Word "AIOLI" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
garlic mayonnaise
aioli sauce, garlic sauce

Crossword Clues for AIOLI

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Clue Source Date
Fish taco spread Universal 20 Jun 2022
A bit of loin, regularly wanting garlic sauce The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Jun 2022
Garlic mayo The Guardian Quick 25 May 2022
Garlicky sauce USA Today 29 Mar 2022
Garlicky spread LA Times Daily 15 Feb 2022
Garlicky spread The Washington Post 15 Feb 2022
Garlicky mayo Eugene Sheffer 04 Feb 2022
Sauce for patatas bravas USA Today 02 Feb 2022
Garlic mayonnaise made by girl about ten The Times Cryptic 10 Jan 2022
Oil processed into fine condiment The Times Cryptic 07 Jan 2022
Mayo relative USA Today 29 Dec 2021
Garlicky mayo Universal 27 Dec 2021
Garlic-seasoned mayo Wall Street Journal 15 Nov 2021
Sauce that’s 80% vowels New York Times 28 Oct 2021
Garlic-flavored mayo Newsday 17 Oct 2021
Remoulade cousin LA Times Daily 09 Oct 2021
Remoulade cousin The Washington Post 09 Oct 2021
Garlicky sauce USA Today 05 Oct 2021
Kind of sauce New York Times 05 Oct 2021
Garlic-seasoned mayo Thomas Joseph 15 Jul 2021
Garlicky sauce USA Today 06 Jun 2021
Tortellini topper Newsday 04 Jun 2021
Vowel-heavy sauce USA Today 12 May 2021
Garlicky sauce Newsday 02 May 2021
Fish sandwich spread Universal 29 Apr 2021
Garlicky sauce New York Times 29 Mar 2021
Garlicky mayo The Washington Post 15 Mar 2021
Garlicky mayo LA Times Daily 15 Mar 2021
Provençal sauce LA Times Daily 27 Feb 2021
Provençal sauce The Washington Post 27 Feb 2021
Fish wrap spread Jonesin 23 Feb 2021
Gourmet burger condiment Wall Street Journal 22 Feb 2021
Garlicky garnish Newsday 21 Feb 2021
Garlicky mayonnaise Universal 10 Feb 2021
Mediterranean mayonnaise The Washington Post 29 Dec 2020
Mediterranean mayonnaise LA Times Daily 29 Dec 2020
Sauce similar to agliata USA Today 23 Dec 2020
Garlicky sauce Wall Street Journal 05 Nov 2020
Mayo relative USA Today 15 Oct 2020
Garlicky mayo Eugene Sheffer 01 Oct 2020
Mayo with a kick Wall Street Journal 28 Sep 2020
Garlic mayonnaise The Times Concise 09 Sep 2020
Sauce that's heavy on garlic ... and vowels New York Times 26 Aug 2020
Garlic-flavored mayonnaise New York Times 17 Aug 2020
Provencal mayonnaise using garlic and olive oil The Telegraph General Knowledge 09 Aug 2020
Garlic-seasoned mayonnaise Wall Street Journal 22 Jun 2020
Garlicky spread Universal 14 May 2020
Dressing with garlic Newsday 08 May 2020
Garlic sauce The New Yorker 27 Apr 2020
Garlic mayonnaise The Telegraph General Knowledge 13 Apr 2020
Garlicky mayonnaise Premier Sunday 12 Apr 2020
Garlic mayo The Telegraph Quick 05 Apr 2020
Garlicky spread The Washington Post 15 Mar 2020
Garlicky spread LA Times Daily 15 Mar 2020
Its name is derived from Provençal words for "garlic" and "oil" LA Times Daily 02 Feb 2020
Its name is derived from Provençal words for 'garlic' and 'oil' The Washington Post 02 Feb 2020
Garlicky sauce The Washington Post 22 Dec 2019
Garlicky sauce LA Times Daily 22 Dec 2019
Mayo-like sauce USA Today 13 Dec 2019
Garlicky mayonnaise USA Today 31 Oct 2019
Socialite dismisses sect as a saucy type Irish Times Crosaire 27 Aug 2019
Sauce in Provencal cuisine USA Today 22 Aug 2019
Vowel-heavy spread Universal 17 Aug 2019
Garlicky fish garnish USA Today 31 Jul 2019
Garlic-based sauce The Guardian Speedy 16 Jun 2019
Pungent mayo The Washington Post 09 May 2019
Pungent mayo LA Times Daily 09 May 2019
Garlicky sauce Family Time 24 Mar 2019
Garlicky dressing USA Today 23 Feb 2019
Garlicky mayonnaise Wall Street Journal 05 Feb 2019
Fish taco garnish USA Today 23 Jan 2019
Garlicky fish garnish
Vowel-heavy spread
Fish taco garnish
Garlicky mayonnaise
Garlicky mayonnaise
Garlicky dressing
Sauce in Provencal cuisine
Garlicky sauce
Pungent mayo
Garlicky mayonnaise
Garlicky mayo Newsday 02 Dec 2018
Oscar's in the midst of emailing and dressing The Telegraph Toughie 22 Nov 2018
First-class mixture of oil -- to make this? The Telegraph Toughie 09 Oct 2018
Garlicky spread Wall Street Journal 03 Oct 2018
Garlic mayonnaise The Telegraph Quick 19 Aug 2018
