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Crossword Clues for ALDO

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Clue Source Date
Gucci of fashion fame Universal 05 Mar 2021
Gucci of fashion Premier Sunday 14 Feb 2021
Big name in footwear LA Times Daily 03 Jan 2021
Designer Gucci Eugene Sheffer 30 Dec 2020
Ray of films Thomas Joseph 09 Dec 2020
Brand of shoes or handbags New York Times 15 Sep 2020
Big name in shoes and handbags Universal 12 Sep 2020
Canadian shoe brand USA Today 20 Mar 2020
Environmentalist ___ Leopold, author of the best-selling "A Sand County Almanac"
'We're No Angels' actor — Ray Premier Sunday 15 Dec 2019
Brand of shoes and handbags New York Times 11 Dec 2019
Shoe retailer in many malls Wall Street Journal 01 Jul 2019
Shoe brand that's also a man's name New York Times 24 May 2019
Brad's role in 'Inglourious Basterds' The Washington Post 12 May 2019
Brad's role in "Inglourious Basterds" LA Times Daily 12 May 2019
Upscale shoe brand Wall Street Journal 10 Nov 2018
Former Gucci Shops chairman Gucci The Washington Post Sunday 04 Nov 2018
Ray of 'We're No Angels' Wall Street Journal 17 Sep 2018
Ray of "We're No Angels"
'Battle Cry' actor Ray Premier Sunday 15 Oct 2017
Gucci or Rossi LA Times Daily 04 Feb 2017
Movie tough guy Ray Wall Street Journal 23 Nov 2016
Actor -- Ray Premier Sunday 06 Nov 2016
Fabrizi of 1945's 'Rome, Open City' Wall Street Journal 15 Oct 2016
Ray of 'The Green Berets' Wall Street Journal 14 Sep 2016
Hollywood tough guy Ray USA Today 10 Jun 2016
Ray of 'Pat and Mike' Wall Street Journal 01 Jun 2016
Former Italian statesman Moro LA Times Daily 23 Apr 2016
Montreal-based shoe store chain Wall Street Journal 08 Apr 2016
1970s Italian prime minister Moro Wall Street Journal 21 Sep 2015
Fashion magnate Gucci Universal 20 Jun 2015
Canadian footwear company
Ray of old pictures
Canadian shoe shop chain
Two-time Italian prime minister Moro
Montreal-based shoe retailer
Fashion's Gucci
International shoe brand
Brad's "Inglourious Basterds" role
"We're No Angels" actor Ray
Former Italian prime minister Moro
Ray of "God's Little Acre"
Actor Ray of "The Green Berets"
Montreal-based shoe brand
Gucci or Ray
Author/architect Buzzi
Tough guy actor __ Ray
Lt. Raine of "Inglourious Basterds"
International shoe company
Gucci of design
Tough-guy actor ___ Ray
Tough-guy actor Ray
"God's Little Acre" co-star Ray
"Battle Cry" actor Ray
Ray in pictures
Fashion designer Gucci
Actor __ Ray of "Battle Cry"
Actor __ Ray known for macho roles
Ray of "The Green Berets"
Actor Ray of "The Naked and the Dead"
"The Green Berets" actor Ray
Italian architect Rossi
"We're No Angels" actor ___ Ray
Ray of "Battle Cry"
Pianist Ciccolini
Five-time Italian P.M. Moro
Italy's Moro
Rock musician ___ Nova
Ray of Hollywood
Actor Ray
Fashion executive Gucci
Movie tough guy __ Ray
Designer Gucci or actor Ray
"A Sand County Almanac" ecologist/author __ Leopold
Former Italian premier Moro
Actor Ray of "Battle Cry"
Tough guy actor Ray
Architect Rossi
Ray of "The Marrying Kind"
Prime Minister Moro
Cinematic Ray
Couturier Gucci
___ Ray
Ex-premier Moro
Ray of filmdom
___ Moro, former Italian P.M.
Actor __ Ray
"A Sand County Almanac" author __ Leopold
Raspy-voiced actor Ray
A Ray
"The Green Berets" performer
Ray or Moro
Ray or Gucci
Moro or Ray
Moro of Italy
Tough guy portrayer Ray
Assassinated Italian politician Moro
Ray of film
Fshion magnate Gucci
With 117 Down, Italian statesman
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