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Crossword Clues for AGATHA

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Clue Source Date
Hercule's creator LA Times Daily 05 Mar 2021
Mystery's Christie Premier Sunday 21 Feb 2021
Christie of mysteries Thomas Joseph 02 Feb 2021
Writer Christie The Telegraph Quick 02 Jan 2021
First name in British whodunits Wall Street Journal 09 Nov 2020
Christie who created Poirot Universal 19 Oct 2020
Miss Marple's creator Christie The Washington Post Sunday 04 Oct 2020
Mystery award named for a British writer The Washington Post 28 Sep 2020
'Girl Genius' protagonist USA Today 14 Sep 2020
-- Troy, character in the TV series 'The Inspector Alleyn Mysteries', played by Belinda Lang The Telegraph General Knowledge 13 Jul 2020
Hercule creator Christie Premier Sunday 17 May 2020
Bertie Wooster’s haughty and overbearing aunt The Times Specialist Sunday 08 Mar 2020
__ Raisin, British whodunit sleuth named for a British writer The Washington Post 22 Dec 2019
Author Christie Universal 29 Jun 2019
'N or M?' author Christie The Washington Post Sunday 16 Jun 2019
Bertie's aunt in P.G. Wodehouse stories Wall Street Journal 18 May 2019
First name in whodunits Wall Street Journal 08 May 2019
Annual mystery writer's award New York Times 03 Apr 2019
Crime novelist Christie Universal 12 Jan 2019
Mystery award The Washington Post 21 Oct 2018
Award for mystery writers New York Times 15 Jun 2018
Creator of Jane and Hercule Newsday 06 May 2018
Dame of mystery New York Times 05 Dec 2017
Name on an annual literary award New York Times 24 Nov 2017
Crime writer's award Newsday 26 Aug 2017
She gives expression of surprise about label being back to front The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Jan 2017
Christie of whodunits USA Today 10 Dec 2016
Mystery writing award Newsday 25 Nov 2016
Christie of mystery Premier Sunday 29 May 2016
Aunt in P.G. Wodehouse's "Jeeves" stories LA Times Daily 10 Apr 2016
First name on the mystery shelf The Washington Post 09 Apr 2016
1979 title role for Vanessa LA Times Daily 04 Mar 2016
Mystery writer's award Newsday 26 Jul 2015
— Christie, novelist The Times Concise 04 Jun 2015
and 16: A charge that is 'fabricated', I admitted (11) The Telegraph Toughie 27 Feb 2015
First name in mysteries
Novelist Christie
Mystery writer Christie
Christie who created Miss Marple
"The Mousetrap" playwright Christie
"And Then There Were None" author Christie
Christie who wrote "Ten Little Indians"
Mystery author Christie
Dame Christie of Miss Marple fame
First name in mystery
Writer played by Vanessa in 1979
Annual award for mystery writers
First name in crime fiction
She created Hercule
Saint whose name means "good"
1979 Dustin Hoffman movie
Erle's one-time rival
Christie who created Hercule Poirot
Creator of Tommy and Tuppence
Contemporary of Dashiell
Dame Christie
Creator of Hercule and Jane
"Queen of Crime" Christie
1979 Vanessa Redgrave title role
Creator of the detective Hercule
Hercule creator
First name in mystery fiction
1979 Vanessa Redgrave film
Creator of Hercule
"Murder on the Orient Express" novelist Christie
1979 Vanessa Redgrave movie about a mystery writer
Erle's comtemporary
Contemporary of Erle
Christie's name
Christie who wrote "Come, Tell Me How You Live"
Dame of mystery writing
Erle colleague
Vanessa Redgrave title role of 1979
Title role for Vanessa Redgrave
Dame __ Christie
Mystery woman
Christie who wrote 38-Down
Erle's onetime rival
Hoffman film
First name in detective fiction
Sicilian saint invoked against storms
Patron saint of Catania
Sicilian saint.
First name in mysteries.
Famous first name in mysteries.
Writer Christie.
Author Christie.
Heroine of "Der Freischütz.
A Wodehouse aunt.
"Whodunit" writer Christie.
Novelist Christie.
Christie of the mysteries.
First name of Hercule Poirot's creator.
___ Christie.
Girl's name.
Heroine of "Der Freischuetz."
Heroine of the "Girl Genius" stories
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