aug 2015
Staring with open mouth USA Today 22 Jul 2015
Conspicuously shocked Wall Street Journal 20 Jul 2015
Love of one's fellow man, to Greeks New York Times 03 Jul 2015
Noticeably shocked Universal 28 Apr 2015
Clearly amazed New York Times 16 Apr 2015
Visibly astonished USA Today 24 Mar 2015
Staring uncomprehendingly
With jaw on floor
Displaying awe
Wide-open, as a mouth
Staring open-mouthed
With eyes and mouth wide
Displaying astonishment
In a state of amazement
With the mouth wide open in shock
Visibly displaying disbelief
Clearly flabbergasted
Visibly surprised
Hardly close-mouthed
With one's jaw on the floor, so to speak
In awe, visibly
In a state of wonder
Like losers' faces after a buzzer-beating shot
Staring, stunned
Noticeably astonished
With the mouth wide open
With an open mouth
In shock
Obviously stunned
Love of God for mankind
Patently amazed
Showing surprise
Clearly riveted
Brotherly love
Speechless, maybe
Showing shock, in a way
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