Bunch of papers New York Times 02 Aug 2018
Garlicky French sauce USA Today 24 Mar 2018
Garlic mayonnaise LA Times Daily 14 Mar 2018
Garlic mayonnaise The Washington Post 14 Mar 2018
Garlicky condiment USA Today 07 Mar 2018
Garlic mayonnaise The Times Specialist Sunday 28 Jan 2018
The very best oil stirred in to garlic mayonnaise The Sun Two Speed 17 Jan 2018
Garlic mayonnaise The Sun Two Speed 17 Jan 2018
Garlicky sauce
Garlicky mayo
Garlicky spread
Garlicky sauce
Sauce with a vowel-heavy name
Garlicky French sauce
Suspension in a kitchen Newsday 09 Dec 2017
Sauce that's 80 percent vowels The Washington Post Sunday 03 Dec 2017
Word from the Catalan for ''garlic oil'' Newsday 21 Oct 2017
Fancy mayonnaise Universal 04 Oct 2017
Garlicky topping for fish USA Today 09 Sep 2017
Garlic-and-olive-oil sauce USA Today 02 Sep 2017
Garlic mayonnaise Universal 16 Jul 2017
Garlicky mayonnaise Newsday 16 Jul 2017
Garlic mayonnaise Irish Times Simplex 08 Jul 2017
Fiddle with jacket removed after a dip? The Telegraph Toughie 30 Jun 2017
Garlicky condiment Wall Street Journal 17 Jun 2017
Garlicky dip for sweet potato fries, e.g Jonesin 13 Jun 2017
Dressing needs first-class oil when mixed The Telegraph Toughie 30 May 2017
Garlicky mayo Wall Street Journal 25 Mar 2017
Garlicky spread New York Times 05 Mar 2017
Garlic-and-olive-oil sauce
Garlicky spread
Garlicky topping for fish
Fancy mayonnaise
Garlic mayonnaise
Garlicky mayo New York Times 12 Dec 2016
Garlicky mayonnaise New York Times 30 Nov 2016
Garlicky mayonnaise The Washington Post 23 Nov 2016
Old service provider in first class is a saucy type Irish Times Crosaire 30 Sep 2016
Sauce often made with lemon juice New York Times 09 Sep 2016
Garlic mayonnaise Premier Sunday 04 Sep 2016
Garlic sauce Canadiana 25 Jul 2016
Area on oil rig for electric current from Mayo with a distinctive flavour Irish Times Crosaire 01 Jul 2016
Mayo cousin Newsday 11 Jun 2016
Garlic-flavoured mayonnaise The Telegraph General Knowledge 22 May 2016
Lilo Ian carries back that's used for a dip? The Telegraph Toughie 27 Apr 2016
Garlicky sub spread The Washington Post 06 Apr 2016
Garlicky garnish The Washington Post 05 Apr 2016
Garlic mayo Wall Street Journal 23 Mar 2016
Bouillabaisse condiment The Washington Post 18 Feb 2016
Sauce often made with lemon juice
Garlicky mayo
Garlicky mayonnaise
Garlic-flavored spread The Washington Post 24 Dec 2015
Alternative to tartar sauce Wall Street Journal 17 Jul 2015
French garlic sauce
Alternative to tartar sauce
Garlicky sauce
Pungent mayo
French mayonnaise
Garlicky mayo
Sauce commonly served with seafood
Garlic mayo
Garlicky spread
Sauce of Provence
Garlic-flavored mayonnaise
Fancy mayo
Garlicky mayonnaise
Garlic-seasoned mayonnaise
Garlic mayo
Need for some fish dishes
Garlicky dressing
Garlic mayonnaise
Garlic-flavored dressing
Garlic sauce
Garlic mayonnaise
Garlicky spread
Provençal sauce
Sauce with garlic and lemon juice
Garlicky sauce
Garlic mayonnaise
Garlicky spread
Provençal sauce
Garlicky mayonnaise
Pungent mayo
Garlic mayonnaise
Garlicky sauce
Garlicky spread
Hero spread
Garlicky mayo
Garlicky dressing
Garlicky mayo
Pungent fish topper
Party dip
French garlic sauce
French garlic sauce
Garlicky sauce
Pungent dressing
Pungent garnish
Provençal sauce
Fish garnish
Bouillabaisse go-with
Garlicky sauce
Garlicky spread
Sauce made with garlic and olive oil
Fish wrap spread
Garlic, egg and oil sauce
Garlicky sandwich topping
Garlic mayo
Garlicky garnish
Garlic-flavored mayonnaise
Garlic mayonnaise
Garlicky mayonnaise
Garlicky mayo
Garlic-egg-oil sauce
Its name is derived from Provençal words for "garlic" and "oil"
Its name is derived from Provençal words for "garlic" and "oil"
Creamy, savory spread
Garlicky spread
Garlicky mayonnaise
Pungent fish garnish
Provençal spread
Garlicky dressing
Garlicky dressing
Garlicky dressing
Garlicky mayo
Sauce served with fish
Garlic-flavored mayonnaise
Provence sauce
Garlic sauce
Garlicky sauce
Garlicky sauce
Garlic mayonnaise
Garlic-flavored mayonnaise
Fish sandwich topping
Fancy spread
Fish topping
Spicy haddock spread
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